Together, we decry violence and call for gun control!

The Daughters of the King Daily Devotional readers represents a global community of women from all walks of life. We are mothers, caregivers, teachers, and professionals. While our hearts are broken for the Uvalde community, and our deepest prayers are with the families who are grieving, together we want to create one united voice towards ending gun violence in our country. We want to see the implementation of laws and legislation that will make our schools a safe place for our children. Signing this petition is a step in that direction.

My sisters, when the mass shooting took place on yesterday in Texas, more than just praying, I asked God what can we do. Hence, the petition. If you don’t think we need safer schools, then don’t sign it. If you don’t think we need some form of gun control in this country, don’t sign it. Simple as that. As a Body of Believers, we are not going to agree on everything, but I’m so thankful there’s one thing we do agree on, and that is Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father, and this world desperately needs Him!

Kesha Trippett, DOTK Founder

To sign the petition, click here: