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  1. I don’t know except “be with” maybe? ‘abide with me’ – be near? Be close to, partner with?

      1. When I think of the word Abide, I think of patiently waiting while meditating on God and his word, with a constant flow

      2. I think of my marriage vows
        “thy constant faith, and abiding love. I marry you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” . I have always felt it means to be joined or to live with. He married us too, and He did not leave when my husband did, and He never will.

    1. When l hear the word Abide what comes on my mind if we obey and live according to the commandments of God we shall fulfill the will of God for our lives which He called us to do thanks

    2. When I think of abiding I think of somewhere to stay and live, happily for a long period of time. If I abide in my home I stay there for long periods of time, being totally okay there, to live and spend a majority of my time there, to stay somewhere being very secure and peaceful.

      If I abide in Him, I am able to live my life more peacefully and more happily with less stress and strife. I am able to be totally and fully myself and be accepted. His spirit abides in me. It stays there never to leave.

        1. When ever I hear the word abide I see a picture of Christ with me inside his heart. This has been for years ♥️♥️♥️

      1. Love the way you defined this term Hannah. I agree and when Abide comes to mind I always think rest in the Lord and the word of God.

    3. When I hear ” abide” I’m reminded of the scripture ” abide in Me and I’ll abide in you.” If you let me I’ll come in and be with, be there, be for you.

    4. Trust and obey…follow with or without understanding at the moment knowing His plans are better, His ways and thoughts are higher.

    5. .
      accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision, or recommendation).
      “I said I would abide by their decision”

    6. When I hear the word abide, it mean that I must stay in His will, His way and being about His business.

    7. I think of obedience unto the Lord ‘s word. I also think of drawing near to God daily which will help me abide in him.

    8. When I think of the word abide, what comes to mind is stay close to, draw near, walk with the Lord.

    9. I agree… im in Him & He is within me.
      When someone sees me than they have seen the Father / Jesus / Holy Spirit.
      Thats my Hope . Anyways.

  2. To me abide means to STAY … with God and reach of us individually knows how God wants us to abide in Him. Sometimes we are in and out, up and down but as long as you STAY/ABIDE in Him. He will abide in……. YOU. STAY CLOSE TO GOD.

  3. Good morning Queens
    Abide means to me, a choice to dwell, rest, a frequent visit… it’s an intentional action!

  4. Abide means to me is to dwell in his presence and his word. Pray seek and read his word. Mediate on him!

  5. To remain in His word…His commandments…His Love, Blessings, and Mercy whatever you go through.

    1. When ever I hear the word abide I see a picture of Christ with me inside his heart. This has been for years ♥️♥️♥️

  6. For me when i think of the word “Abide” i think about faithfully following something or someone. ☺

  7. To be fully IMMERSED…seeking Him…in His Word…Worship..Praise..remain…
    trusting …Believing..listening for His voice..looking for Him in the details of my day

  8. Read/meditate on his word daily,serve him and others,love God and stay close in thoughts,words and deeds

  9. To abide is to make a choice to rest, have peace, be fixed and to be stable in the love of the Lord. Selah moments in ir with the Lord. .

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  10. Be. Be with. Be patient. Sit in the presence of. Listen. Learn. Actively, not passively. Do life with.

  11. Goodmorning Abid to me means to obey in doing the work that the Lord assign for me to do with has help leading an guiding me. Blessings on your day an thank you for our you aloud the Lord to use you each day through devoted it is truly a blessing an very encouraging 👑

  12. What Abide means to me: to become one in every aspect of our lives. Seeking our LORD and SAVIOR daily.

  13. When I hear the word Abide its a reminder of his promise that he abides with us forever! I in him an he in me❤

  14. I think of trust and the depth of my relationship with him. I believe to abide in him means to fully trust him and to honestly be able to say Jesus is my best friend. Now I gotta do some research on abide😊

  15. I think to be in tune with, let the word abide in me. Thinking, to allow the word to be in me to guide & rule, rhat I may follow.

  16. To me abide means obedience. So when God tells us to abide in him, he’s saying follow my instructions on how to live a Godly life. It means seek God’s will for your life, allow him to lead you in every season of your life and obey his instructions even when you don’t like what he’s instructing you to do.

  17. I think abid mean: Rest, spend time with jesus so that as a direct result you have rest and peace in him.

  18. Abide means to me to stay close to God and do His will. To be one with God and to TRUST Him in ALL things.

  19. To remain, trust, and rest within…ABIDE in me (Jesus) as my word abides in you!
    I am attached, aligned and in agreement!!! 🙌🏽

  20. I think ir means listen n obey. We have to abide by the laws or we suffer the consequences like we have to abide by Gods laws and rules

  21. Good morning to all.
    I’ve taken some time to think about the word abide. To me, it means to rest comfortably and confidently in the promises of God. Having the confidence to believe that whatever my situation, I can trust that I serve a bigger God that is more than able to handle any sitiation. As a child of the Father, my job is to pray about it in faith, in the natural and allow God to do only what He can do in the supernatural and trust Him to demonstrate that “all things works together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose” and “that what the devil meant fir evil, God will work out for your good and for His glory”, Thank You Lord.

  22. When I hear the word Abide. I know God is here with me. He has possess my mind my heart and soul my very presence n essence never far off; always present

  23. When I hear the word abide I know it means wait on the lord trust in him to answer prayer and have faith in his word and works,abide means to stay anchored in the lord let him abide in you ,like I abide in my own home and find rest and peace that is how I abide in the lord Amen

  24. Abide means to me to be with Our Savior. I am safe because He is with me.
    His Promise To Never Leave Me Nor Forsake. His Ever Presence In Times of. Trouble and Thru My Life. In Times of Peace and Time.

  25. I only see that word in connection with the Bible, So I think about the verse that says “Abide in me and I will abide in you” it means stay close, in close fellowship with God, in that context.

  26. I didn’t see where I could leave an answer to your question. But when I hear or read the word abide what it means to me;


  27. The word abide means to draw near, to be still . I like this word it reminds me of the scripture… be still and know that I am God. When we are still we are able to spend time with him intimately.

  28. Gm my sisters n love!! To me ABIDE means to dwell….to live in…to draw near/close. May we all ABIDE in the Lord and He and His Word will ABIDE in us. Have a blessed and safe weekend and just know I Love U All-2-Life!!💞🙌😇🙏

  29. To simply exist and dwell, in a way that is restful and reliant with – and on, the One I am with.

  30. To me abide means to stay with, stay close to, remain…if I abide with the Lord, I stay with Him, stay close to Him, remain with Him. Mostly, He stays with, close to and remains with me. That’s what I think of when I hear the word abide. He is faithful and wants me to draw near to Him.

  31. To me it means remaining connected to CHRIST. As long as I am in Christ everything He is connected to I am connected through Christ dying on the cross.

  32. I believe it means to be in relationship with the Father and trust in him fully no matter what may come. As well as be so close to him that you only do as he says as he leads by his Spirit.

  33. When I hear the word “abide” I hear an invitation from our loving father to seek him and get in his presence and I also hear him encouraging us to stay close and to stay in his presence!

  34. When I hear/think of the word “Abide”, What comes to mind is to “Rest In” to “Stay In, to “Dwell In”!
    All of which the Lord wants us to do in Him❣️

  35. For me the word “abide” means to ‘stay close’. So, close that nothing can come between the “Abider” and the “abidee” ie “God and me”.

  36. When I hear that word I think it’s telling me to remain trustful in whatever the place or position I’m in. Whether it’s a stance in Christ, a prayer attitude or a position of worship.

  37. Abide …
    I think of life- giving connection. Just as the flow of life from the vine sustains the branches and produces fruit, our connection to Christ by the flow of His indwelling Spirit, sustains us and makes us fruitful.
    Such a miracle, but we are unique branches indeed. We can decide whether to remain,.. or…. Abide.
    Choose life, my sisters! 💖

  38. John 15:4
    Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.

  39. When I hear the word abide I think of to be with, stay with, follow, but by choice, through acceptance rather than by force or begrudgingly

  40. When I think of the word ABIDE I think of resting safely in the caring arms of of Jesus. Also, to me abide means staying in God’s Word in order to quench the fiery darts of the enemy. ❤️🙏🙌

  41. To me the word abide means,to be with him ,remain in Him.
    Put your trust and have faith in God.In him we have life
    All ends up to us to trust in his words,have faith and believe in his words. Everything that we do ,He should be the first.

  42. My understanding of abide is to put total trust in God ..remain/stay in his presence regardless of my situation or circumstance.

  43. When says “abide.” I think about trusting him with every decision and staying in the correct position. I look at it as if the Lord is saying rest in me and don’t move until you are instructing because I want to protect you, hide you, and cover you from the enemy.

  44. When I think of the word “Abide” its a reminder that we must obey God in all areas of our lifes. Rest comfortably in him. So we must fully rest and rely on him.
    Thank you for all you do my sister in Christ, may wisdom, love, peace and grace be upon you everyday of your life.

  45. When I hear the word abide the first thing came to my mind was stay…. I think about us abiding in God word or will is to stay in his word or will!

  46. When I hear the word abide, I think of resting or staying in something. Not to come out of it and go back in but to remain there.

  47. To me the word Abide means walking my path with Jesus to the best of my understanding and ability of HIS word. Praying for knowledge of HIS will for me and the STRENGTH to carry it out!

  48. To remain in the Lord. How? Walk His Word, Talk His Word, Ponder His Word, Do His Word, Hide His Word in your Heart. Speak the truth of His Word, for Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches …..as we remain in Him, He shall remain in us. Abide in spirit and in truth.

  49. What comes to mind when I hear the word abide??
    I think of the song , “Abide With Me.”
    We are to invite GOD into our lives and experience Him abiding with us. Then, as we learn from that, we are to abide with one another.
    Peace and Love😘

  50. When I hear the word ‘Abide’ I hear being told to ‘hold strongly to the Lord and to cling unto Him firmly’.

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