Scripture Share | 1 Peter 1:7

Please read the scripture below and share what stands out to you most and why:

“Your faith will be like gold that has been tested in a fire. And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. They will show that you will be given praise and honor and glory when Jesus Christ returns” 1 Peter 1:7, Contemporary English Version.

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  1. To me it means that everything that I have been through in the past 10 years has been refining me into the person God has wanted me to become – for which I praise Him ❤️. With God’s love and grace He has so much more in store for me!

    1. This resonates so much. The value of gold may fluctuate on earth but our faith in God is solid currency that is always welcome w/ Our Father.

  2. Our whole like is a test which turns into our testimony! It’s not just one situation or one event it’s all of it! One mounting upon the other! We grow, we look back and realize the whole time HE had us in His hands!

    1. I’m going through a break up now, and I know this is also God’s way to test my faith in Him. That even I have failed relationships, I can look up to Him because He is my faithful God. He knows what he is doing in my life. I trust my Lord even he closes that door for me.

  3. For me whatever I go trew in Life always have to have Faith in my Lord,the lord will never leave me or forsake me,as long I put my trust in the Lord almighty and have faith that surpasses all understanding,everything will come in place Amen !!!

    1. The part that stood out to me the most is, “And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed.”

      “Fire Assay also known as cupellation, is a process in which a precious metal piece is melted down entirely, resulting in the separation of the gold from other metals or impurities. This method allows assayers to physically see what percentage of that piece is pure gold. Though considered one of the more precise methods for assaying gold, Fire Assay is quite destructive, as the entire piece must be melted down to see what percentage of it is gold”.

      Metaphorically speaking, we are the gold and the fire is the trails and tribulations in our lives that test our purity, but unlike the metal gold that can be destroyed by the fire, when our desire is to truly glorify God with our lives, we will not be destroyed. Trails and tribulations can tempt one to backslide or sin when they lose faith in God or just don’t want to endure the fire. But for those who know and love their God their faith will be made stronger in such times. The Father (the Assayer) allows the Fire to bring to the surface any impurities in us for “us” and even others to see. He already knows what is in us.
      There will be times in our lives when God will allow the fire to “completely” melt us down because it is the best way to reveal to us what me are truly made of. Those who want to serve God wholeheartedly will repent and undergo cleansing and purification no matter how painful it is. If we are pure or allow ourselves to be purified, we will not be destroyed by the painful fire. Our faith, love for God and desire to be obedient to Him even in the fiery furnaces of life will only make us vessels of honor fit for His use as we emerge from the fire stronger, better and wiser.

      According to 2 Timothy 2:20-21, “ A large house contains not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay. Some indeed are for honorable use, but others are for common use. 21So if anyone cleanses himself of what is unfit, he will be a vessel for honor: sanctified, useful to the Master, and prepared for every good work.”

      1. Yes!!! It’s been HOT in the furnace!! But God!!! Reveal yourself in me!!! Let it be only you!!! That people encounter….change me Father!!! In Jesus name amen 💕🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️

      2. A pure gold piece like a necklace or vase can be destroyed by fire that melts it down, but the gold itself remains. Once the melted gold cools, it will no longer have the shape of a necklace or vase, but it will still be gold. “Pure gold is virtually indestructible. It will not corrode, rust or tarnish, and fire cannot destroy it. This is why all of the gold extracted from the earth is still melted, re-melted and used over and over again. A great example of this is the Perth Mint in Australia, which produces well-known silver and gold bullion coins. They host a public gold pour multiple times a day. Since 1993, they have melted and recast the same gold bar over 65,000 times.”

        This tells me that if I am pure gold though the fire may cause me to melt (cry at times, get tired, etc) it will not stop me from availing myself to be a vessel of honor fit for the Master’s use. In the fiery furnaces of life, I may be melted and remelted over and over gain, but each time I will allow myself to be reshaped if needed and used over and over again by God. Instead of letting the fire render me useless, I will surrender to the Will of God while in the fiery furnace and come out a vessel even more fit for God’s use. When God delivered the Hebrew boys from the Fire, it caused men to glorify God. From Daniel 3:
        “ Then Nebuchadnezzar said, “Praise be to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who has sent his angel and rescued his servants! They trusted in him and defied the king’s command and were willing to give up their lives rather than serve or worship any god except their own God. 29 Therefore I decree that the people of any nation or language who say anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be cut into pieces and their houses be turned into piles of rubble, for no other god can save in this way.”30 Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the province of Babylon”.

        There are times when I allowed the firey furnaces of life to render me useless. And there have been times when I allowed the fiery furnaces of life to render me useful for God’s purposes so that He would be glorified. My prayer is that when my time expires on this earth, I leave behind a strong track record and legacy of allowing the fire to make me useful. Help me Lord each time, I am thrown into the furnace to respond by saying Lord, Here I am, I will go through the Fire in order that they may see you because you show up in fires. May you be glorified and your name lifted up high. Your strength is made perfect in weakness. Help me, Lord 😭

  4. Praise God,
    What stood our to me in my suitation, I been going through alot, and because I stayed near to God. GOD sees that. And God will honor that.

  5. Our faith is building us up day by day we are being refined in the fire We shall accomplish all the Most High has sent us here to accomplish GLORY Hallelujah to the Most High God every knee must bow and every tounge shall confess that he is our Lord and savior The only one true and living God

  6. God wants to know that we Trust Him. Despite what our natural eye sees, we have to look at situatuons with our Spiritual eyes. God does his best work when everything looks like it’s stacked against us.

  7. This passage is a testament for me. Without believing and being faithful to the Lord., where would I be at this present time. My faith value cannot be compared with any thing in this world system. Praise the Lord!

  8. To me it means that at the end of things we go through and trials and tribulations…. Sometimes it takes us looking back at what the Lord has saw us through to truly appreciate our Faith and how far we’ve come.

  9. What stands out to me in this scripture is Faith greater than gold. To fully allow Gods will in our life we have mature our faith. We have to upgrade from bronze to silver to gold to priceless . And it’s a challenge and process but to be complete with Jesus is worth everything.

  10. I feel that this is saying that whatever we are going through, we need to keep our Faith and stand strong on His word.

  11. This verse reminds me of gold is made and how we are like gold how the process seems long but worth it how we are put through the fire until all the junk is gone just like gold they turn up the fire to get all the impurities out until it is pure gold

  12. This scripture means to me that the testing of my faith works patience. Through the testing and trials God refines us and prepares us for His triumphant return. Glory to His precious name!

  13. Scripture is right on time for me right now I’m in a battle with teenage my daughter who is battling in the spirit of the LGTQ community, and I am interceding on her behalf and standing in the gap until she comes to her senses, it’s been warfare for the past few weeks. Thanks for this word.

  14. Refining removes the impurities, and although we are in Christ we are not immune from suffering but will one day be rewarded if we stay faithful until the end.

  15. To me this verse speaks that my faith will grow stronger with and in God because no matter what I go through, He is with me, He is faithful and nothing is impossible for Him as long as my trust is in Him and He will get the Glory

  16. For faith to grow, it must endure through trials. Burning is painful, excruciating even. It is not some light, easy process. It is ugly, hard, and causes the gold to be completely re-shaped and reformed. It comes out different; it will never be the same as it went into the fire. It is stronger and more refined, but also now knows the pain of the fire…the ruminating ache of a burn. That is the cost…to shine brighter and glow ever more with His glory.

  17. This scripture makes me think of the story of Job. Regardless of what trials and tribulations he endured, he remained faithful. And the Lord is the same to any who have remained faithful in these times. To God be the Glory!!

  18. Press in ,seek Him, in trial get back to back with Jesus and discrem the authority of His flow through us to take back ground while He loses heaven in Earth through us.
    Amen and Amen.

  19. Yes, to me it means to have faith in God in this season God has me in. That my faith in God is worth more than Gold. It means to not let the devil put any doubt in my head. To my faith in God no matter what I face. Believe without a doubt that My God is holding up with his mighty Right Hand.

    PS I share your devotions everyday with my family and friends. I think you are the best. Please continue to bless us. I love you ❤️

  20. This reminds me to continue to stand strong and knowing that God’s Grace is keeping me. That’s something great to about to happen in my life. Thank you so much for sharing what the Father gives you to help us grow and not get weary because in due season we will get our reward!

  21. This scripture says to me, That faith without works is dead! No matter what life throws at me I can walk through anything by keeping my faith of a mustard seed because when I planted it, God took control. I trust God daily in my life and because of it I will continue to see his grace over my life! Continue to live with the heart of gold and on his return I will hear “ well done my good and faithful servant “

  22. Good morning and God bless everyone♥️ To me this scripture is saying. We’re gonna go through some trying times and situations but we must hold fast of the hand of God and pray through all and any circumstances. If God brought us to it he’s gonna bring us through it in Jesus mighty name 🙌

  23. What stood out to me is where it says: “And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed.”
    Reading this verse over, helped me understand that not only do we go through trails to grow our character, but also by going through trails it’s what shows us this unbreakable our Faith is and how it helps us overcome our trails. Our FAITH is POWERFUL and VALUABLE! Which makes more sense why Our Faith pleases God.

  24. My faith is constantly being tested and sometimes I fail the test of having faith and question God and then I feel bad . It’s a constant battle.

  25. My faith is strong and unwavering. It’s my most valuable asset. I will have favor with God!

  26. I like that it says my faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. That I have grown in the Lord asks no matter what I will always have my relationship with Him and His love letter will always be kept close to me when going through trials.

  27. Your faith will be like gold that has been tested in fire. And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. This is what stands out to me the most! I believe we go through things in life to test our faith, to bring us closer to God and depend on him, every time we go through something our faith is getting stronger and stronger. We endure. We are being tested as gold. Gold can be destroyed when it’s tested too much, but God’s people our faith is worth so much more than gold.

  28. What stands out to me is having a faith like pure gold. Because of being in the fire and not burning but refining myself through christ. There’s nothing that I can’t go through. Because I know everything is going to be alright because I have Jesus Christ 🙏🏽

  29. What I took from the scripture is that no matter if you went through the fire as long as you hold on to your faith in God and keep a pure heart, and when you come out of the fire you will not smell like smoke and therefor because of your faith and heart God will bless you beyond what you can imagine.

  30. Our Faith is precious and just like the talents that were distributed out so has a mustard seed of faith been given to each one of us and given to grow…going from faith to faith, glory to glory,, and strength to strength…hallelujah, And ‘without’ Faith it is impossible to please God. For those who come to God must Believe. Thus our ‘Faith’ will be put to the ‘Test’ to develop, to grow, to be stretched, and to be approved. Testimonys involve test and Faith is the substance of things Hoped for, with the Evidence of not seeing things and I like to say YET…because I’m Trusting God with an expectant assurance! And while trials and tribulations are often painful, I’ve learned that God is more concerned with our growth which is more precious than gold. Hallelujah. He is making diamonds as we are continuously being refined!

  31. My faith is being tested I got scammed. I have paid 72000. To a license contractor to build Casita. And he left with out finishing.. that money was a blessing and he took it.

  32. This scripture is significant in my walk because over the years I’ve been tested and many times I have failed. But God and the faith he has given is what I have always fallen back to. When I’m in my deepest darkest often times self inflicted pain and rock bottom I’m reminded of God’s goodness. Like gold being refined in the fire there are sometimes spots on it that would make it “unclean” and the only way for those spots to be removed is by fire. The impurity has to be burned away so the gold and the beauty can be seen. I found myself getting stuck in repeated disobedience. While my heart was being deceitful and I craved love I was seeking it in people who do not know God or don’t want to seek after him the way I desire to. So how did I expect them to love me. I thought if I just keep forgiving and keep loving them the way God does they’ll understand. In reality I wasn’t even loving them the way God wanted me to because I was living in sin with them. That was the excuse I used that kept me living in sin. When the Lord gave me eyes to see, it was after another failed relationship that I poured my everything into. I was angry hurt and sad because this time the other person “knew God” I wanted to abstain from sexual sin and I still fell into it because I still had spots in my heart that had not been fully through the fire. I had chosen to stay stuck until I broke up with this individual and focused on God with everything I had. I got comfortable and pride came in and I thought I was better after a month of living this way. While yes the Lord did amazing things in this month, the moment the man reached out I fell right back into it got distracted again and fell off track with God. I had to get to a point where I was tired of repeating sin I had already been delivered from. It was old and I know what the Lord says about me so I had to make a choice. Do I want God or do I want to continue being gold with spots of sin covering the gifts and abilities and purity God has given me. I chose to sin. Fast forward a few months and my knee went out on me. Tore 2 of the major ligaments in my leg and I’m now learning how to do something as simple as bend my leg. I’ll have to learn how to walk again. And right now I have no choice but to rely on God and the people he’s put in my path to help me. He’s showing me through this fire, that it doesn’t happen overnight or in a month. It is a process it takes time. I have a 9 month recovery ahead of me and there are days I don’t want to do my physical therapy. There are days I don’t want to get up and read my Bible. There are days I’d rather sit at home then go to work. But I have to choose my fire. I have to put the work in, I have to submit. I have to rely on God. I have to do these things I don’t really want to do because it seems hard or that there could be an easier solution to get results faster. This doesn’t just go for physical healing but in my heart as well. This fire is helping me get rid of past hurts and old ways that I used to cling to so I can become the woman of God I was created to be. He’s removing guilt, he’s removing shame, he’s removing lust, he’s removing sickness, he’s removing deceit, he’s removing manipulation, he’s removing wickedness, he’s removing trauma, he’s removing all ungodly ties in Jesus name. Everyday I am closer and closer to Him. Everyday my mind is made anew. Everyday I get a little bit better than yesterday. Everyday the fire is burning of a piece of the old me. Thank you Jesus. Through it all even when it hurts he deserve the praise. I am being made spotless by the one who loves me so much he gave his life so I could find it. Thank you Jesus

  33. This passage says to me that the things God allow me to go through in this life is only to make me stronger in him, and as I grow through those trials so will my faith an in the end I shall be rewarded for that which will be getting to spend eternal life with the one who loves me more than anything else.

  34. What stands out to me…..
    We all don’t have the same measure of faith. It depends on what we have done to strengthen the measure of faith we have been given. GIVEN. But I don’t have the same faith as I’ve been given. Because my faith is being refined daily by trials/fire and the word/sword sharpening it. I read this scripture and I’m in awe. To think if I stand firm and continue in the faith Jesus Christ will be amazed at my faith. How precious these encouraging words are to my heart!

  35. Everything about the Christian life revolves around our FAITH! Faith in God, in His Son Jesus, in our salvation and promise of eternal life, in His Presence, His Strength, His Comfort and His Guidance through life with its many ups and downs- the constant is and should always be our FAITH!🙌🙌🙌

  36. That the Lord is allowing me to go through the fire to perfect me and it’s challenging my faith whether I stand or fall in the midst. But if I stand on my faith through it all I shall come forth as gold proven by God 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  37. “And these trials will prove that your faith, is much more than Pure Gold..that can be destroyed in fire”. It’s amazing to me, that everyone pretty much loves or likes gold. To have gold is comforting but to know that God has something inside of us that is 100 percent better than Gold, money can’t buy…Words just can’t express the worth and the appreciation we should have, unfortunately we don’t value it enough. I had a dream many years ago,where the Lord sent a message to me..Concerning a statement I said, I said I don’t want the blessing right away, I want to go through and earn or to deserve the blessing and boy I’ve been in this particular storm for so long, it hasn’t been easy but God has shown me myself, he’s grown me, and he’s definitely been in the storm with me and I definitely believe this year, I and my family is coming out the fire and we didn’t burn because greater is he that is in us, then he that is in the world. Gold burns but God is fire and he can’t burn. As long as we have him and his son Jesus, the fire (the trial, storm,) won’t burn us.

  38. Gold is tired to make it pure and at its purest form you can look at it and see your true reflection i want to shine so that when God look at me he sees Jesus Christ his son that lives in me that allows me to go through and come out more then a conqueror Thank you Lord and thank you Holy Spirit for allowing ne to know its not me but Christ in me the Hope for Glory thank you for this word today God please give the increase in this ministry

  39. In 1 Peter1;7 the part of that scripture that jumped off the page is, “And your faith is worth much more than gold which can be destroyed.” The reason this part is ministering to me so deeply is because, in February my husband of nearly 49 years had headaches which proved to be a malignant brain tumor and cancer was also found in the rest of his body. He went Home to be with the Lord 4 1/2 weeks later. Because of the Gift of Faith Jesus grasped my hand and grasped Greg’s hand during this trial and He is not letting go! Thank you Jesus for always being with me and being my Peace and Strength!♥️
    Please read Isaiah 41:10-13 and Philippians 4:13.

  40. So I believe that this means that my faith has been tested. Have I always been perfect? In my faith no But even if i’m not, I do trust God. I do talk to him and I believe that I am going to be rewarded for continuing to go down the road and not giving up. In the door that God has opened for me.
    I may not always be perfect in that door. But I also know that God is always with me going to everything that I am going through. And I do trust him. He always provides somehow someway I try not to put God in a box..

  41. This is an in time Word! Also full confirmation as I’m coming on the other side of the fire ready to show that I’m pure gold and faith filled God approved and appointed!

  42. This scripture encourages my heart because my Heavenly Father, through Jesus is telling me that He knows my faith and that He sees me and Believes in me! He tells me that my faith in His eyes is Strong. Sometimes I am so hard on myself. I thank Him that His Word lifts my soul and heart! Jesus is my lifeline. I will be encouraged and not be fearful and doubt. I can do all things in Christ Jesus who is my strength! I thank you Jesus for this Word! And for Loving me to life!

  43. What stands out to me the most “ your Faith will be test “ the reason that stands out to me, I’m in the testing of my faith right now. I’m being tried in the fire. But I declare and decree in the name of Jesus, I will come through like pure refined, Gold.

  44. The reason our trials are so important to our faith is because they show us that our faith in God who is love , is really active and working! When we go through something afflicting and terrible yet we have hope because we have faith in the love of God for us to overcome it and work it out , we walk differently. We make other choices, we heal, we learn ! We become who God meant us to be. Our authentic selves one with christ as he designed. We no longer live trapped in a flesh body, but able to guide this body and it’s whims. We drive it free and when we become love we share it with all.
    Without our suffering and trial we wouldn’t have the challenge it takes to gain freedom. Many are afraid of trials because they’re afraid of losing control but when you think this body and it’s whims are life, you actually lose your REAL life. Trials wake you up about needing something greater than this body and it’s wants. You need to be free. It is for freedom christ set us free. You need to be free and faithful to love like Jesus does ! A trial will indeed make you thankful for what gold you have become when you have no choice but to exercise that faith. It feels outside of yourself but soon you will learn the kingdom of God is at HAND, so close. Inside of you . Trials expose the gold while light within and the stubble that needs tossed at the same time.

  45. And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed. This stands out to me in this season of my life because I’ve been tried in my finances for a very long time and I have been standing on faith. That no matter what happens and how many times I fail He sees me and my faith. I hold on to that wholeheartedly!

  46. I’ve been struggling with mental health for years now. This year was very tough at the beginning, but GOD!!! He has proved to be my healer! By Faith I have and still believe that God is healing and restoring my mind to full health!! The battle has been very real. Thank you Father for this ministry and thank you again for confirming that you are with me and you know what I’m going through. I love you Father God in Jesus name AMEN 🙌🏻❤️

  47. This passage reminds me that the Lord honors our faith. We will go through fiery test that will prove our trust in God but with that faith we will not be destroyed. Therefore, let us/we can give the Lord Praise, Honor and Glory as we run our race until the day Jesus comes. Never let our circumstances hinder our faith or thanksgiving to the Lord. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽♥️📖🙌🏽

  48. Every time we go through a struggle we should always know that because of who God is, we will always make it through to the other side of the circumstance. We have been hand selected for a team who’s only destiny is winning. As we wait, we should watch and ask the Father what He’s teaching us in every situation. That’s how you obtain the keys you need, so you can, through the leading and power of the Holy Spirit, unlock others.

  49. I thank God for his word to remind me that yes my faith will be tested and that because my faith is in him I will get through to testify of what God promise in his word when I have faith and believe knowing that it want always be trials it end Glory have This

  50. The riches, relationships, titles of this earth realm can be taken away at any moment, but my faith in The Father is unmovable. My rich faith, my title of “His daughter”, and my relationship with Him cannot be shaken by anything or anyone in this world. I stand fervently and firmly on His Word and He shall reward my faithfulness.

  51. What stands out to me is the fire that our faith is tested by. It means that as Christians we may go through trials and tribulations but they only make our faith stronger and more
    e durable; completely indestructible.

  52. “And these trials will prove that your faith is worth much more than gold that can be destroyed”
    I feel like the trials that we go through can keep us close to God bc we talk with Him, asking questions &, ultimately, praying more often in a more sincere manner ❤️🙏🕊

  53. My Faith is like gold, but my faith will be tested to see how or what am I learning will I pass the test or fail if I withstand the Faith test I will be given praise and honor and glory. Thank You Lord Jesus Amen

  54. What stands out to me is that faith and gold are tested in fire however gold will perish. I am thinking that is why the just will live by faith.

  55. Through all trials and tribulations our faith is tested but we have to stand and be strong even as we go through the fire allowing us to receive praise and glory from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  56. What stands out to me is that gold is seen a something very precious and valuable but so is our faith. Faith and gold are tested but one will remain while the other can be destroyed. The Father is looking for our faith to be more durable than gold and long lasting. For in the end we will be rewarded.

  57. What I see in this scripture is that God allows all kinds of trials to happen to us to test & strengthen our faith. Just as gold is refined by fire 🔥 so is our faith refined ( purified) by trials. Because of our hope of eternal life we are able to rejoice in these trials..
    You can’t have testimony until you been tested!🙌🙌🙌🙏

  58. Our faith is tested everyday. For me my faith is being tested now more than ever! Through friends, family, and work. I know it’s only because I am in pursuit of God!

  59. The intensity of what I went through.
    That is a powerful statement to me , for I was in a tragic accident and I suffered intense pain beyond human comprehension, I did not understand at the time how I was even coherent to observe the goodness of God . It was by His power His strength that raised me up from the death bed .He promised to strengthen my frame He promised I would dance again . He made this promise when I could barely move my head or lift my own hand to feed myself . It looked impossible doctors already signed off on me and was giving me many pills with the thing I was delivered from . But God He strengthened my frame I stand straight and I drive and I feed myself . It was all God.
    The purifying came when I lost everything, my daughters misunderstood me and my own past mistakes they ran far away from I lost them too . I lost my husband to corruption and captivity everyone around me treated me like a bad stench in their nostrils . I was hated by all . Then Jesus came to me and said be exceedingly glad for they hated him too without cause
    God delivered me up out of all the trouble that the destroyer attacked and left me with .
    My husband is a free man thanks to God he is living a new life by the leading of the Holy Spirit .
    My daughters are one day at a time returning to me their mom.
    God is blessing me with a full reward He said
    And I patiently wait for it because now I know He is not a man that lies
    He will do as He promised
    He will do exceedingly abundantly above all that I dare to ask or think or even hope for .

  60. 1 Peter 1:7
    Good morning sister’s. I just found this app. And have been reading the devotional’s every morning for 3 days now and I’m going to be all in completely. Saturate myself in God’s word, completely. Thank you for this every day.
    So for the scripture:
    I took it as while I live in this world I know that having gold is like having nothing it will burn in fire just like every other material item man makes. Jesus Christ He is the one who will put flames on everything we cherish ,only His name will withstand forever.
    I sometimes day dream about when the earth will be made new and I know my tiny brain can’t even think up how beautiful it will be. But I can’t help but dream.
    Everything will burn up in the fire even my flesh, so I walk and stay close with God,

    1. ❤️ I was just going to leave a heart but it wouldn’t send because the comment was to short. 😊

  61. Yesterday I couldn’t grasp what to say but it’s occurred to me that “they will show…”refers to the trials I’ve been through and each time I’m trusting in Him and praying for His guidance.

  62. Thought 1. Faith, like Gold is refined & authenticated though fire. It is also a choice attribute/metal under constant threat of acquisition,destruction, & misappropriation (think Africa)

    Thought 2. Wow, this trial part is a bit much, when does it end. 🤷🏿‍♀️💜🙏🏽

  63. You should keep your faith no matter what you go through and in the end the reward is great! 💕✝️🙏🏼

  64. Gold can be dissolved but never destroyed. This scripture meant a lot to me today because it encourages me to believe what God says and believes about me. This past two years I have been tested with unimaginable things and to know that God believes that my faith is like Gold and will not be destroyed, that he calls my tested faith faithful when He is the steadfast and faithful Father is mindblowing. I am forever grateful for Gods love ❤️

  65. I cannot lie, my faith was so close to being destroyed after the past couple of years. But about 6 months ago I started reading a daily devotional which has slowly brought back more faith and a stronger relationship with the Lord. I feel off and became a lukewarm Christian and then probably somewhat of a cold Christian. I know find myself condemning or questioning things I though was ok just a couple of years ago. I know I will eventually get back to a better and stronger relationship with Christ!

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