Watch “When God Gives You a Dream”

Good day, my sisters! Rather than releasing a devotional on today, I am led by God to encourage everyone to watch yesterday’s live video. As we enter an hour of dreams being revealed, you will want to keep this message close and dear to your heart.
For the hearing impaired or those living in countries without easy access to watch videos, click here to view the transcript:
Video Link:

3 thoughts on “Watch “When God Gives You a Dream””

  1. Thank you Sister for allowing yourself to be used so greatly by God. This message was so fine tailored to myself from our Father that I keep catching myself saying aloud “Yes, Father! That’s all I needed. Eyes front.” If you can please add myself and my precious family to your prayer list we can use all the petitions to God we can muster. Love will win the war. Glory to God!!!

  2. Good day Sister Kesha and DOTK family. Thank you for the encouragement by the Word of God. Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. It’s so good to get wise council with remembering who we are in Christ Jesus.


  3. That was amazing and as on time as it could ever be !! Thank you for posting the second day or I wouks have missed it and I played it for our entire woman’s rehab . Lord thank you for this encouragement .

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