Trust Him

“The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.” Psalms 34:22

What does it mean to trust God? It means to place your entire well-being into His hands. It also means you trust in His love for you, and the promises He’s made to you. One way He teaches us how to trust in Him is by using older saints to share their stories of how they made it through various challenges.

I once met an older woman who said all throughout her Bible she had written “tried and proven.” These words were written next to the scriptures she had stood on in faith and God had proven Himself to be faithful in her life. I believe if we had more women like her sharing their faith, their experiences and teaching younger women how to trust in God, we wouldn’t see so many lost and confused women in the church today.

Because there is no passing down of wisdom and no impartations of faith from older saints, women give up on life at the slightest attack from the devil. The smallest amount of persecution or pressure causes many of us to want to quit. I believe it’s because we don’t know how to go through anything. We don’t know how to handle challenges with class. We don’t know how to trust God until He brings us out. We don’t know how to stand on His promises and watch Him come through for us. We don’t know how to walk by faith and not by sight. No one taught us how to hang in there until we see the morning sun, so we die in the middle of the night. We throw in the towel and lose our minds and no longer desire to fight. We desperately need someone to come to our side, rest their hand on our shoulders and say, “Baby, everything is going to be alright. Trust in the Lord. He is faithful, and He will see you through anything.”

My sisters, you don’t have to lose your mind. You don’t have to have a nervous breakdown. You don’t have to lose yourself. You can decide right now that you will trust God until He makes a way out of no way for you.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking to my heart! I choose right now to place my trust in you. Help me stand on your promises until you make a way out of no way for me. Help me Lord to trust in your love for me no matter how things appear. As I place my trust in you, I ask that you strengthen me and be glorified in my life! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Hallelujah! I thank God for His word and His faithfulness. Tried and proven. Lord I’m learning that trusting you is important in the life of a believer of Jesus. Thank you for this day and for your faithfulness. Today is my birthday and this worder could not be more timely. I will trust you Lord! Thank you DOTK. Pray for my strength and trust in Him who is more than able. Amen.

  2. Hallelujah! I thank God for His word and His faithfulness. Tried and proven. Lord I’m learning that trusting you is important in the life of a believer of Jesus. Thank you for this day and for your faithfulness. Today is my birthday and this word could not be more timely. I will trust you Lord! Thank you DOTK. Pray for my strength and trust in Him who is more than able. Amen.

  3. Hallelujah, Hallelujah Thank you God I really trust you with everything around God and on your promise for my life again I say Thank you God for what you have did and my life and for all that you are doing it’s and your wonderful loving hands continue to help me stand on your promises and the name of JESUS AMEN

  4. Father God
    Thank you for your grace and mercy. Father I’m eternally grateful for your undying love for me. Lord I trust you. And I thank your for all things. All glory and honor belongs to you.
    Hallelujah to your Holy name.

  5. Thank you dotk! I have been discouraged at my job and that word really encouraged me. You are making a difference. Bless you and praise God for you!

    1. I have also been experiencing a lot of work stress and anxiety about losing my job. This word is definitely right on time.

      1. I am so grateful that my mother is the elder one with the faith and encouragement to help me get through my trials.

  6. Yes i went thru a time where i knew i couldn’t control anything. I won’t tell you i didnt have times of stress and fear yet the Lord was always there comforting me. My precious Holy Father’s words and truths gave me the faith for the seemly in possible. He gave me the faith to break thru the fear and rest in His promises. Praise Jesus he did what i couldnt do and rescued me. I 💘 you Jesus

  7. Yes Lord help us to continue to Believe. Your promises are truth. “And when you have tried us we will come forth as Gold. Thank you Jesus ♡

  8. I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired

    I don’t feel no ways tired
    I’ve come too far from where I started from
    Nobody told me that the road would be easy
    I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me
    I don’t believe He brought me this far

    I’ve been sick
    (I don’t believe)
    But God brought me
    (He brought me this far)
    I’ve been in trouble
    (I don’t believe)
    But God brought me
    (He brought me this far)
    I’ve been friendless
    (I don’t believe)
    But God brought me
    (He brought me this far)
    I’ve been lonely
    (I don’t believe)
    But God brought me
    (He brought me this far)
    Please, don’t leave me
    (I don’t believe)
    Don’t leave me Jesus
    (He brought me this far)
    Don’t leave
    This place is not my home address hallelujah JESUS!
    ALL OF THE OLD SAINTS WOMEN OF GOD HAS GONE ON HOME TO GLORY THAT I KNEW MY MOTHER WAS TRULY A UPRIGHT WOMAN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I WAS BLESSED TO HAVE HER AS A ROLE MODEL IN MY LIFE MY AUNTIE, GRANDMOTHER YES THERE WAS SOME CHURCH LADIES OLD SEASON SAINTS BUT NOW DAY it’s hard to find the older women is trying to be young there dresses is just as high as the teenage I was out eating with my two Son’s on Mother’s day when that lady turned around she looks at me all I could do was drop my head from the grandmother to her granddaughters was naked. …
    My niece told me two weeks ago she wanted to be like me I’ve been watching her following in my steps with much prayer I’ve been praying for two of my niece I’ve seen the Lord answer when you can’t get to them just pray about prayer change situations.

  9. Thank you Father for DOTK’s timely words of encouragement! I was in prayer and saying that my struggle was way too much and too long. Wanting to give up but got God was saying no not yet, hang on in there, I’m with you and together we got this! I know this is certainly confirmation of what I discerned! Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus!!

  10. Value and Importance of Knowing the Father
    To all my sisters and Christ!
    “‘Our Father who is in heaven . . .’” (Matthew 6:9).

    Knowing God as our Father carries with it a definite list of spiritual privileges and benefits. First, it means we need not fear, as pagans do before their false gods or unbelievers do in their agnosticism.

    Second, real knowledge of God resolves uncertainties and gives us hope. A good earthly father does what it takes to protect and provide for his children; so our heavenly Father does much more to love and sustain His children (cf. Matt. 7:11; John 10:29; 14:21).

    Third, knowing the Father alleviates loneliness. Family, friends, and even other believers may reject us, but we can be sure that God never will (John 14:21; cf. Ps. 68:5–6).

    Fourth, knowing God as Father settles the issue of selfishness. Jesus used the plural possessive pronoun in reference to God because we share His fatherhood with millions of other Christians. Thus we ought to pray for others, not just ourselves.

    Fifth, genuine knowledge of the Father means all His heavenly resources are available to us (Eph. 1:3).

    Finally, this comprehension settles the issue of obedience. If Jesus in His incarnation did only His Father’s will (John 6:38), we as adopted spiritual children must also do only God’s will. This proves our relationship to Him (Matt. 12:50). Yet God in His grace still loves His children who disobey (cf. Luke 15:11–24).

    Being our Father reveals God’s willingness to lend His ear, power, and blessings to His children, for their best and His glory.

    Ask Yourself

    Which of these six benefits of God’s Fatherhood struck you as most comforting and compelling today? What needs in your life does this particular blessing of God meet? And how does it do so in ways that no person could ever accomplish?

  11. Thank you God and Praise your Name for this word today, help me to continue to trust you in everything every always see me through when i trust in you. Thank you for always showing up when i put my trust in you In Jesus Name Amen🙏💚💜💙💖💛❤

    1. THANK YOU GOD, This Devotional was GOD’S TIMING This Afternoon Even Though I Read It This Morning Yet I Had To Read It Again This Afternoon Before My Afternoon Prayer Time..TRUST HIM!!!

    1. thank you for this devotion my friend from work is a christian to. She just started sending me these devotionals and it has help me spritually. There are times i having an off day or going through something in my personal life this has really help me. I m so happy for these devotionals really blessed! ty Jesus and thank you to whoever puts them out for us….may God bless you to.

      1. In the Mighty and Powerful Name of Jesus!!! 👏😇 This is very encouraging app inspirational filled with many Powerful blessings to HEAL the soul! Thank Jesus for you first and continue to bless and anoint the person or person’s who created this app it is truly fulfilling to me, it blesses me every time I open it up to read. Lord, Jesus it is so sweet because it represent you Lord! It’s about you Lord!!! To God Be The Glory!!! Bless Your Name! I so inspired by this app so many would be as well. Any time there is an opportunity to become more knowledgeable is a blessing indeed. Teach me Lord! I receive it in the Mighty and Strong Name of Jesus!!! Blessed going out and coming in. Selected Woman of God!!! There is HEALING IN THE NAME OF JESUS! OH YES IT IS! I RECEIVE IT RIGHT NOW LORD!!! THANK YOU JESUS 👐 Rain Down On Me LORD, Let my Cup OVERFLOW!!! SUPERNATIONAL SPIRIT AND MANY BLESSINGS! I CLAIM IT NOW LORD! EVERYTHING YOU HAVE FOR ME LORD! I CALM IT NOW, EVERY BREAK THROUGH. I CALM IT NOW! IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! 😇

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