Use Your Mouth for His Glory!

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” Psalms 19:14

We may not physically hit others, but when we demoralize and speak devastating words to those we say we love, we are displaying abusive behavior. When we discourage our children, strip our husbands of their esteem and honor, when we devalue our friends, or disrespect our leaders, we create an abusive environment that breeds resentment and rebellion. We also grieve the Holy Spirit of God.

Love builds people up; it doesn’t tear people down. Love gives people hope; it doesn’t shatter people’s dreams. Our loved ones can suffer broken spirits, lost hope, and severe low self-esteem from our destructive words and attitudes. This is unacceptable to God.

As a wife, add value to your husband and encourage him. His heart is supposed to safely trust in your hands (see Proverbs 31:11). As a mother, build up your children. They should feel safe, affirmed, and valued. As a sister in the Lord and a friend, build up and enrich the ladies God has placed in your life.

You have within you the power to enrich those around you and improve the quality of their life. You have within you the grace given by God to resist every temptation to speak abusively. Even when your emotions are high, you have the ability to tell yourself, “No! I’m not going to say that! I’m not going to be someone that abuses people with my words! I will help and not hurt people with my words! I will be the woman God has called me to be! I will use my mouth for His glory!”

Prayer: Lord, thank You for speaking to me. You are watching every word that comes out of my mouth. Please forgive me for all abusive and demeaning words I’ve said to others or even to myself. I cancel those words in Jesus name. Heal every heart I’ve hurt. Help me Lord to treat people the way I would want to be treated. I humble myself right now and submit to you. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. You’re my strength and my redeemer. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Ephesians 4:29-32; Colossians 4:6; Proverbs 14:1)

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16 thoughts on “Use Your Mouth for His Glory!”

  1. Amen Thank you God for your encouragement words though Sis Kesha as I continue to Love all praying and giving them the Love of Christ Jesus that in me My God Thank you for the strength and words of encourage you are my healer and my strength and my redeemer in the name of Jesus Amen ❤🙏❤

    1. Lord Jesus Christ help me to be like the wife that You say I should be. I surrender everything to YOU my. LORD. In Jesus name Amen.

  2. Hung by the Tongue
    Its power is mighty
    To bless or to curse
    It can make you feel better
    It can make you feel worse
    It’s compared to a serpent, a viper, a snake
    I have total control
    Unless I’m awake
    Tho it’s small as a bit
    Or a ship’s tiny rudder
    The words it can say
    Can make your heart shudder
    Gossip & nagging
    Praises and hymns
    How can this thing
    Do all on a whim?
    Be wise in the way
    You speak to others
    Remember in Christ
    They’re our sisters and brothers.
    Let the light of Christ
    Show on your face.
    Let your words be seasoned
    with love & grace.
    Thru Christ you have power
    Spoken, written or sung.
    Take hold of the bridle
    or be hung by the tongue!

      1. Well, it has been a very long time since I have read DOTK. And God is good! It was what I need and the right time, I don’t know who to talk to about my problems. I just moved to another city in California with no one to really confide in long distance. Last night I got in a argument with my partner. Our relationship has moved rather quickly and I moved in with him almost a week ago, We’ve had about two arguments since I moved into his house. But the part I do not understand is why they much. Last night he got upset with me because I went outside to smoke a cigarette and took longer than expected. Mind you during that time, I tried to call him to meet me outside. Then after I go into the building he tells me “I left my phone in the car.” He gets upset with me. So then I asked him “What if something happened to me?” then he responds “Well you were the one that went outside.” then I got upset and walked away out of the building into the parking lot. He comes outside shortly afterwards saying “Don’t walk away from me when I am talking to you.” and I told him clearly “That’s not something you say to your girlfriend. If something happened to me it would not be my fault. (mind you I was in the hospital about two months ago because a man broke my nose) I also told him he was treating me like all the other guys. He wanted to keep talking in the parking lot. I told him “No, we need to talk in the car where it’s warm and private.” how petty it would be to argue in a bowling alley parking lot right? So he proceeds to get upset with me and telling me “i’m putting cigarettes over him” , “I treat people poorly” , “Why didn’t I just come in and tell him.” Then he tells me “I came outside and saw you, but I heard you talking and didn’t want to interrupt you. I had a few drinks so I was outside singing to some karaoke and having a cigarette. So that upsets and I say “it’s not my fault you didn’t come and talk to me. I tried calling your phone and you left it in the car. I had a lot to drink and I was uncomfortable going back inside that tipsy.” he still didn’t understand and continued to make it all about him. I start to raise my voice “It’s not my fault you left your phone in the car! I’m not the judge over your decisions! If you didn’t come and talk to me, that’s not my fault either! I tried telling you I needed you’re help! Then eventually he says “Fuck you!” I start to cry and ask him to pray with me. I’m not sure if he refused or if he was just idle about it. So he keeps raising his voice at me while i’m crying. Saying that “He’s not going to be my babysitter and he’s not going to babysit me.” Which was the exact same thing he told me he said to one of his students.I responded saying “Stop treating me like your past, I’m not your exes and I’m not one of your students.” He keeps trying to argue and talk over me and prove he’s right. So I just start praying out loud. He calms down and there’s silence. Then he tried to grab my hand and said “come here.” At this point I don’t even want to look at him. so I told him “don’t touch me.” and snatched my hand away. He said “fine.” we get to the house and It gets worse. He tried to emotionally blackmailing me saying “If you don’t get a control over your smoking he’s going to.” At that point I didn’t even let him finish. I asked him “you’re going to dump me, and abandon me over cigarettes?” then “You don’t pray with me when I need it the most! You want to talk to me about God but you don’t even do it for yourself.” I’m like shocked that he’s making me sound like a drug addict. Eventually he finally leaves me alone and goes to bed after multiple attempts to get me out of the car. I’m not sure what I should do. I don’t have anywhere to go at the moment. And I’m not sure if this relationship can turn around or it’s only going to get worse. But I don’t want this an abusive relationship. Please someone pray for me and respond to this.

        1. Tell the Lord what you need RIGHT NOW! God is faithful and He has definitely heard your prayers. Don’t stop, keep praying, asking and seeking. I’m praying for you and with you Tatyana. God is a God of miracles, the Lord will bless you if you have faith and believe that He reward those who do. Sister Tatyana stay strong and don’t worry, God will deliver you from your brokenness and place you on solid ground. All things will work together to those who loves the Lord. Jesus please give Tatyana that peace and desire to be in a better place and to not give up on her faith and belief of You. Show Tatyana how You work for your children Lord. bless her with joy, peace and LOVE all of her days. Amen.

          1. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and He will direct your path….in all your ways Acknowledge Him…seek Him….lean not on your own understanding….when we do, we mess up….and lastly, get somewhere safe…and get safe counsel. I will be praying for you.

  3. First giving thanks to You this morning, HEAVENLY FATHER. I submit myself to you, asking for forgiveness, for all the negative words that I allowed to gurgitate out of my mouth. I am not perfect, but, I serve a perfect God, and only You can fix me. Fix me in the way that my inside matches my outside, and they are both like YOU. Edit the words that comes out of my mouth, that they might be encouraging and an inspiration to someone else, and myself. In Jesus name I pray Amen!! 🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽❤️

  4. The tongue powerful/ yet deadly help me LORD to keep my tongues for your glory not to tear my brothers and sisters down.

  5. Good morning..,Our tongues are a powerful force for good or evil.. There is power in every word that comes forth from our mouths.. Let God’s precious words be spoken to heal, bless and encourage others.. We are building up or tearing down.. God bless you always in His love and favor ..

    1. Glory always to our Lord and Savior. He continues to show us hope through our speech and demeanor. The way we walk and talk. Very encouraging words through this message and even when we know it, we must be reminded daily in order to show our love to others.

  6. I am in a Bad Storm
    where I can’t see out,
    I drown in a sea of resentment and doubt
    My family that once
    had loved me and cared,
    They used and abused me
    I’ve been beaten and scared,
    My Children I Raised with mistakes that were many,
    Now with Grandchildren
    There are So Many more,
    I’ve made plenty,
    I’m old with disease and pain on my plate,
    The words of resentment
    I used most as of late,
    But they clouded my sight
    and weakened my Faith,
    A life line is coming to take me away,
    The sharks and waves have me here if I stay,
    Drained and afflicted my heart calls for You,
    When will the life line bring the Good News?
    You walk on the water and with you I stand, not on the sea, but up on the sand,
    Though the boat I was in is capsized and torn,
    You were always there with me,
    Inside of the Storm,
    Your words bring me comfort, so now I can see,
    Those are the Very words that I need,
    To speak gently and free
    The sharks in the water I continue to see,
    Our Father will tend them Just as He leads me,
    Out of the sea and on to the land,
    His forgiveness and mercy
    I must understand,
    He knows all the hearts
    in each woman and man,
    My grasp He releases,
    For He Knows I will stand
    He formed me and loves me and this I do know,
    The seeds that were planted continue to grow,
    As long as I’m watered with Words from above,
    My words make a difference through kindness and Love
    I held on so tightly before
    I gave in,
    Jesus my Savior says He is my Friend,
    The waves of confusion from forces of doubt,
    Held my heart captive until I saw the way out,
    The work you can do is not meant for me,
    My job is to Trust in Your Words and Stay Free.
    If I keep my eyes on your glorious race,
    I follow your footsteps and walk in your grace,
    Heaven be for me your words I will find,
    As I keep them abreast on my tongue and my mind,
    I Pray for them Daily with my heart in my hands,
    Your word was made flesh and was sent in a Man,
    He is the King and it gives Him the right,
    To Save Me and Care for me all of my life,
    Peace, Love and Joy now fill up the Space,
    where the Storm that was raging was such a Bad Case,
    I’m thriving on Words Sent
    Only by you,
    Let them flow from my lips as if they are Brand New,
    Thank You My Savior, Your Words my delight, I release all my failures,
    They dissolve in Your Light,
    The Son shines so brightly in your Word as I stand,
    I gave it all over and into your hands.
    Now Freedom I have
    and here I Must Stay,
    Keep your words in my mouth as I Live and I Pray.

    1. Whooooooo Amen Amen Amen💜⚘ Arlene Harvison. You Spoke Your Words Poetically in truth in LOVE, (Glory to GOD”💙⚘). in tears right now i embraced them from above. Its touched my heart deep within me, This message 💙⚘GOD gave us is setting us free. I thank our LORD for HIS Hands on You and me. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

  7. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” forgive me for grieving You for every Sin ive committed in Thought Words and Deeds. Have Mercy on my LORD in JESUS Name i PRAY. I Believe I receive & i come in agreement with Your YOUR WORD my LORD through YOUR Servants Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO YOU my GOD my KING i LOVE YOU my LORD FATHER GOD. Thank You for YOUR LOVE Grace and Mercy and YOUR Prayers in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY GLORIOUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN. Thank You Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD,” Timely and crucial message indeed i So trully needed. In HIS LOVE our LORD JESUS AMEN AMEN AMEN Aloha & GOD BLESS You All Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜⚘💜

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