You are Forgiven

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

A great robber of joy are feelings of condemnation. When we’ve done something wrong, we feel terrible, especially when we have a holy God living within us. Then there are those who like to kick you when you’re down and make you feel worse, but not God. He convicts us of our wrong, but He doesn’t condemn us. Often, because of our refusal to be forgiven, we condemn ourselves. But who are we to say to God, “No, I can’t be forgiven. I’m too terrible of a person, and what Jesus did for me is not enough.”

Who are we to tell God that what He did is not enough?

Before you were born, God knew every sin you would ever commit, yet He sent His Son Jesus to save you, wash you and make you His own. He knew about that weak area that seems to get you every time, yet He still loves you and chose you.

Instead of punishing yourself or trying to run from God, receive His love and forgiveness that’s provided through Jesus. Let the pride go and allow yourself the blessing of being totally forgiven and washed by the cleansing blood of Jesus. Let the deep sorrow over your wrong turn into great joy over His goodness and mercy He has shown you.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You. I’m so sorry for every wrong I’ve committed. I am trying, but I need Your help. Help me Lord to live right, to love right, to think right and do right. Help me to live in a way that pleases You. I receive Your forgiveness, Your love and Your joy that I have in You. Thank You Lord for forgiving me! I forgive myself and I ask You to help me move forward into Your divine purpose and plan for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read 1 john 1:9; Romans 4:7,8; Romans 5:1)

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17 thoughts on “You are Forgiven”

    1. Thank dotk. I need this now more than ever. I’ve been going through a very rough time. And having a hard time forgiving myself for turning away from God. I needed this reminder that he is here waiting with open arms.

  1. Thank you father for your unconditional love an guidance over my life, Thank you dotk for another beautiful word of faith this morning.We all may fall short but his forgiveness is
    Everlasting so we must also
    Learn to forgive ourselves
    As well as others as we push
    Towards his perfect will for
    Our lives. Love you father ❤

  2. My grace is sufficient for you, says the LORD. It is My free gift for you. Just receive all that I have freely given to you by unwavering faith in Me. I have already accomplished everything that you need by My finished work on the cross and shed blood for you. I have given you new life in Me. All that you need has already been accomplished for you. Receive all that I have for you. It belongs to whosoever will come to Me and receive freely of Me. You are no exception. My love for you is unimpeachable. Receive that as well. For you will never be loveless and you will never be alone. I Am with you always and nothing good will I withhold from you. Trust in My love for you. Trust in Me. For there is nothing that you need that I Am not good for, says the LORD.

    I have released you from bondage and set you free to serve Me. I brought you out of darkness into My marvelous light. Walk in that light and be all that I have created you to be and do all that I have assigned you to do. I have provisioned you for what I called you to do. I have fully furnished you for every good work. I have positioned you to be a valuable instrument of righteousness in My hands for My kingdom and you will even bear fruit in your old age as you set yourself apart for My purposes. You will be an “ever-bearer” in My kingdom and your labors will not be vain in Me, says the LORD.

    1. TY so very much for the wisdom of God my sista. I am my own worst critic, ur reply, this devotional really enlightened me OMG. A lot of times I am so hard on myself, I’m always apologizing because I feel like I’m always doin something wrong.My husband reminds me all the time to stop being so hard on myself. As of right now God has blessed me and delivered me from the bondage of condemning myself.THANK YOU JESUS FOR USING DOTK AND BONNIE TO SPEAK TO ME. HOD BLESS THIS MINISTRY AND BONNIE. TO YOU GOD ALMIGHTY BE THE GLORY

  3. Thank you Bonnie B. For these words:
    ” I have fully furnished you for every good work. I have positioned you to be a valuable instrument of righteousness in My hands for My kingdom and you will even bear fruit in your old age as you set yourself apart for My purposes. You will be an “ever-bearer” in My kingdom and your labors will not be vain in Me, says the LORD.”
    The words of DOTK & your words spoke to me today. Timely. God knows everything. Thank You.

  4. Father, Ibelieve you have forgiven me, i pray that those i have hurt transgressed against will forgive me also.Help me to forgive myself ,I have a hard time in forgiving myself .

  5. Thank you God for this word today, Thank you Father for forgiving me of all I did, Thank you GOD helping me to forgive myself when I am wrong…you didn’t Die for nothing….you DIED to Save the world, Thank you again for FORGIVENESS☺❤💖💚💙 In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🕇🕇🕇

  6. Forgiveness is a big part of God’s love God always forget repent to all your wrong doing and allow God to clean you up this is awesome devotion thank you Lord for forgiving me when I made do wrong God you made it right and I praise you and thank you God and Jesus name Amen

  7. Thank you Jesus for the awesome message and pray we be blessed to forgive all who wronged and whom we hurt or any such m bless us with the forgiving lover you gave to those who persecuted You with an open mind and heart. Thank You Lord Jesus blessing us

  8. POWERFUL DEVOTIONS!!! Thank You, Lord, & DOTK, and Bonnie B. Wonderful inspirations. In my prayer 🙏🏾 journal 📓 today, I wrote 4 pages expounding on this awesome message. I don’t have a hard time forgiving myself or accepting God’s forgiveness; but, I beat myself up so much for misuse of my tongue directed at myself. Please pray for me in that area. I regularly ask God for strength to overcome that. Abundant blessings to you all with much love ❤️.

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