8 thoughts on “#TodaysSpiritualBoost”

  1. Thank you Lord! I want my family and friends to encounter and know you as I have! I understand that we are at different phases in this race called life and we will transition in our own time!

  2. Amen.. Thank You Lord for this message. It was for me. I have to understand people are still growing in God and I have to be patient and to continue to trust you.

  3. Yes my LORD Thank YOU.” Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dot-K Ministries Glory to GOD.” LOVE and GOD Bless You all Aloha Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi ❀⚘❀⚘❀⚘❀⚘❀⚘❀⚘❀⚘

  4. Good morning sisters! What a lovely way to start the morning.

    Thank you sis for the reminder it’s okay and it does take timeπŸ˜‡β€

    Have a wonderful day all!

  5. Amen! The Word tells us to wait on teaching, and our ministry. We have to be resilient as well not taking things personal. We have to wait for The Lord to order our steps as we commit our ways to Him, and He will establish them. Yes, I’m still learning and still moving at God’s pace because I can’t rush Him. Then knowing patience works experience and experience, hope. I hope in The Father as He strengthens me daily.

    Thank you for this devotional that keeps us grounded, knowing we can’t anything with out The Lord. πŸ™βœοΈπŸ›πŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ™

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