Praise looks good on you, my sister!

“Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful” Psalm 33:1, NKJV

I can think of a list of things I consider beautiful. A sunrise over a calm sea. The moon and stars in the night sky. A mother holding her baby for the first time. A bride on her wedding day. Flowers in spring. A family holding hands and praying together. Yet, none of these things compare to how the Lord feels when you praise and worship Him. To your heavenly Father, nothing is more beautiful than watching you lift your hands, sing your song and do your dance because you know He’s good and nothing is too hard for Him. Praise looks good on you, my sister! You look absolutely amazing when you are bragging on God and telling everyone around you how awesome your God is and what only He can do! All of the heaviness is being lifted from off of you now. The Lord is turning your mourning into dancing. The Lord is turning your sorrow into joy. He is filling your mouth with praise. He is helping you trust Him like never before. He is giving you the strength to bless Him this morning with a shout, with a dance and with a new song because praise looks so good on you!

Prayer: Father, I praise you for all that you are and all you’ve done for me. I praise you because you are my God and nothing is too hard for you. Thank you for removing all heaviness and for giving me a garment of praise. Help me talk about how good you are, rather than how bad problems are. Help me keep praise in my mouth because you are good and you are faithful! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 61:3; Philippians 4:4)

13 thoughts on “Praise looks good on you, my sister!”

  1. 🌾 🎶 Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee, how great thou are, how great thou are. 🎶Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee how great thou are how great thou are how great thou are how great thou are 🌾

  2. I Will Bless The Lord At All Times And His Praises Shall Continually Be In My Mouth!!! For He Is So Good To Me!!!
    God bless you!! ♥️♥️♥️

  3. I’ve been in anguish this weekend. My precious mom fell down and I couldn’t catch her! She’s 87 and I begged God not to let her hip be broken, because she would have to have surgery and she is too fragile. My prayer was not answered. Surgery is scheduled but she’s showing every sign that she won’t survive it. The other option is to send her home on hospice. All this plus a blood clot in her lung. All this in a matter of minutes our lives changed. My mom broke her shoulder as well. We saw her on FaceTime last night and I wept in anguish. “I’m sorry mom I didn’t catch you” Please pray for Margie Garcia. She gave her heart to God since she’s been living with us. Will God bring her back to us! Or is He going to take her! I’m in agony. I need to hold her but are not allowed. My faith is being tested, I don’t feel Gods peace, I’m sad, angry, and on the edge of desperation. I believe in miracles, and today I’ll know if one will come true or will I lose my dear mom that I adore so much.
    I covet each prayer 🙏
    One desperate daughter

    1. Prayers going up for you that God will give you and your mom the comfort needed to go through these difficult times..
      It is times like these that we have to lean on God for the strength.
      God bless you, my sister! Don’t lose hope. Praise God that your mom came to know Christ as her Saviour while living with you.
      Know that our Heavenly Father continues to hold her in His hands, regardless of the outcome.
      I pray for God’s peace in your life.

    2. God is a God if miracles signs and wonders. Believe and trust God. Scripture says when we “delight” ourselves in the Lord he shall fulfill the desires of our Heart. Praise God with thanks giving for what he is doing that you neither feel or see and trust his will. Release the agony and stand naked before God at HIS throne of Grace. Faith tested, faithfulness manifest in the heart. God is faithful and you remain faithful too! Agony and desperation is NOT your portion. When we follow Christ per the New Testament teachings it comes with suffering and sometimes death. I speak a peace that surpasses all understanding. Father we know your will for us is perfect, let your perfect will be done for your daughter, my sister in Christ Jesus AMEN 🙏

    3. Hold fast to the promise of God that He will never leave you nor forsake you. You couldn’t catch your dear mom but God’s gat her in his arms of protection. Her spirit is safe and sound in his care. Whatever happens, He’s gat her.
      5 years ago I lost my mom because of a fall, so I can sympathize with you. Continue to rely on the power that comes from daily communion with the father through His word. Strengthen your innerman, because whatever happens, you need to be strong. God bless you and keep you in Jesus name i pray.

    4. Father in the name of Jesus l bring my sister and her mom before you God l decree and declear that mom is healed. We stand on your word oh God that by your stripes we were healed over 2000 yrs. ago. We claimed that healing right now in the MIGHTY name of JESUS!
      Satan we put you on notice you have NO RIGHTS…take your hands of Gods property. God we thank you for the victory in Jesus name.
      May the God of all peace, comfort and strength be with you and your family in Jesus name Amen.🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏♥️

  4. For Liz

    I am joining you in a prayer of healing for your mom. You might have not physically caught her, but in you have captured her in your heart and since she’s accepted Jesus as her savior, He has her. We must trust His Devine intervention for your mom. Trust him he will strengthen you no matter what happens.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I covet your prayers. Mom is fighting for her life, I must not be selfish to beg God to bring her back to me, today I’ve clearly surrendered to God and know His perfect will is going to go forth. I ask for prayer for peace, this hurts so so bad! God bless you my sister I appreciate your kind words 🙏

  5. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah in JESUS Name AMEN 💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙⚘💙

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