The old is gone. Behold, ALL things are made new!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

When life happens, it looks different for everyone. Sometimes we fight so hard to get back to the things of before. I had no idea I would ever be trafficked. And I realized I keep trying to go back to who I was before. Funny Ashley, caring Ashley, no complex trauma Ashley, and no survival mode Ashley. The thing is, 2 Corinthians 5:17 states the old is GONE, BEHOLD ALL things are made new. New creation in Christ doesn’t mean the “new you” that you were before the life damage that was thrown at you.

God is consistently in the restoration business. He set the highest form of this example through Jesus Christ. Did Jesus go back to who He was before He died for us? No, He became an eternity of love for us to be saved through, though He always was, is, I AM, you get the point. We’re a new creation in God because of His glory and grace. This new light is even brighter than before our “old new self” to guide the way for more than we did before. I can’t go back to who I was before Trafficking. But why would I want to, when I’ve overcome what most couldn’t, and now my testimony in Him, my gifts for this race in Him, will help even more to know Him.

The enemy will fool you into thinking you must return to where you came from. Because he knows the God-given power before doesn’t compare to the one God has restored within your new self today.

Prayer: Lord, we thank you for always meeting us where we are. Thank you for constantly reminding us who you are and whose we are. Thank you for the light that is consistently renewed in your grace to help us bring others with us to win this race. Nothing is impossible with you, Jesus. ALL things are made new through the eternity of your love on the cross. We rebuke anything that’s not of you, God, that would have us believe otherwise. I can’t wait to see you face to face one day, papa.

By Ashley Renee, DOTK Community Writer

14 thoughts on “The old is gone. Behold, ALL things are made new!”

    1. Thank you for sharing. Your devotional means more to me than you could ever imagine. 😭😭😭God bless you!! 🙏🏻Thank you Ashley ❤️

  1. Thank you Ashley for this devotion and for being so transparent. God bless you. Hope to here your entire testimony someday.
    Trafficking is one of my heart beats.

  2. Father, yes the old is gone, and ALL things are made new! In The Name of Jesus!!! Yes, to a new and BETTER RELATIONSHIP with You! Yes, to a new and better way to SEE You!!! Yes, to a new and better to RECEIVE You!!! Yes, a new MIND!!! Father, ALL things are being made new in me concerning YOU, how my inner man is being strengthen to be MORE LIKE THEE!!! Pulling off the old and Putting on the new. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.🛐🛐🛐❤️❤️❤️

    By Ashley Renee, DOTK Community Writer – God Bless 🙏💞🌸

  3. Wow. Thank you child of God. This is so spirit attaching. I am ok with remembering the best of who I used to be, but the worst had me trapped. Until He showed me I must LET Him, Me, and You be loved through ME, HIS WAY!!! ALL means just that. I honored the good in Me, but refused to acknowledge the bad. The enemy did not want Me to meet Me. I love Jesus.
    Scripture says, love others, as you love yourself. Didn’t realize I wasn’t loving ALL of Me, till He showed me what love is AND how to apply it to Him, myself, and you. So breathtaking refreshing. Go to the soul of yourselves Sisters. FACE THE MIRROR!!! It will KEEP you. He abides there!!! Continued abundant blessings!!!

  4. That was an awesome word this morning , to forget the former things and more into the new things God has for us. Behold I am the new creation through Christ Jesus. I dont want to turn back and lose my place in God and who he called me to be in this life. Thank you for reminding me of who and whom I belong to, and why I am walking this this life here on earth.

  5. I would pray to be the old me. The me that was happy, innocent and driven.
    That didn’t go through the hurt and abuse and allowed people to take advantage of me, the depression and lost feelings and feeling stuck mentally that spread to my health and caused stress and illness in my body, The not learning to say no and putting myself last and others first. That looked for the good in everyone and was easily manipulated.
    I would pray to bypass all those traumas and be the person I was before so I wouldn’t feel so damaged…but I guess those were my cross to bare that make me the woman I am today. I’ve been through a lot which gives me my own testimony, but Lord please help me to embrace you even more Lord and the new me. Thank you for your grace and mercy and let your light shine even brighter in me for me and those around me I pray in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Yes my LORD Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dot-K Ministries Glory to GOD.” Timely message indeed. LOVE and GOD Bless You all Aloha Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤

  7. It’s funny that I posted just the other day “RIP to the girl you used to know.”

    I had family reaching out to me confused on what that meant but I know that Christ has made me knew and old things has passed away. At first I felt bad for posting that statement but I had to quickly realized who I am and whose I am. It’s not me it’s them.

    Thank you Lord for making me new some will understand and some will not. Do not argue with me take it up to the Lord. Respectfully

  8. Yes, the Lord makes all things new. I receive this timely encouraging devotional. I am so thankful that the Lord has brought you out of the situation the devil put you in. We serve a Powerful Mighty God who does all things well. I am encouraged my testimony will not fail or be denied. Thank you. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽❤️📖🙏🙌🏽

  9. Beautifully stated! I sometimes wish I could go back, but I had no wisdom and wasn’t saved. But, every rose has its thorn. You just have to take both the Joy and the pain.

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