Praying God's Word

Have you ever needed to pray for someone, but the words just wouldn’t come? I was having one of those moments, when the Lord took me into Psalm 1-6, where I found heartfelt prayers written by King David and other writers. Here are prayers from Psalms that you can pray for your loved ones.

For prosperity:

Thank you LORD, that ________’s delight is on the law of the LORD, and on his law ________ meditates day and night. ________ is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yield its fruit in season and whose leaf does not whither. Whatever ________ does prospers, in Jesus Name (see Psalm 1:2-3)!

For protection:

Thank you LORD that you are a shield around ________, O LORD, you bestow glory on __________ and lift up his head, in Jesus Name (see Psalm 3:3)!
In the name of Jesus, away from ______, all you who do evil, for the LORD has heard his weeping. The LORD has heard his cry for mercy; the LORD accepts his prayer. All ______’s enemies will be ashamed and dismayed; they will turn back in sudden disgrace (see Psalm 6:8-10).

In intercession:

LORD, how long will ________ turn your glory into shame? How long will he love delusions and seek false gods? Lord, I pray that _______ will know that you have set him apart for yourself; and I thank you that you, O LORD will hear _______ when he calls to You, in Jesus Name (see Psalm 4:2-3)!

Thank you LORD, that in his anger, _______ will not sin; when he is on his bed, he will search his heart and be silent, in Jesus Name (see Psalm 4:4)!

Prayer: Lord God, thank you that your Word is powerful! Thank you, that when I don’t know how to pray, you intercede on my behalf. Thank you for taking me to your Word! I believe the word I’ve prayed won’t return void, but will accomplish all that I sent it out to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Penned by Dawn Stewart

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28 thoughts on “Praying God's Word”

  1. I’ve had trouble praying funding the right words.
    Hard on myself for it too, leave but on God understanding & the road map to the know how. Then your own. Ask & you shall receive

    God has answered my prayer time and again. Through you! All glory to the lord! Thank you Jesus

    Chains are real easing one by one.. By faith πŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸ»βœπŸ™πŸ»

  2. I’ve had trouble praying finding the right words.
    Hard on myself for it too.
    Lean but only on Gods understanding & he is the road map to the know how. Then your own.
    Ask & you shall receive

    God has answered my prayers, Through you! All glory to the lord!
    Thank you Jesus

    Chains are breaking one by one.. By faith πŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸ»βœπŸ™πŸ»

  3. Hi am a lover of your work. I thank God for you because you have helped me slot. I would like to request that you pray for my brother who has has ulcerative colitis and now his liver isn’t functioning properly. please pray for him ton speak God’s word over his life and to believe God for his healing and restoration.

  4. Amen i always pray the Word of the Lord on my life and my son and my whole family and the body of christ. And for my sisters and brothers all over the world’s.

  5. Oh God Thank you for sending a prayer my way So when I don’t know what to pray you give me a prayer Thank you Father God

  6. These praters were absolutely what I needed as I woke up this morning. I was trying to find the right words to pray gor my angry, narciss husband and I just couldn’t. So I just told God what was on my mind and heart. Waking up to this just felt like He was saying “I jeard you, here’s the perfect words to pray to me f for your husband” Amen.

    I was taught there is no right way to pray. You just talk to God. As if you were talking to your b.f.f. πŸ˜‰

  7. Thank you Father for showing me how to pray and interesting in the right moment and thank you for another beautiful day in Jesus name I pray amen:-)

  8. Thank you Father,
    For your promises and word. Thank you Lord for your inclined hear to my cry. Thank you for prayer and allowing me to communicate with you I love you Lord.

  9. It says that even when we don’t know what to pray The Holy Spirit will make intersession for us,because he knows what’s in our hearts,he knows what to pray for even when we don’t,he is our helper and comforter that is so wonderful to know and so powerful!

  10. Powerful it is good to place our names and loved ones and ones we don’t know on the scriptuesin the scriptures through the scriptures makes it very personal again standing on the word lining up with scripture. Great focus. Psalms are full of powerful prayers by King David my favorite book of the bible . now starting to like proverbs my least liked book that’s because I was so foolish. Proverbs defiantly beginning of wisdom and Godly wisdom full of instruction. Bible full of insruction so it will go well with me and others.. To understand the feasts of our Jewish roots something missing in my Christian upbringing and that part of my life wasn’t till I was an adult. I come from protesan. Background and ethics hardworking and the right not practice religion. Understanding how it left my family line all the fighting over religion. Buy the truth is doe have a personal relationshiprelationship

  11. Thank you for this word today, it was a big help to me when I don’t know how to pray for others. Thank you

  12. Dear. Daughters of the king thank you for your faithfulness you are a blessing in my life I look forward to your devotionals every day. In Jesus love diane

  13. This devo was an answer to a prayer I prayed just a few short hours ago. I’ve been convicted to pray God’s word for so many and this was a beautiful example of how to do that! And the reassurance and reminder that the Holy Spirit intercedes when we don’t know what to pray was exactly what I needed! Thank you for being so faithful to the Lord!! So grateful for this app!! All the glory to God!!! You ladies are being used in mighty ways!!!

  14. Thanks for your discernment of Christ in the Lord it shine upon the body of Christ through out the world a be a blessing to all that read those prayers thank you so very muchL


  16. Thank you God for the Power of Prayer and the authority you’ve given to us, in using your word when we prayed and prayed for others. It amazing what prayer does and has been proven over and over. Glory and honored our God.

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