To my sisters…

My sisters, a quick share of my heart regarding close “intimate” friendships with my DOTK Family. God has blessed me with a sisterhood like no other who I love dearly and care fiercely for, as I know you all feel the same for me. However, I can not be too closely involved with any of you. I realize some see me as your best friend in your head and some have even reached out wanting to develop a close friendship. As much as I am deeply grateful that many of you think so much of me to desire to be my buddy, the truth is, I’m your sister in Christ solely. I’m graced by God to minister, advise, impart, and encourage growth in every aspect of life. That’s all. Just as doctors don’t get involved with their patients. Lawyers don’t get involved with their clients. This daughter of the King is following suit. Now, I can’t tell you how to view me in your mind, Lol, but God has instructed me to maintain a certain ministry professionalism with all of my DOTK family and that’s what I’m going to do. I love you all dearly! Alright, back to work…❤️❤️❤️

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  1. That was perfectly said! I am praying that God help me to use my words with wisdom, and pleasantly like this! And is one of His perfect examples! Thank you Sister for allowing God to use you in many ways as possible!! Take Care!!

  2. Hi Kesha, I am very grateful to God for your Ministry!🌺 My name is Sônia Mara, I am from Salvador – Bahia – Brazil, and I am writing to you, so that you can understand the reach of your Ministry!!!May the Lord Jesus continue strengthening you so that more and more souls are reached through DOTK!!!,

    1. You,ve spoken truth and wisdom. I’ve learned this myself in ministry. I have a huge heart and am very accepting and welcoming. However, I’ve made mistakes in letting to many people be close to me, and learned the wisdom and truth your speaking through experience. I don’t think everyone has it “in their mind” that your their best friend, so I would phrase it heart and spirit connections as you are blessing many hearts and spirits. Thank you for letting God use you.

  3. Nowadays with social media followers have a parasocial relationship with someone who they see much detail about. But the person they follow doesn’t know hardly anything about their followers. Often followers want even more info or imagine they are closer than they are to the celeb, because they see a lot of content from the person they follow. Its hard for celebrities or influencers to cope with this. They already give so much of their personal life to followers as it is their job. So in conclusion i wholeheartedly agree with this blog post and well said! Wishing you much blessing from God and thank you for your selfless, consistent tenacious determined ministry, keeping going despite innumerable obstacles and pressures that we know nothing about.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, that is why I said, “not every one” may see her in their mind as a best friend because I am sure some do. Hence, the need for the post. I sent her a couple of emails without the expectation that she would reply because of professional boundaries. I definitely did not have it in my mind that she was a best friend. One was in response to an email that she sent me and likely others who submitted writings to possibly get a chance at the time to be a DOTK writer before she posted the link where anyone could submit. The other I think was to express appreciation for her ministry and my desire to donate. I understand that boundaries must be set, and that is what she should and is doing. I also understand the why as well as that people in ministry go through things that no one knows about. That is why we should intercede for those leading the ministries we follow.

      1. Some may think, why can’t you respond to an email in response to someone showing gratitude? Because some will see that in their mind as an invitation to send more emails to try to establish an intimate relationship. She has and does publicly show appreciation for all of us as she did today. Any wise and mature person would understand and not take offense to her post. Some deal with rejection issues and may have taken it personally. Please don’t.

  4. Thank You Lord that Kesha understands that she could very well be overwhelmed with trying to keep others happy. Thank You Lord that she has Your Wisdom. She knows that as she follows You, she is doing everything that You want her to do.
    Thank You Kesha for being used by God in order to be a blessing to other women!

    In Christ’s Love,
    Donna J. Davis

  5. Thank you Sister Kesha, I appreciate your honesty, advice, and encouragement!!! This message is with the understanding of why you have to keep a professional relationship and a Sister-In-Christ. The Lord by His Holy Spirit leads and guides us in the way we should go. This is how none can get hurt or expect too much or having to put more on you.
    Thank you again,


  6. You sound stuck up like you think more highly of yourself than is right
    It’s ok to be careful,but it’s not ok to act like you are a movie star in gods eyes we are all the same.

    1. I think some things at the end could have been worded better. But you must understand that you have no idea what she may be receiving from people and what people may be expecting of her. She is a human being with feelings and emotions. Some may have sent her things or said things that we don’t know about and they honestly may have needed that level of directness. Jesus was extremely loving, but at times He had to be direct with people in a way that they got the message. Sister Kesha is far from stuck up. She exudes love, and I a believe the way she loves has caused her pain and such experiences has taught her to guard her heart because out of it are the issues of life. Again, no wise person is trying to be tight, tight and buddy, buddy with everyone. That is dangerous. I know; I learned it through experience. Even with good genuine people you have to be led by Holyspirit who you allow into your circle. Your very life, purpose and destiny depends on it.

  7. Amen, I thank God for your words of wisdom and the love that you have for your people continue to walk in obedience and thank you so much for sharing.

  8. my Grandfather once told me, ” You only need 3 friends in life ,Choose wisely ”
    …. you are my “sister friend” even tho I never get to see you, I am blessed God put you ” in my life ” … obviously for much needed direction & counseling! LOL
    I love you and adore you sister-friend … keep leading the way !!
    ~ Shelly

  9. Amen! Sister Keisha, You’re a blessed and beloved sister to so many of us; we’re better women for your ministry. Thank you for your example, even in this, of obeying the LORD. May he continue taking you deeper in his love. In the spirit of the fear of the LORD, in faith and in wisdom. Thank you for your faithfulness!

  10. Thank you for keeping it professional. That is what God wants. That is the way it should be. Focus on listening to the Holy Spirit, to God. Do His chosen work for you. You have no idea how many women are being reached and helped by your God given ministry. Many blessings sister.

  11. Bless you very well put … you are my sister at heart weather near or far you bless me each day by your encouraging words of love and wisdom and who you are to all of us thank you for sharing you with us Dotk sisters Bless you❤️

  12. Grateful for your ministry. I’ve been following for years. Continue to let God’s wisdom guide you.
    Much luv and blessings always! 🙏🙏

  13. Good morning
    Whew chile, sorry you had to put this out there,you’d think we would know better, I hope addressing the issue helps.
    God bless

  14. I imagine this had to be said / and put out there in obedience to God and no one else. Uncomfortable as it may have felt. But Sis, I also think some words towards the end may have been worded better – one , two or three of your readers MAY percieve it maybe not as outright rejection but as ‘being pushed a little farther out’. The enemy is a tricky fellow and capitalises on word and mind.

    I pray God enables you each waking moment as you obey this sensitive Call .

    From Nigeria.

  15. Kesha, my sister in Christ,
    I totally understand your words spoken in love and I pray that they fall on open hearts and that no one gets offended and hurt. Sisters keep your understanding ears and hearts open our sister in Christ is following the will of our Father.
    Be blessed and loved

  16. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you my sister yessssss ! I understand your position 😊 I’m just so greatful that the Lord bought me to this ministry to speak to and help me in my journey with him. And he couldn’t have chosen a better vessel 😁 If I was allowed to have a friend in my at time I definitely want one as such as your self my friend 🙂 for friends just don’t know how blessed and favored they to have a friend like you ! And maybe they do 😌🤗👣👑💃🦅🌹

  17. So eloquently spoken. Thank you for being obedient to the voice of God and speaking your truth, as you always do. We love you Sister Keisha!!! God has truly allowed you to bless us!! You are indeed our sister in Christ and bestie in our hearts. Lol.🤭 You are called to be our spiritual leader on this journey. God has anointed you for we DOTK sisters for a purpose and a time such as this. Through the grace of God, your reach is profound, your heart is pure and the joy of the Lord lies within you!! This is how we know what we know… You are truly called by the Lord Jesus Christ to encourage, uplift, heal, transform, minister to, give the love of God to… To spread the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ to the masses. The light of the Father shines deeply within. With all of this power within, it is truly understandable that you are being ‘courted’ for personal sister friendships. 🥰 I am grateful for your illumination, your prayers, your love, your leadership and your sacrifice. Thank you Lord for Sister Keisha and her wonderful family who stands with her. With the sincerest love of Christ, God bless you always!

    1. Thank you my sister! Thank you. Your words touched my heart in a way only God can. Praying God continues to do as you mentioned here. Love and blessings. ❤️❤️❤️

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