No, You Need Peace

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” Isaiah 26:3, NKJV.

I’ll never forget a season in my life when every time I went to the altar for prayer the minister would tell me that I needed peace. I would go to them and say, “I need prayer for wisdom because I’m having to make important decisions.” They would look at me and say, “No, you need peace.” Then I would go up to the altar again the next Sunday–this time to a different person–asking for prayer for my marriage and family. Same response, “No, you need peace.” After this happened several times I became frustrated because I thought I already had peace. So I asked my husband, “Do I look peaceful to you?” He smiled and said, “No, you look like you always have a lot on your mind.” I didn’t have peace at all because my mind was on everything else but God.

The Lord began to teach me peace is more than a feeling. You can feel peaceful, but it is a knowing that everything is going to be alright because God is in control. Peace is resting in God’s love because you trust His character and ability. Peace is what you walk in after you cast your cares on the Lord because you know He cares for you. It’s a song on your heart, it’s a pep in your step, it’s an attitude of confidence in the Lord.

My sister, we can choose not to worry about how God is going to do what He promised or when He will come through. We can choose to receive the peace of God right in the middle of the worst storm of our lives. It is because Jesus is our peace. His presence is peace. His words of life bring peace. Fix your mind on His promises instead of the problems. Speak His words from your mouth and declare peace over your life and situations. He loves you, He’s with you and He is in full control.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for speaking to my heart. You are my faithful God and I love you! Help me to keep my mind stayed on you. Keep me in your perfect peace. I can’t do anything in my own strength, so I put my confidence in your ability and your name. I cast my cares on you Father, you care for me. I put my trust in you and access by faith your peace that is abundantly provided because of Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen.

17 thoughts on “No, You Need Peace”

  1. Yes, I definitely need peace. This devotional is so on time today. My family and I have been harassed for over a month because of cyber bullying/cybercrime that involved identity theft. Even our lives have been threatened and our home was burglarized because the thieves wanted what they had purchased using our credit information. We are praying and trusting God to see us through our circumstances. He is still in control.

  2. When I was going through my transition, I always prayed for peace. During that season in my life, I suffered with anxiety. But God bought me out of it, giving me peace and joy. Not seeking vengeance. I say Thank You!!!

  3. I thank God for this word today. It gave me a better understanding on how to have things in order I had them scrambled. Glory be to God I can be on the right track for my healing to recovery of a better life starting today. He is a on time God yes he is, as I hear that song in my head. May you all gain peace.

  4. I am just so filled up right now. Thank you for this powerful and anointed Word. He is my peace and His presence is peace! Thank you woman of God for your obedience always to God and may you continue to walk in the Peace of God. God bless you 💖💖

  5. Thank you Lord, that your PROMISES are TRUE!
    As I pray for PEACE You have reminded me through Ex 1414,
    (“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be STILL”)
    I will REST IN YOUR FAITHFULNESS, as You FILL me with YOUR PEACE, in Jesus’ mighty & precious Name.

  6. Needed this Rhema Word. Been out of work since April, filed for unemployment benefits, in August heard from the unemployment office, had to appeal because my wages wasn’t right. Waiting for my appeal to go through, I trust God with everything within me, but the peace you wrote about,I need in this season of my life. Thank you

  7. I’m going through some things in my life right and now…anxiety. After reading this, I know that my Father is going to bring me out. I will continue to keep my mind on him and his words. Please keep me in prayer.

  8. I have no peace most of the time because of my thoughts. I literally drive my own self crazy. May the lord calm my mind and show me what it means to focus on him.

    Thank you for the post!

  9. Amen Thank you Father God for your peace that you gave me and the love and protect Again say Thank you Father God ❤🙏🏽

  10. Wow. This is confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me. I really need peace. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Help me Lord. In Jesus’ name.

    Thank you Sis. Kesha. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  11. Dear Sister Kesha, thank you again for your words of wisdom; once again our Heavenly Father spoke to me through you about my concerns. Thank you Sister Kesha & thank you Father God for your peace & love. May all of God’s children know His precious love, peace & blessings ❤🙏🕊😇

    PLEASE help me to EMBRACE the PEACE that is available to me.
    LORD help for me to stay focused on you continuously …. So that I may gain THE PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING❣️

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