God is tugging at your heart.

Have you ever felt God tugging at your heart, but you chose to do everything you possibly could to avoid coming to Him with your real problems? I have. Sometimes I don’t know how to articulate the pain or disappointment I feel. So I go to my favorite place to try to relax, call up a friend, go to the gym, hide in my work, get in the car and go for a drive, spend money we don’t have…all in an attempt to hide my true feelings from the Lord.

But thank God, He will wait for us. When we’re done avoiding Him, there He is ready to draw near, ready to lift us up in His loving arms and ready to help us with our struggles, hurts and pains.

You can bring your heart to God. He already knows. Obey His tug at your heart and draw near to Him. Watch Him draw near to you like you never thought possible.

Prayer: Father God, thank you. I knew you loved me, but I didn’t know you loved me this much. I always knew you cared for me, but I didn’t know you cared this much. You are true and real, and I love you more than anything. Forgive me for not coming to you first. I come to you now. I give it all to you. Fill me with your love. I come to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read James 4:8, Hebrews 4:14-16; Matthew 11:28)

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11 thoughts on “God is tugging at your heart.”

    1. A unhealthy relationship. He revelved this Man too me and I ignored until he showed me something I couldn’t ignore. I just want too ask God for forgiveness. All those times I felt he counted me out of something great,that he was actually protecting me from it all alone.O just want too give glory too him and thank him for the Grace in this situation and the Mercy for not letting become hurt in any way besisdes My feelings,but physical or My freedom for this ultimate reveal. Glory too you lord in the highest. I love you lord and I Thank you. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  1. This one is difficult to understand. Although very timley, the these words spoken say I need to go to Him and Tell Him How I feel. Doesn’t He already know. Can’t He see that Imy hurting?

    1. yeah he see’s and feels your pain but its all free will he will help but why would anyone help someone that isnt helping them selves Ask and you shall receive just be patient on your blessings cause he gives them to you when youneed it not because you want it and your not hurting beleive me its millions hurting 10xs worse than you just hold your head up push forward and put it in his hands and let it go why hold on to something you cant fix once its done its done be still and let the works manifest. Love you

  2. I am feeling like valarie how can tell when god is tugging at our hearts about a certain thing? Do we feel really strongly about a person or situation?

  3. Thank you father for this reminder. I sometimes use the world to bring me confort instead of you. I ask for your forgiveness. You want intimate relationship with your daughter. One were i reveal my heart always thank you Jesus how great your love is for me. You’ve shown me in my life even the smallest thing matter to you how great you are i love you Jesus

  4. Yes God I give it all to you right now and the name of Jesus I give it to you God right now right now again and the name of Jesus Amen

  5. I have to say this, when i am hurting or have problems of any kind my heart will for sure tug his heart first. Iknow icannot help myself, and when iam in error thats when i find him tugging at my heart to repent of my wrong!! When i first read this i comprehended not, but i know my and my fathers relationship so ihad to read again,sometimes we must go back to the reading after we pray and seek the holyspirit! Thank you jesus for a complete and personal relationship your loving daughter ,Delilah💝

  6. Lord,
    Thank you for never giving up on me. Forgive me for not coming to with my problems and for taking out my frustration on the people I love. God you are awesome <3

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