True rest comes from trusting in God.

“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him…” Psalms 37:7

One day while in prayer, God reminded me how He has called us to rest. True rest comes from trusting in God. If I don’t trust how my husband drives, I won’t be able to rest at all when he’s behind the wheel. I will stay awake the entire time. And don’t let his knees start to shake. That means he is sleepy. Oh boy, now I really can’t rest. Some of us are just like that, we know God is behind the wheel, but we are wide awake, freaking out, wondering what He’s doing and where He’s taking us. Because we’re not in control, we’re finding it very hard to rest.

But the Lord told me to tell you, “You can rest in Me, My daughter. Don’t worry. I’m taking you higher in Me. I’m not going to harm you. My love does no harm. I only want to bless you. Give Me those cares and those worries of yours. Let me lift those burdens off of you in My presence. Rest in Me and wait patiently for Me. I am in control of your life. Let Me do what only I can do for you. Let Me make a way out of no way. Let Me do it. Let Me have the wheel while you rest. You’ll be glad you did.”

Prayer: Father, I hear you loud and clear. You are in control, and I need to rest. Help me trust you and rest in you. I thank you for how you love me. Thank you for teaching me how to rest in you while you take me higher. I receive your rest right now in my mind and heart. Help me rest in you and wait patiently for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read and reread Matthew 11:28-30)

16 thoughts on “True rest comes from trusting in God.”

  1. Father God, you are in control of everything in my life. I’m trusting you, Father God, continue to help me.Thank you, God, for waking me up and keeping me in Jesus’ name Amen 🙏🏽 Thank you, Sis Kesha.❤🌻

  2. Father, thank You for helping me to learn how to have true rest in You, Lord. Trusting, You, Father, with all my heart coming to You for everything that is burdening me down. Casting all my cares and concerns on You because You care for me. Father, knowing that I have a “Constant Friend” in You with never leaving me, neither forsaking me. Thank You in advance for how You’re working all things together for my good and Your purpose. For all the glory, honour, and praise goes to You.❤️❤️❤️

    Amen! Amen! And Amen 🙏✝️💕💐💜💕💐💜

  3. I have never commented before; but I felt compelled to today. God has been giving me a vision for several days. We’re walking on a beach. He’s just ahead of me and he’s reaching his hand out to me, encouraging me to take it and walk beside him. See, I keep falling behind because I’m looking at all the ‘stuff’ going on around me and he’s telling me to stop looking at all that ‘stuff’, so I can catch up to him and be closer to him. He wants me to focus solely on him and trust completely in him. As I’m obeying him and shutting out all the other noise more and more, he’s answering my prayers and working miracles for me. I wonder if I was delaying my miracles by focusing on things that have been distracting me. I’m moving closer and closer to him and he’s blessing me more than I could have imagined and I think he’s just getting started. I can’t wait to see where he’s leading me next. Praise God!

    1. Praise God Sister that you finally obeyed and stop focusing on the things around you, because when we do that it will cause a delay in the things that Father wants to bless us with.. I Had to learn from experience myself he told me to find a house for me I had other people with me, he said they could not go the blessing was for me I delayed myself 7 months as soon as they were gone the same week the realtor found me Or else for me. They were parasites leeches. Still trying to Attach themselves to my blessing

    2. I have literally been in the same place! I’ve had a vision of me resting in His arms as a child and received multiple words that it’s exactly what I need to be doing right now, resting in His arms. I actually read this devotional daily to remind me since I’ve been having a very hard time submitting to what He’s telling me to do. Thank you for sharing this with me because I now feel super encouraged to obey and not delay Him any longer by my fear and desire for control. I pray that you continue to walk with Him and trust Him in rest as well and that the desires of your heart will come to pass sooner than you expect! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank YOU my LORD Father GOD In JESUS Name Amen Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dot-K Ministries Glory to GOD .” Love and God Bless You all Aloha Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  5. Denise, Thank You for sharing your vision with us!
    It brought such clarity. It was a lightbulb moment for me. We are so easily distracted by all the things around us, that we forget Jesus is waiting for us to refocus on Him, take Him by the hand, and press forward to it the destiny He has waiting for us!

    Kesha, thank you for continuing to encourage and feed us God’s Word! God has given you an awesome ministry!
    In Christ Love,
    Donna J. Davis

  6. A timely devotional. I need to rest very true. Thank you for the encouragement. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽❤📖🙏🏽

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