You are His Sheep

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” John 10:27

If you were to close your eyes, and your mother stood next to you, could you recognize your mother’s voice if she whispered your name? If she stood many feet away from you, could you still hear her? And what if the two of you hadn’t spoken in 30 years, would you still know and recognize her voice even with all the time gone by? Yes, you would. Your mother’s voice is ingrained in your heart and mind, and you know when she is speaking to you. Knowing God’s voice is no different. You received a new heart and a new mind when you surrendered your life to Jesus. Your Father’s voice is deeply embedded in the new heart and new mind that you have received from the Father.

This is how someone who is newly born again can follow God and do the works of Jesus right away. They don’t have years of practicing the presence of God. Nor do they have years of Bible teaching, yet they can follow the Lord and fulfill the purpose of God for their lives. Because hearing God’s voice has nothing to do with how long you’ve been saved, but all to do with the new heart and mind of Christ that you have received. You know His voice because you have received Jesus. You are His sheep. No matter how you feel, you are in God’s sheepfold. Settle this truth in your heart. If you want to hear His instructions, He says ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. If you want to hear Him tell you which car to buy, ask Him. If you want to hear Him tell you whether you should marry that man or not, ask Him and expect to receive an answer. He wants to lead you. He wants to see you blessed.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for coming into my heart and changing me from the inside. Thank you for giving me a new heart and a new mind that knows and recognizes your voice. Thank you that I am no longer lost, but I have been found by you. I am your sheep, and you are my Shepherd. I hear your voice clearly, and I follow you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Matthew 6:6-8)

17 thoughts on “You are His Sheep”

  1. Thank you Father God for teaching me your words and keep me close to your heart ❤

  2. Thank you Lord for letting me hear your voice and following you, your word, your instructions on my life. Thank you Lord for lifting me out of the mirror pit. Halleujah!

  3. Thank God that I am His sheep! I belong to Him and I am keeping my attentive to His voice! God bless you, WOG!!❤️❤️

  4. Allow His voice to be the only one I recognize and not Satans I am all to familiar with that voice for years and Jesus Voice is the one I need to know with out doubt or fear
    Only HIS voice
    It has to be different from other voices
    Lord prepare my heart seal me with your voice to hear and know it’s you
    And not anyone else leading me away from you
    You are all I need To trust and obey
    Thank you

    1. I want to hear my Father’s voice I want to be obedient to God voice please God speak clearly to me and not of the Devil’s voice or anyone’s else’s voice only you’re voice Jesus Amen 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  5. Wow. This was my prayers yesterday. I want to be sensitive to His/Holy Spirit voice. Thank you Sis. Kesha for the confirmation Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  6. Thank you I needed this because help with decisions is a thing at the moment. Follow His instructions. Because, often opportunities are not right for us. They are offered, marketed, pushed, sold to us and society says they sumn to aspire to but – how many times you took a job u were offered cuz of being proud n excited to be offered it – and end up being miserable and even quit or fired plus other disasters all cuz u took wat everyone believes is a lifetime opportunity. Put ego aside and society expectations and norms aside n follow ur own path n try to work with ur hands sez Bible. Honestly it’s crazy how excited to be offered a job (for example) we get but then months or years later the job is a living torment, micromanager bullying, toxic culture, discrimination etc. Just saying. Listen to Him! N I’ma go take my own advise cuz I rlly need to !

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