Please help spread the word!

Dear Readers,

We wanted to say “Thank You” to those who have supported this ministry by purchasing our newly released devotional book. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We also want to encourage you to please leave a review on Amazon. People read reviews and many use them to determine whether or not they will purchase a product. Therefore, we need your reviews. They will help us to reach more people for God’s glory. We thank you kindly!

Love, The DOTK Family!

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10 thoughts on “Please help spread the word!”

  1. May Jesus continue on blessing you and everyone chosen by our Lord to be part of this wonderful ministry .

  2. This is so helpful. .it’s help me a lot. .Every time when I feel down i go through the verses even the previous page s…you uplift my spirit a lot always and this is how I communicate with my God

  3. Good morning, my sister’s in the name of Jesus , I have not got the book but I will in good faith. I read the division each day and it is a blessing to me I even forward to others please pray for me to get the book amen.

  4. Your ministry has blessed me and my family…thank you family in Christ for being that light a lot of us need… I pray your ministry will be blessed and God will do his will with your desire to share his word and love…God bless you and yours

  5. I’m have truly been Blessed from your Daily Devotionals..praying Favor and Blessings over All of you in Jesus Name..can’t wait to read your book..Blessings.

  6. I too have been blessed with reading the daily devonial every morning may God continue to bless you all daughters of the king I look forward to you and thanks.

  7. Thankyou. sisters…
    for your. dailydevotions. ..THEY help me..
    and its like they come right at the right time
    .when I need to hear from our father lord Jesus..thank you
    God bless you all…

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