With One Heart and One Mind

“Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:5-6

Ask any parent and they will tell you they love to see their children working together even when they have differences between them. It’s the same with our heavenly Father; He loves to see His children working together. Putting our differences to the side. He is serious about unity, and I believe He has already begun to enlighten our minds and give understanding to His people all around the world of the power of unity.

Jesus Himself prayed that we may be one as He and the Father are one (see John 17:21-23). I believe His prayer is being answered. We are seeing followers of Christ from all walks of life, from all denominations and cultural backgrounds, come together because we’re realizing we are stronger together than we are apart. We’re realizing that although we may look different, sound different, pray differently, worship differently and have different ways of going about things, we all love Jesus and want to see people come to know Him.

Because of this spirit of unity that God is bringing to the Body of Christ, we will see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and we will see great miracles, signs and wonders. We will see record numbers of the lost being reached. We will see nations turn to God in repentance, all because we, His church, decided to put our differences aside and BE the church God has called us to BE!

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the move of your Holy Spirit. Thank you for opening blinded eyes and minds to the truth of who you are and what you’re about. You are serious about unity. Help us be serious about it too. Holy Spirit remove any spirit in our hearts that seeks to divide. Remove any spirit of pride that resists your truth regarding unity. Give us a heart and mind to serve you. Be glorified in your people. Help us to BE the church you’ve called us to be. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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17 thoughts on “With One Heart and One Mind”

  1. My Prayer Every Day Is ,Lord Create In Me A Clean Heart And Renew The Right Spirit In Me ,It Starts With Me First ,So I Can Love Others,And God Will Do The Increase.

  2. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” In JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY GLORIOUS NAME AMEN 🙏💖⚘ Thank You Sisters Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” Indeed a timely message. ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i United States AMEN AMEN AMEN 🙏💖⚘💖⚘💖⚘💖⚘💖⚘💖⚘💖⚘

    1. My God this is so on time and is speaking directly to my heart in regards to the season I am entering into. Thank you so much. Continued support, prayers, support to you.

  3. Hallelujah thank you God for delivering this word continue to help us to be the Church that you call us to be Unit together Oh Holy Spirit speak to my heart in my mind it’s been one of Gods the disciples glorified you in the name of Jesus the love of Christ Jesus in Jesus name Amen ❤🌹❤🌹BLESSED Thank you God ❤

  4. Jesus help us to love as You have Loved us. I need You for every breath, every thought, every word and every deed. I Love You and thank you Lord. Please bless and care for all my DOTK sisters 💜

  5. Hi Queens of the King. I thank all of you for your support and wonderful praises..but I really really need some advice..Can someone please tell me what should be done about a disrespectful and very angry adult that is your child..who no matter what will find reasons everyday to be angry and blames me for everything..I pray and cry almost every day and I am getting tired of going thru this. I try to understand his issues but they are becoming more difficult and draining to deal with. I’m not afraid of him..I just want this to stop. If this sounds familiar to anyone out there and you’ve had or have a similar situation..can you please give some advice on how to maintain this very depressing and uncomfortable situation. 😥🙏

    1. Peace & Blessings My Dear Sister Maggie💖!!!
      Been there (& sometimes STILL goes there) done that, got a t-shirt😊..with my 30 yr old daughter that has 3 children..whewww
      EVERYTHING is/was MY FAULT!! She would NEVER take responsibility for ANYTHING!! What got US through & I KNOW it may sound “cliche” but it’s the TRUTH, IT WORKS & IT’S REAL!!
      Sis, you’ve gotta PRAY..PRAY..PRAY..PRAY..PRAY (you might get splinters in your knees..I did..but you gotta do it)
      & PUSH & PUSH & PUSH & LOVE HIM THROUGH IT…I KNOW it’s HARD😔..I KNOW the feeling of wanting to “divorce your child”..I KNOW about the “dried out tear ducts😭”..I KNOW the feeling of wanting them out of your home (where was mine going with children🤔..NO WHERE) I Pray you have a home Church..if so Go to your Pastor for counselling..there is something deeper than what WE can see that causes that behavior. Once we went to our Pastor, (after a WHOLE LOT OF PRAYING) you’ll be surprised at what the “root” of the issue/s are & they have absolutely NOTHING to do with YOU!! We’re just there & an “easy target”..”hurt people, hurt people”…there were MANY days I wanted to take off my “Mommy Hat” & take it to another level..but I THANK GOD FOR MY MOTHER..who helped keep me sane during that season. Trust me Maggie, it’s gonna get better..but you’ve got to get to the “root” of the problem/issue..peer pressure/something from his childhood/prayerfully not but possibly drugs/etc..you have to be OPEN to find out WHAT THE PROBLEM/ISSUE REALLY IS.
      Maggie, the two of you are going to be just fine😊..you’re not the first parent to go through this & you won’t be the last! Trust me on this one..PRAYER TRULY CHANGES THINGS!!
      🎤HE may not come when you want Him..
      But He’ll be there right on time..
      He’s an on time God..
      Yes He Is🎵
      AND KEEP……
      I Pray this was helpful🙏
      Stay Encouraged My Sister💐
      Love You Always,
      Your DOTK Sister In Christ💕

      1. Thank you so much Sister Wendy for your reply..I will definitely continue to pray and P.U.S.H thru this most difficult and heartbreaking circumstance. May God continue to bless you and your family. You can tell you have a prayerful soul that knows how to get prayers thru. Appreciate you..God bless😇😍🙏☝

        1. Peace & Blessings My Dear Sister Maggie💖!!!
          You made my ❤smile this morning😄!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! This is exactly what we’re supposed to do..Inspire & Encourage One Another💗..If I can share my personal experiences with you & they may help..I’ve done what is required of me & what gives ME JOY!! Trust me..y’all are gonna be just fine..it just takes time..just live him through it..I didn’t tell you..my daughter is now working two jobs & back in school..BUT GOD!!! HOLD ON * DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN TO THE ENEMY!! HE CANNOT HAVE OUR CHILDREN!! I DON’T CARE HOW OLD THEY ARE..THEY’RE STILL OURS!! “NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER”
          Love You Always💕
          ps this made me feel so much better..I was a little “drained/down” after posting this morning😔..but the Lord sent you😄
          Thank You💕

  6. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!
    Thank You Lord..Thank You..Thank You..Thank You for..UNITY!!! I find it to be sooo BEAUTIFUL to hear/see people from all different Cultures & Continents across the World..who look different then we do, speak a totally different “everyday” language then we do & have a completely different lifestyle then we do..although we’re SO different..yet we’re SO
    much alike in speaking one “universal language” & it is OUR Love For The Lord!! WE are sooo Blessed, to live in a Country..where we DON’T have to “hide” the fact that WE ARE CHRISTIANS & WE LOVE THE LORD & WE BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY..THE FATHER, THE SON & THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! WE CAN “OPENLY & PROUDLY” PRAISE HIM!!🙌🙌 THANKING GOD FOR HIS SON JESUS..WHO DIED..SO OUR SINS CAN BE FORGIVEN & WE MAY HAVE ETERNAL LIFE!!! THANK YOU LORD..THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU FOR THE FREEDOM TO PRAISE & WORSHIP YOU!!! Lord, PLEASE give me a clean heart & a clear mind so I can worship You in UNITY with My Sisters & Brothers..near & far & WE CAN BE the Church, You have called us to BE!!
    These Things I Pray In Jesus’ Holy Name..Amen🙏
    (Thank You for the Prayer)
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

  7. My dear sister Wendy, that was a good one there for sister Maggie. You are a blessing to the body of Christ.

    1. Peace & Blessings My Dear Sister K K💖!!!
      Transparency is the key..for me!!
      Keeping it ALL THE WAY 💯
      THANK YOU K K⚘

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