Pursue Him with all of your heart.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

When all you’ve known is a life of destructive habits, destructive mindsets, and destructive environments, it can be very difficult to see yourself living a victorious life in God. Because you can’t picture it, you need God to teach you how to live. If you don’t reach forward into fulfilling your purpose, you will default to who you once were. It is a fear of the unknown that holds us back and hinders many believers from pursuing God with reckless abandonment. What does it look like for you to overcome and let Him have His way in you? What great things are you capable of doing for God’s kingdom when you focus all of your attention on Him.

There are gifts and callings that have been given by God and not taken back. You have not even scratched the surface of every vision and purpose that God has for you to receive. You have only tasted a small portion of the kind of life He wants to give you. Go hard after God. Refuse to turn back in fear. Don’t fear the success God has waiting for you. “Your fruit will remain and You will bring Me great glory,” God says. “It is My desire that you bear much fruit. It is My plan that you experience My fullness. Don’t hold back the gifts I have placed in you. Don’t fear the path I have laid in front of you. Don’t fear walking through the open door. Pursue Me with all of your heart. I want to be found by you. Embraced by you, and glorified in and through your life.”

Prayer: Thank You God. I am speechless at Your love for me. You love me and I humbled. All I’ve known is a destructive life. Help me not turn back in fear to what’s familiar. Help me reach forward and press toward the prize of the high calling of You in Christ Jesus. Help me God. Teach me how to live. Be glorified in me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Pursue Him with all of your heart.”

  1. Oh God thank you for the wonderful devotions speechless I am yes I give you glory and lay all Heavy burdens down to you because I know greater things come to you all fears dried away not turning back the moving forward and knowing that my God is with me he strengthened me daily is I keep myself humble and God’s grace and God’s word reading scription and implying it with my daily life I’ll give you all glory my God is powerful to do all things my heart cries love enjoy with God peace he gives me daily God continue to guide me daily with your grace and your mercy not the plan that I want for my life but the plan for the righteousness in a knowledge his word and wisdom in the way to go my heart in God’s love Thank you again in Jesus name Amen

  2. Thank you again for this wonderful word today, Thank you for what you have placed in me. Thank you God for what you are about to do for me ☺ In Jesus Name Amen 🙏💚💜💛

  3. Thank you God for noticing that I have become fearful of my potential and sending words of encouragement to remind me that you care for me and I am safe with you.

  4. Thank you for this devotion. God is so good. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that you can use us for your purposes regardless of our age or status in life. Help me/us to use the gifts you have blessed us with. It is never too late to serve you. Love you, Lord.

  5. Thank You, Father God, for Your grace, mercy & favor of deliverance, healing, transformation & restoration. I seek You with all my heart ❤️, looking forward to what You will fulfill in & through me for Your glory & honor & furthering of Your Kingdom. HALLELUJAH 👏🏽👏🏽🎶🙏🏾

  6. Wow! This really hit home with me! Thank you God for teaching me how to live your way and growing me daily toward who you have called me to be. Thank you for healing my heart. Help me to glorify you!

  7. Yes, Yes❗💪💓💪Keeping Hope alive 🙌and my eyes on 👀the Prize 🎁🎉😘SWEET JESUS 👑YOU are my EVERYTHING ❗💯💘💖💒†📖💡🏃⚓hallelujah 😘DOTK👑📝ShineOn❗🌞🙋🍒🍉🍓🍍PRAISE the LORD❗😄 💃💃💃🎀🎈

  8. With all I have within me Lord. I desire to seek You and walk in the fullness of Your plans and purpose for my life. I love You Father, Love You Jesus, Love You Holy Spirit.💕🙏👸😇😘👏😍

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