Reasons for the Storms

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;” 2 Corinthians 4:17 (KJV)

You are a living epistle read by men and God’s light shines through you. If you think people are watching you now, wait until you face a difficult season in your life. The eyes of anyone within your sphere of influence will zero in wanting to see how you will respond and if you will do what you have preached all those years to them. They want to see if you will forgive those that hurt you, if you will still believe God after you have been diagnosed, if you will still serve God with passion after you’ve lost someone you love, and if you will continue to walk with God even though you don’t understand why it happened to you. This is not to sound insensitive to your pain that you may have experienced. Nor is this to infer that God did this horrible thing to you to win someone to Jesus. No, absolutely not! God is not to blame. He does however allow trials for reasons that only He knows. Could it be that your trust and reliance upon Him in the midst of adversity is just what those around you need to see in order to know that God is real? We pray for God to save those we love, yet we do not know how He will do it. Yet, God in His infinite wisdom will allow a storm in our lives knowing that He is going to be glorified in it. God knows that your faith in Him and your resilience in the storm will do more in reaching your loved ones than anything you could ever say. Be willing then to go through it and face the adversity head on if it means the eternal salvation of those you love! It works for you a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory!

Prayer: Father, I hear You. Thank You for Your comfort and for giving me understanding. In every trial I face, I count it all joy knowing that You have a greater work that You are accomplishing. I am willing to go through the storm if it means that those around me will see Your light in me and come to know You for themselves. Be glorified in my life! In Jesus name, Amen.

(Read 2 Corinthians 4; 2 Corinthians 3:2; James 1:2)

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14 thoughts on “Reasons for the Storms”

  1. Wow! This is me, smack in the middle of the storm if my life. It hurts so bad but I am trusting that God will be glorified in the end.😞

  2. Praise God for this word today, Thank you Father for what all I face, i have to go through the storms to get to where God is taking me and what God wants to do through me and God get the GLORY in it. I’ve learned many years ago i have to face and go through the storm not stay in it go through it Hallelujah. Thank you again my LORD for such an True Word In Jesus Name Amen 🤗👐💃

  3. Hallelujah Thank you JESUS for Shining and my life. I trust you Lord thought the hard time I trust you with everything and my life. I do and the name of Jesus Amen

  4. Thank YOU FATHER for YOUR gift of JESUS, HE is our holy example; NOthing that we go through or encounter in this earthly life, can compare to the sacrifice that JESUS paid for each one of us. I have been crucified with CHRIST and I no longer live, but CHRIST lives in me. (Galatians 2:20). Yes it hurts, but remember we’re not home yet! Thank YOU for first loving us, we love you FATHER♡.

      1. My sister my storms didn’t end until I stopped picking them back up. I had to learn to Let Go and Let God.
        I had to take it to the alter and leave it there. Praise Him in your circumstance and HE will see you.

  5. Praise Jesus thru the storm he will see us thru. He is faithful to his sheep always protective and keeping us to himself. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Prophetess Triplett, I need to have a personal conversation with you. Is there anyway you can make this happen.

  7. Lord, I Thank You for the storms! I Thank You for the trials & tribulations! Without those test…I would have no testimony! And yes, as I walk this new Christian Walk..ALL EYES ON ME…how will I react or respond during test came two days back to involving my Grandchild..when normally I would have been a “mad woman” but..I Thank God For…CHANGE🙌!! I saw/see the “HOLY SPIRIT” moving & using me! I’m not where I need to be completely, but I THANK GOD..I’M NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!
    And “they” were watching & waiting to see what my reaction was gonna be!
    God Bless You Sister T & The Entire DOTK Family💖

    1. I don’t know where, i would be if it wasn’t for the storms God pulled me through.
      And through it all I’ve learned to lean and depend on Him.
      I say: “STAND STRONG” my sisters IT’S TIME TO SOAR
      Isaiah 40: 31

  8. We will be tested. Once you kick someone out your home 🏠,you will be careful who you let back in.God kicked Satan and other angel out of Heaven. I pray 🙏 that God show me grace.As Wendy Lee said we would not have Testimony to Testify if we have no test’

  9. I have been going through a financial, emotional and mental storm, experiencing anxiety and fear so strong I could not breathe. But I’ve just returned from a Retreat, where I had an awesome Encounter With Jesus Christ, who took the burden off and gave me peace. I am also grateful for this devotion because along with the peace that was given to me by my precious Lord, I have also received strength from this devotion to continue the journey. I know the storm is not forever. I know there is an end to all of this, but your devotion has given me what I need to keep going. I Thank the Lord for the DOTK family

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