The secret to a long and blessed life.

“Honor your father and mother” (which is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may have a long life on the earth” Ephesians 6:2-3, Berean Study Bible.

The secret to a long and blessed life, full of favor and open doors, is to treat your mother and father right. No matter what they did or didn’t do, honor them, and God will honor you.

Prayer: Father God, I pray that you bless my mother and father with health, strength, provision, and to come into a saving knowledge of you. I pray that you will turn their lives around and make their latter days greater than their former. Protect them, Lord, from all harm. Bless my mother and father to receive your wisdom and your help. Strengthen the angels you assigned to them at birth to do battle for them. I receive your help to forgive them for every wrong choice they made that caused me harm. I receive your help to forgive them of their wrong, just as you forgive me for mine. I receive your help to be kind, respectful, and compassionate towards them. Give me wisdom as a daughter and let nothing stop me from shining your warm light towards them. I trust as I honor them, Father, you will honor me because you are good, and you are faithful to your promises. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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    My Mother & Father are both resting above me and are my guardians Angels ✨😇😍

    Great Parents😍‼️

    I LOOK 👀 UP KNOWING they’re with the MOST HIGH ‼️
    Over my Head. ✨😊
    Bless you Sister😊♥️

  2. Amen Thank you Father God as I was read the devotional tears drop from my eye’s my mother that I miss so much that shining her beautiful heart on us all from heaven honor your mother and father because the life that they share with you will ever leave your side it will carry on forever my mother left beautiful memories I thank God for share her over the 73 years of life my parents give us much love they give us life and Thank God for my mother and father respect always. ❤🙏🏽❤Thank you Sis Kesha God bless you 💓

  3. My King & Queen made their transitionso in 1996 & 2000. I miss them everyday. So much happened in their marriage, yet I was the product of their union. I tried to be that perfect daughter, but fell short in so many ways and levels; however, GOD’S forgiveness was blessing me with two phenomenal, precious, and loving gifts…my beautiful daughters! They’re 24 & 22; and FATHER GOD, guided me in raising them, to be awesome young women of GOD and amazing daughters. I’m soooooo blessed! 🙌❤🤎🤗
    Thank you YESHUA!!!🙏🏿


  5. THANK YOU LORD for the Mother and Father that You sent into my life to Raise, Nourish and Protect me.
    I Pray that they both are continuously resting in Your arms.
    I Am most Grateful❣️

  6. Awesome! Every day I wish I had my Mom and Dad here. I still hear my Dad tell me that I was a good daughter! I Loved them and I honored them. So please love you on your parents. They are not perfect and neither or you. Thank You so much! God bless you!💙❤️

  7. I come in agreement with so many comments that have been written. My mother died when I was a teenage, my dad and I have a strained relationship. I still send cards and call him.

    I know that even if my mother and dad forsake me, when they were not there for me the Lord had me and never left me. I didn’t know this when I was growing up but I know it now.

    I forgive them as I know. the Lord has forgiven me. For His Glory.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  8. Thank you so much , I am struggling with these issues and I have held them so deep inside and I have stuffed it for so long and it is making me bitter inside and I feel that because I am holding on to these things, feelings, resentments and pain that it is blocking me from the Spirit . Thank you for this prayer , God Bless you

  9. Yes my LORD in JESUS NAME AMEN Hallelujah,❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤

  10. Thank you for this reminder. My parents didn’t have much finances when I was growing up, but I believe they did the best they could. I was raised in the ways of the LORD and I’m thankful that they adhered to the word that says “train up the child in the way he should go…” I’m also thankful that both my parents are still alive. GOD has blessed me immensely that I am now in a position to honor them not just in word, but in deeds. I pray that GOD would strengthen them and keep them safe. I pray that He will touch their hearts, and they will come to the full knowledge of Him as Lord and Savior. I declare their eyes will see the salvation of the LORD and behold the manifestation of all GOD’s promises in my life. Thank you Jesus for already going before me and making every crooked path straight. 🙌🙏💯✝

  11. I live and miss my parents everyday. They went Home to our Heavenly Father in 2011 and 2019. My father the day before father’s day and my mother on st. Patrick’s Day.
    I was a terrible daughter. But I know in my heart that they forgave me before they past.
    Those of you who are still fortunate to have your parents here, love them and give them the outmost respect for the life they gave you. Also to those who were not raised by parents., honor those who did being you up
    Love and blessings to my sisters in Christ. AMEN.

  12. I love my mum so much, may Father God forgive us for tearing at each other at times, I hates it, but my mum treats me so different

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