One hundred miles.

“Wisdom is supreme; so acquire wisdom. And whatever you may acquire, gain understanding. Prize her, and she will exalt you; if you embrace her, she will honor you.…” Proverbs 4:7-8, Berean Study Bible.

My sister, if God tells you to walk one mile with your friend, but you take it upon yourself to walk one hundred miles, you cannot complain of being exhausted and in dire need of oxygen. Nor can you feel some kind of way if she doesn’t want to walk one hundred miles with you. Who told you to do all that you’re doing for people and their momma? The fault is ours and ours alone when we go over and above for people when it doesn’t take all of that. After forty-two years of living on God’s green earth, the truth finally hit me. Nobody asks us to walk all those miles. Nobody. I am learning to do only what God tells me to do and nothing more. Nothing extra trying to be a greater blessing. Only what He places on my heart to do.

The truth is, our Father needs us to manage our time and energy more wisely. He has given us a certain amount of time and energy each day, and it’s up to us how we manage it. If we give out trying to do more than what He’s required of us, we will become depleted quickly, and of no use to the purpose and responsibilities He’s given us. What God tells you to do for her or him is enough. What He tells you to give her or him is enough.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your wisdom. You love me. I’ve been wearing myself out trying to be a great friend. Help me be satisfied and content with doing only what you tell me to do in the lives of those around me. Help me when I want to cross an ocean for someone, and all you’re telling me to do is call and pray with them. Help me, Father, preserve my energy for my purpose and responsibilities. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

15 thoughts on “One hundred miles.”

  1. Hey man! Father help me not to be codependent. Help me let others own their own stuff. I am not responsible for them. I am not responsible for their decisions. I am responsible to listen to You and to do what You tell me to do.

    1. (LOL) It’s taken me 54 years to be still enough to hear and take hold of GOD’s wisdom in this area… I thank GOD for sparing my life while I was doing too much, off course of HIS will, and I praise HIM- 54 years, and my shoes haven’t worn out!!! 😊 HALLELUJAH!!!

  2. Good Morning,
    Thank You Father..

    Guilty.. I needed this.. I’m a servant and go overboard for some.. Others not so much because I feel they may be taking advantage. In actuality, they all may be taking advantage😲.

    I’m learning 😉 Praise God 🙌

  3. Glory Hallelujah in Jesus name the devotions for today was confirmation in what I have been going through my God my God my God my God in my reading in God’s word sister Kesha you have blessed me this Friday and glory to God for allowing you to Ministry two sisters all across the globe over in this nation thank you sister Kesha God bless you God keep you covered in the blood of Jesus Christ Glory Hallelujah again I say Amen

  4. Women we are socialized into being doormats and feeling guilty if we are not doormats for everyone else to wipe their dirty shoes upon. I pray we escape this mental slavery because it causes us to neglect more important destinies. Male pastors are guilty, everyone is guilty of preaching these social restrictions and roles.

    1. Amen! 🙏🏽 Your message came forth powerfully and resonates with me. Amen, Amen, Amen
      Your few words carried a ton of power, well said.

  5. This is an unforgettable devotional. I will carry it with me in ministry. Thanks so, so, so much for letting God use you!

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