You can’t force love.

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” Psalms 17:8, NIV.

When it comes to love, you want the kind that comes naturally, not love that is forced. Maybe there’s someone in your life that you love a great deal, but they don’t feel the same way you do and it makes you want to change in order to keep them interested.

The thoughts in your mind may say, “I can make them love me. I can change and become whatever they want me to be. I can change careers, change my hair, get plastic surgery, have their child, or leave everything I know. I can change the way I behave. They will love me; I just have to…” You shouldn’t have to change yourself to get love. If God loves you just how you are, anyone He sends your way will also love you just how you are.

At the heart of real love is acceptance. Anything you have to change to get, you will have to constantly change in order to keep. Love is most beautiful when it is unforced and not manipulated. Let love happen by God’s divine orchestration. Whatever He sends your way He will give you the grace and wisdom to handle. You may not be the apple of someone’s eye just yet, but you are surely the apple of God’s eye. You may not have a David Jonathan kind of friendship just yet, but you have one with God. He loves you in every state and in every season. He took off His priestly garments and wrapped you in robes of righteousness. You will never be able to reach the bottom of God’s love for you!

Until someone can love you even remotely close to that kind of love, honey they don’t deserve you.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for speaking to my heart. I know You love me. Help me know it in a deeper way. Deal with the deeper fears in me and shine your light on every false view I have of myself. I deserve real love and I trust You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. ❤️ Good morning Lord Jesus. Thank you for loving and excepting me just the way I am. “I am the 🍎 of your eye Lord?” 🤩 Wow this is amazing you are amazing too father God. I am in love with 💗 you Lord. Thank you for sending my husband David in my life and excepting me just the way I am. I pray 🙏🏽 in Yashua’s name. Amen ❤️

  2. Praise GOD For This Reading Today. I Am Currently Going Through The Worse Heartbreak I Ever Experienced. But My Healing Begin To Manifest When I Repented For Doing What Was Spoken In This Reading. I’m Blessed Me This Confirmation. Thank YOU GOD For Always Seeing Me & Meeting Me Right Where I Am…..

    1. iBlessings @ Angela. My beautiful sister in Christ, In 2019, I experienced a similar heartbreak when my former husband made a decision that he no longer wanted to be married. At that time I was devastated and thought my world was shattered. Since then, God has SUPERnaturally filled that void and showed me that I made my ex-husband an “idol”. The hunger and thirst I had for “man” have been replaced with a fulfilling hunger for Papa God and an unquenchable thirst for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. God made all things new! I have “never” experienced a love from any human the way that I experienced it from Papa. WOW! My insecurities, fear, loneliness, anger, distrust, unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, and resentment (all negative emotions) were swept away by my Greatest Comforter and Counselor–the Holy Spirit. He healed me and restored me. He led me to the wilderness to detox my soul and to UNlearn unhealthy behavior patterns rooted in childhood and remolded me into His original design for my life. I am deeply fulfilled in God beyond human reasoning and human understanding. Many people look and say, you are so beautiful and loving, you need a man. I simply respond that God designed me as a Kingdom Single Woman and that I do have a Man. I’m not alone. My Husband’s Name is Jesus. In fact, I’ve discovered that I am more inwardly and outwardly content than my married associates. He loves me like no other. The fruit was richly enhanced under His cultivating care. He replaced all of the rotten fruit with Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Faithfulness. Goodness. Gentleness. Kindness and Self-Control so I can be a conduit of His richness flowing freely to those that are hurting. Hang in there, it does get better if you allow the process to bring forth its perfect work. God is faithful and He loves you Angela. He will see you through. Trust Him…

      1. LaFrance,

        I’m dealing with life after divorce then falling into the arms of a wrong man after that divorce. I’ve been dealing with so much depression from all of this. This devotional was right on time. Reading your message gives me hope. I will be so glad when I can experience what you are experiencing but it feels like it’s never gonna come.

  3. Amen I trust you in the name of Jesus Christ Father God to love myself and for that special someone to love me as myself the way you love me Thank you God

  4. Thank you God for reentering what real love is,Real love is You Lord ❤️ other love is temporal Your agape love outweighs all you never change as the devoted states if we aren’t up to par with human beings they will walk away or maybe cause some kind of abuse to make you feel less than. I’m so glad so grateful 🙏 to know that God loves ❤️ me with all of my imperfections What a Mighty God we serve.

  5. There’s nothing like the love of the Lord. Who can compare. Real love, I am looking for that REAL Love Thank you for the reminder. Blessings, Shalom and Agape👀🙏🏽📖❤🙏🏽

  6. Amen!!! I so agree with this devotional with that I can’t force love. And now because I’m learning how to love God, myself, and others. My time isn’t spent on trying to make others love me anymore, I just give the best of me. And I know my best is good enough, because it is for my Father in Heaven. It have to be good for others, plus trying to change to fit that person need or want will destroy you in many ways because that person will never be happy with you. This brings up why I’m still not married, with my ex-husband telling me that he wanted someone exactly like him. I tried everything, and it was destroying my self esteem and I had to let him go. He didn’t want any type of counseling either before telling me he wanted someone else. I spend 13 years trying to make him love me and I didn’t understand because he asked me to marry him, and I wondered what changed. I had his child and did everything for him. But, I’m so glad our Father put me back together again. ❤️❤️❤️

    Sister Kesha, thank you for the prayer as well that I have prayed because I agree and accept it.

  7. Super great devotional. And wonderful advice in the comments from the people that have been through the experiences mentioned in this devotional. Keep up the good work sisters!
    In Christ’s Love,

  8. O, Father! PRAISE Thee ☺️ with All My ❤️ Heart and SOUL 💖 in This very Moment, This very Hour and Day, So many of us People are searching for LOVE 😘❤️, REAL LOVE and Acceptance and Understanding, Support of Our Believes, Human kind and Ideas …. May The Divine LOVE THAT Come From YOU ❣️ ONLY be in Me and surround Me , wherever I Go, LORD 🙏🙏
    Give Me The Strength to Carry On Myself and others in What is Important to You!!..
    In Jesus Mighty and HOLY NAME I Pray ,

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