What Controls Your Mind?

“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the mind. The mind is a powerful thing. In the mind begins our thoughts. From our thoughts flow our words and deeds. Romans 8:6 tells us that if our mind is governed, or controlled, by our flesh (our emotions, desires, intellect, etc.) the result is death. If there is death in our mind, then there will also be death in our words and actions. Imagine, if you will, the way that the flu spreads from one human being to another. We cannot see the flu-bug. It is invisible. What starts as a sickness in one human being can easily be passed to others through touch, through sneezing or coughing, etc. The same thing can happen with sin. If we are living our lives in accordance with our fleshly desires, we are operating out of sin. From that place, we can speak the ugliness of sin into the lives of others around us. Ever find yourself yelling at someone or losing your patience with someone because of the state of mind you are in? Our tongues have the power to speak life or death into any situation. That life or death that we speak starts in the mind. The mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. If we want to speak life into the world, we must first begin with our mind. In accordance with Romans 12:1-3, we must allow our minds to be transformed by the renewing of the word. In order to have a mind that is controlled by the Spirit, we must spend time in His presence. We must allow the goodness of God to soak into the soil of our hearts through the Living Water of His Word. Only then will we be able to have a mind of life and peace.

Prayer: Lord, I love you and your Word so much! I pray that I will daily come to you and sit with you, allowing your presence to fill me to overflowing. I pray for a mind that is controlled by you, Lord, and not by my flesh. I pray this in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.

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26 thoughts on “What Controls Your Mind?”

  1. I need peayer i deal with intrusivd thoughts againat God i really just want to give up my life i cannot take its killing me has anyone deal with blasphemous thoughts against God i dontt ger why i deal with it so bad. :((((

    1. Hi Brittany, my name is Anna, this happens to me too, I fight with this in my mind all day every day, I would love to chat to you some more about this. Maybe we can help one an other.
      God bless anna

    2. Keep the faith living in you. Pray, pray and pray again… Don’t stop praying! God knows your heart and he will set you free πŸ’œ

    3. Don’t give up on God! I know it can be hard. I choose to trust even that which I don’t understand. God is love. All that’s good comes from him. I will pray for you my sister in Christ. This is a a daily walk keep walking. . .

    4. Don’t give up sister..God looks at our heart..keep asking Him to wash your mind in the precious blood of Jesusβ™‘Prayersβ™‘

    5. God please control my ❀ an the that i speak humble me lord use me lord guide me keep me to stay on the right way silent me when i need it i give you all the praise an glory that lord amen

    6. That is the enemy. It is called spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:12 says For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age. If you tell the Devil to flee he has to its says so in the bible. Listening to worship music also because he doesn’t like it. Also Joyce Meyers Battlefield of the mind would tremendously help you as she she thoroughly explains this and how to overcome this. Hope this helps.

    7. Yes ma’am! I dealt with that so badly when I first started my journey with Christ. It got to a point where I thought that I was going insane but it was only an attack of the enemy. I would love to chat w/ you further if you desire about it. My email Jasmines_09@yahoo.com
      Be blessed and know that you are destined for greatness for the Kingdom of God and the enemy will stop at nothing to keep you from knowing and growing in that. Keep Jesus at the forefront!πŸ˜€

  2. God I Love you So please guide me and the right place of my life keep my mind focus on you God dealing with Family get hard at time but I keep speaking the truth to them Some get mad but I love them and spite of God keep my Mind on you God and Jesus name Amen

  3. My heart goes out to you my sister. I can sense your love for the Lord in spite of those thoughts. God knows our struggles to walk upright He will help us at the point of our need as we call on Him for help that is His promise. Lord we need You, every hour of every day.Thank You for the Blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses us daily.Amen!
    Hold on.πŸ™πŸ’ž

  4. Thank you God, i pray that you keep and Bless with GOOD THOUGHTS. Not thoughts of SIN In Jesus Name Amenβ˜ΊπŸ•‡πŸ•‡πŸ•‡

  5. To Brittany O,
    No matter what you’ve thought or done, God loves you unconditionally & is always ready & willing to forgive, no matter how many times we mess up, whether it be in thought or deed. ASK His forgiveness & ask for His help & strength for the Holy Spirit to control your mind & thoughts. Keep on keeping on. The devil attacks us most with distractions, doubt, discouragement & despondency. Mediate on Romans 12:1-3 & study The Word often. God is faithful & will help you, if you seek Him. Will be praying for you. Don’t forget to pray for yourself, too. GOD LOVES YOU & we love ❀️ you, too.
    Stay strong by staying connected to HIM.
    If you can, read BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND; powerful book.

  6. Lord please keep my mind on you and on your goodness so I can keep sharing you word with your people.I pray this in Jesus name.Love your daughter of the king.

  7. Thank God for this wonderful devotion. All that i pray for is Lord take me back to my first love. I love you Lord, soooo much. But right now, I feel I’m so far away from him.

  8. A very good message and my prayer begin by Psalm 51 where David really had a real repentance so we need to have a real godly repentance in the heart first and foremost. Change my heart oh ! Lord make it ever knew
    May i be like You
    You are the potter , I am the clay , mould me and make me , this what I pray Amen

  9. Lord help me to be more like You, to concentrate more on Your goodness, Your mercy, and Your grace! Less on the things of this world. Amen

  10. This devotional is right on time! I am trying to renew my mind seriously at this point in my life. Father please keep me from the distractions that will surely try to deter me from developing this habit. God please give me a new heart and completely transform me from the inside out, in Jesus name I ask amen.

  11. Thank you SWEET JESUS for keeping my mind stayed on heavenly, things aboveβ—πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™We are not of this world we are just passing thruβ—πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒIm honored to live by every word that precedes out of the mouth of YOU FATHERβ—βž•πŸ“–πŸƒπŸ™‹πŸ’‘πŸ”‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Im keeping my head in the clouds….β—β˜β›…β›…There is NO going back to listening to the devil and his liesβ—πŸ’―πŸŽπŸŽ‰ DOTKπŸ‘‘GOD BLESS YπŸ˜˜πŸƒπŸ™‹TYβ—πŸŽŠPOWERFULβ—πŸ˜˜

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