Tried and Proven

“The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.” Psalms 34:22

What does it mean to trust God? It means to place your entire well-being into His hands. It also means you trust in His love for you, and the promises He’s made to you. One way He teaches us how to trust in Him is by using older saints to share their stories of how they made it through various challenges.

I once met an older woman who said all throughout her Bible she had written “tried and proven.” These words were written next to the scriptures she had stood on in faith and God had proven Himself to be faithful in her life. I believe if we had more women like her sharing their faith, their experiences and teaching younger women to trust in God, we wouldn’t see so many lost and confused women in the church today.

Because there is no passing down of wisdom and no impartations of faith from older saints, women give up on life at the slightest attack from the devil. The smallest amount of persecution or pressure causes many of us to want to quit. I believe it’s because we don’t know how to go through anything. We don’t know how to handle challenges with class. We don’t know how to trust God until He brings us out. We don’t know how to stand on His promises and watch Him come through for us. We don’t know how to walk by faith and not by sight. No one taught us how to hang in there until we see the morning sun, so we die in the middle of the night. We throw in the towel and lose our minds and no longer desire to fight. We desperately need someone to come to our side, rest their hand on our shoulders and say, “Baby, everything is going to be alright. Trust in the Lord. He is faithful, and He will see you through anything.”

My sister, you don’t have to lose your mind. You don’t have to have a nervous breakdown. You don’t have to lose yourself. You can decide right now that you will trust God until He makes a way out of no way for you. Everything is going to be alright. Trust in the Lord. He is faithful, and He will see you through anything.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking to my heart! I choose right now to place my trust in you. Help me stand on your promises until you make a way out of no way for me. Help me Lord to trust in your love for me no matter how things appear. As I place my trust in you, I ask that you strengthen me and be glorified in my life! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. My God! After reading just a few sentences I can just take off running!!!
    This was a conversation I had on yesterday about, not telling our stories🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    I can truly say “tried and proven” more times than I can count. He keeps on keeping me and I’m truly GRATEFUL!!

    Father God, please continue to help me/us stand on your promises.. I am trusting and depending on you. In Jesus name…Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. I needed this word. To hear that all things are possible if we trust and believe. The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. Even though, I am battling breast cancer, I have all the Faith that I will be a survivor in the mist of this pandemic.

    1. I’m praying for you ma! For God has a healing hands..and no matter what reason sometime the answer is No and times we go through all of this to fight the fight…sending much prayers for you!!

  3. This was so spot on! God has been so faithful to me! This year I could write those words on so many pages. Between 1/31/20 and 4/1/20,, I had the following
    My husband went on dialysis and had numerous procedures after his kidnex tqansplant of 25 years wore out. We had been trying to financially prepare for a year but I managed to get our house refinanced and final right before the lock down. We had five more years to pay it off but for the last two years, we have been in court fight for our 9 year old grandson we’ve raised since birth and legal costs now around $15k taxed us. Then there was the moving my work home to telecommute, virtually educating a 4th grader and taking on more home and parenting responsibilities. BUT I CAN SAY finances, health, my sanity and all this in the middle of a pandemic and GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!! Unexpected blessings at almost every turn and our high risk family is COVID free and I am going to share this with younger women because they need to hear it!

  4. What an awesome 👏 God we serve. The devil 👿 is busy but hold unto your faith this too shall pass. God got us if only we believe and trust him. When praises go up the blessings come down 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Yes Lord. I trust You to bring me through every situation by faith. Help me to stay strong as I stand, run and hold on to You through it all. Strengthen me to finish every race and all challenges Give me a breakthrough.

    I am willing to be a solution and speak in the midst of those whom will be encouraged by my testimony. I don’t want what I have experienced be in vain. Let Your Glory prevail in Jesus’ name.

    Thank you Sis. Kesha.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  6. AMEN!! I Trust You, God, with my life. Continue to make a way when there is no way, ànd grow me in Your grace. I am Intentionally Trusting You!
    God bless You ❤️

  7. Thank you O Lord. You are my joy in the morning and my peaceful rest at night. Father God. only you no my Journey and I no without you I I could’ve never made it this far. You have distilled in me the tools all my life to listen to hear and to comfort and I am so grateful that they are coming full circle. in my life
    Never will I allow the negativity to over rule the positivity FATHER you have showed. up and showed out in my life and I hear you. Thank you Thank you Thank you Hallelujah

  8. DEAR LORD, May You continue to give me strength, strength that ONLY YOU can give through these trying times in my life.
    May I learn to stand on Your promises and not only stand, but believe that You will come through for me.
    May You give me the courage to continue to fight and not give up.
    May I live to see life on the other side of this chapter of my life.
    May I live to see the goodness of You the Lord in the land of the living.
    With All dependence on You❣️ Your Daughter

  9. Thank you Father God for all you do for me teaching me your will🙏🏽 I trust you Father God and Jesus name to move forward with you continue to teach me your will God and Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽❤

  10. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” I Trust YOU my LORD” in “JESUS NAME” AMEN Hallelujah ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  11. Jesus, please continue to help me make one painful step at a time. I’m hurting, im grieving, and reality scares me. Losing a loved one hurts too much. Hold me close to you. Amen.

  12. My goodness, sometimes its like you were sent by God to speak specifically to me. I’ve been unwell for so long, sometimes I feel like there’s no way out of this illness but every time I open my devotional there you are with just the scripture that I need for encouragement. God bless you my sister and all daughters of the King.

  13. Lord draw younger women to me so I can tell my story! My story of the faithfulness that you have shown me through loss, through bankruptcy, through jobs ending, through loss of homes, through loss of loved ones, your faithfulness! You’re meeting all of my needs!

  14. Lord my prayer is that You give me the opportunity to tell of the Tried and Proven in my life. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart, wait I say on the Lord.

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