Stay away from pornography, woman of God!

“Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance; but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy” 1 Peter 1:13-16, NKJV.

One day while sitting on my sofa, a thought entered my mind to watch an online sex video. So I grabbed my phone and watched one video. By the time I watched a second one I realized the enemy was trying to lure me into an addiction to pornography. I put the phone down.

In the Christian world, we don’t usually hear anything being taught or discussed regarding pornography and women. It’s seen as something only men struggle with. But truth be told, there is an increasing number of women who watch online pornography and many are in the church. The enemy whispers in our ears, “You’re lonely. You need this. Go ahead and watch. It’s ok.” What he doesn’t tell us is how it distorts our view of sex and intimacy, how it destroys our marriages, how it programs our mind with graphic sexual images, and the list goes on. Addiction to pornography is a dangerous road that we do not want to go down. The Bible encourages us to gird up the loins of our mind, to be sober, and to not conform to the former lusts that we used to walk in when we were ignorant and didn’t know God. The Lord tells us to be holy, for He is holy.

When I realized what the enemy was trying to do in me, I began to pray to God. I had to remember that God is holy and He wanted me to be holy. I had to remember that no sin is worth losing the love and respect of my husband and children over. No addiction is worth losing my marriage over. It was then that I made a quality decision to not go down that road of addiction. It was then that I decided to open up to my husband about everything I had been feeling, thinking and entertaining and not keep it to myself.

We become wiser the moment we realize how our decisions impact those around us. Stay away from pornography, woman of God! It’s not worth losing your life over.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for ministering your truth to my heart. I receive your correction. I ask that you forgive me of all sin and break the power of any sexual sin off of my life. Purify me and cleanse me. I cast down every evil imagination and I take every thought captive. You are my Lord and if you say, “No” I can’t watch it, the answer is “No”! So I say “No” to all sexual sin! I say “No” to pornography today, tomorrow and the next day and so on, until the enemy understands I’m not going that way. Thank you Lord for empowering me to live holy and in a way that pleases you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read 2 Corinthians 10:5; James 4:7; James 5:16; 1 Corinthians 6:18; Mark 9:47)

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24 thoughts on “Stay away from pornography, woman of God!”

    1. This is how I know God is real, i was just watching extreme crazy porn last night! Have been since highschool, and it only gets worse. You grow immune to it after awhile, but i know and feel at times its still dirty and sinful,, guess this is the big sign to stop. Finally, someone pays attention to this issue.

  1. Thank you for taking a stance. I am so tired of everyone acting like men are the only ones susceptible to the lust of the flesh in this way. I know so many women to ashamed to say they fantasize even during the precious time spent with their husbands because they have been told women of God do not have these issues. So they feel far from God and unlovable, and they just stay there. Rise up sisters, speak up!
    Thank you Father for opening this door. We need to talk about it! Thank you Father for this avenue to take the power back from the enemy! Thank you Father You are our strength!

    1. Amen, nope it’s not just men! It was once me and I did it while being saved and in the church but God!! The chains are broken because I opened my mouth and shared what I was going through!

  2. Thank you Lord for sustaining me and renewing my mind. Keep my mind that I live holy because you are holy.

  3. Thank you Lord for your word. I pray that you would forgave us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness in Jesus name amen. Thank you Lord for caring and loving us so much. We love you Lord.

  4. To God be the glory for your obedience in writing this devotional. I can boldly say that I’ve been delivered from this terrible addiction and no it’s definitely not worth losing anyone or anything over. However, the enemy will do his best to trick, lie, and have you to justify that it’s ok! He will even tell you that God wasn’t specific about it in his word. But thank God for his Holy Spirit that convicted me and I no longer walk in darkness to this lie anymore! So to any of my sisters if this is something that you’re struggling with please don’t suffer in silence reach out to someone, Don’t allow the enemy to keep you in bondange any longer because the word of God says who the Son set free is free in deed. Walk in your freedom, thanks DOK God bless and keep each of you!!!!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful devotion. Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding me keeping my mind on Jesus, when I want to do something that I know is wrong. Because I’m a widower, Satan bombard my mi d with sexual desires. I thank God I have the mind of Christ, my mind is covered by the blood of Jesus.I only think on those things that are honest,just,pure,lovable,kind, winsome and gracious..God bless all if my sister’s in Christ.Love you DOTK!

    1. I was once married to a man who was addicted so bad he convinced me to become like those horrible videos. I became a home wrecker and then lost my only child because of my sin I think. Think before you act and realize sin has consequences. I’m now remarried to a handpicked man God sent me. Praise be to God for delivery out of my first marriage. He’s such a loving Father.

  6. Thank you God for the devotion to teach women that it’s not only men’s.May God continue to bless this ministry Dotk family ministry love y’all

  7. Thank you God for this word. I’ve watched sex on my phone a couple of times. Thank God I didn’t continue doing it because it was wrong, since then I have Not done and will Not do it again. The enemy is very busy, Directv called me to give me free HBO and CINEMAX for three months, I agreed and accepted it then she added you can also get PLAYBOY free for three months. I didn’t hesitate I said No Thank, I felt so good because I didn’t give in to the enemy. HALLELUJAH, I now GOD is proud of me, I feel it in my heart. Thank you God In Jesus Name Amen 💜💚💖❤💛

  8. I never even thought about porn being an issue for women, thank God for Jesus. May the Lord deliver us all from our sexual demons.
    I am also praying for my own deliverance from masturbation, also in the family of sexuaI sin, just because I don’t need any outside stimulation doesn’t make my sin any better, probably worse(vain iimagination,fantasies etc)so DOTK family please pray for us daughters that have this battle going on in our lives too, for it is a real battle when you’re single and trying to live a holy life.
    Thank you for being a part of my devotional period to God each morn.

    1. I also struggle with masturbation. I feel so guilty after. I have also watched porn and felt like a fake. Lord holiness undivided obedience Yah. Please kill our flesh, Holy Spirit live in us.

  9. Good Moring Daughters Of The Most High King. Well for me i has always thought of may 1Day haveing the opertuority to go see a mens strip club Thank God I NEVER did get that chance but one day I did stumable across something on TV where the Men were danceing in there underware the Ladys was in the ordence puting money in their underwear. Well at that time i had been in Church for about 5 to 7yrs. I was petty meture in the things of God But my frist husband and i had been sepperated for about 20yrs. and thoughts of sex would cross my mind about that time a old married friend of mine came to me said he was haveing proablems. NO I didn’t induage or take advantage BUT i was Tempted cause we also talked about how we enjoyed the sex we had in the pass before we leaned better.But I encourged him to go to his wife and do everything he could do to make it work with his wife he did they bounded back togather even stronger then before. But it still took me a few yrs. to Renew my mine cause I still mass up a few times VERY FEW after that but I was Deturnmand to get it right DO it Gods Way and wait on my Godly Given Huband that God got for ME I’m still waiting true But i don’t allow my mine to stay set on sex I stay busy and keep my mine on the word and in the word of God it has been 3 & 1/2yrs. So Ladys it CAN BE DONE WE CAN DO IT WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THOUGH CHRIST.So Have a Blessed Day

  10. Father thank you for allowing this word to be shared, for father you know how long I dealt with this situation from childhood, thank you that you have cleansed me and delivered me. I pray Father that you will use me to share my testimony of how you pulled me out of darkness and the snare of pornography, sexual immorality, and sexual fantasy.Thank you that you make all things new….how you desire we be healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually. Thank you for turning the distortion, twistedness, and perversion of the enemies lies about love into a good, healthy balance. In Jesus name, I give you all glory, honor and praise. Amen.

  11. Thank-you father that you make us more then concurers oh it’s awesome to be victorious in Jesus name you take our sinful lustful bodies and cleanse us as white as snow I love you Jesus amen

  12. I got divorced because of this.. Except it wasn’t my addiction it was my husband’s first then he tried to force it to be mine. He tried to convince me for over 30yrs watching porn was normal and healthy for a married couple. I fell for that to please him at times but every time I fell, it damaged my spirit and my feelings for him I felt sinful and dirty so it eventually hurt my relationship with God. Pornography became my ex-husband’s mistress and my worst enemy. Then after I divorced that evilness stayed in my mind for a really long time. Today I have no desire to be with a man because I don’t remember what it feels like to be loved properly. This all stemmed from getting involved with porn. This is a good message for all of us, the growth of these seeds are evil for those who are close to the addict. It’s like the ripples of a fallen tree.

  13. Sometimes is best not to open closed doors. Calling things.out also gives that thing life. I Decree and Declare that any woman dealing with the addiction or.curiosity of pornography that it be BINDED IN THE ALMIGHTY NAME OF JESUS PERMANENTLY.

  14. Thanks be to God that my local Celebrate Recovery has a small group for those of us who struggle with sexual sin. Lately I’ve been very disillusioned in my marriage. I recently told my husband I didn’t get married to have a legitimate sexual partner, wherein in fact I did. I had fallen prey to an emotional affair due to my husband’s absence while back sliden in his drug addiction. This affair eventually led to a few sexual encounters. I repented and a year later exposed my sin to my husband. As I struggle now it is by the grace of God that I don’t go down that path again. I have been tempted to Chat but I know where that leads…my heart is still healing from a series of events over the past two years so please keep me in your prayers…

  15. Amen and Amen❗ 🙌👏Glory be to God💯 Thank you Dotk💌💓 Im standing in the Gap🙏🙏🙏Shine on❗👑🌞 🌷🌸💐🌹🌺

  16. I am just reading this devotional and last night a woman at our church was teaching about holiness. She mentioned pornography and masturbation as her past struggles. I really appreciated hearing from another woman of God since they are struggles of mine. I feel like at this point it is an addiction. Although I dont do either every day or every week i always seem to go back to it. Can someone tell me the things they did to get free. I am single. I have been a Christian for 15 years. I know the Lord has the power to set me free. I once thought it was impossible to refrain from premarital sex but God has helped me and been faithful and i have abstained for almost two years now. It feels good to have clean hands and a pure heart. I have fallen back into the sin and comfort of pornography and masturbation and would like to be free. I know other women who struggle with this. I want to experience complete freedom from this so I can share Jesus’ freedom with other women struggling in this area. Thank you for sharing. This was definitely needed.

  17. Hmmmm…Great messsage! Pornography can also be an attachment with masturbation. Another terrible way the devil destroys Christians. I have been a victim for 8years, with the thought that i am not a fornicator ( the devil’s lies). The church needs to talk strictly on this issue, its either they talk about it stylishly or they don’t! I know christ has redeemed me!

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