You, my sister, are a good tree!

“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalm 1:3, New Living Translation.

“A good tree produces good fruit…” Matthew 7:17a, New Living Translation.

My sister, no matter how you came into this world or the choices your parents made. No matter what’s been done or said to you over the course of your life. No matter the wrong decisions you’ve made and the consequences you still have to deal with, I want you to know God has made you a good tree, and you will bear good fruit.

You don’t have to do anything, give anything, perform in any way to earn the love of your Father, or earn the love of those around you. You just being you is enough because He has made you good in His sight. Your presence alone encourages others, and your voice comforts them. Your laugh brings a smile. Your life is a beautiful testimony of God’s grace.

Your leaves are green. The anointing flows like sap from the sides of your tree. People come around and are blessed to be in your company. You are rooted and established in God’s love, and His love is seen through you. Everything you touch prospers. You, my sister, are a good tree, and you produce good fruit!

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for guiding me to this truth by your Holy Spirit. I love you and appreciate your work in me. Thank you for being faithful. It makes me happy to know you’ve made me a good tree, and you’re causing me to produce good and healthy fruit for your glory! Amen.

36 thoughts on “You, my sister, are a good tree!”

  1. I don’t see this about me keesha last night I felt people be better off without me I was thinking of ways to end my life cus where I am with the Lord I’m miserable I hate my life I seriously thought how could God use someone like me im a big fat mess yes afraid to die but afraid to live I have no purpose I have no joy just a disobedient child who can’t get out of the way. This was not God’s will for me to be this way I ruin whatever I touch. Nothing seems to penetrate my heart. People have prayed for me seems like those prayers are not answered I’ve cried over and over for the Lord to help me death seems alittle more appealing in a sense I’m stuck in a pit I ruined my relationship with the Lord I can’t seem to change my heart. I’m barely holding onto to anyone. His words and love can’t seem to penetrate me I feel dead it’s awful. This is a nightmare. Noone understand me I’m alone though I have a husband who loves me he doesn’t understand I can’t seem to believe I have nothing to hold onto. Why did this happen I can’t go back to the world nothing there for me. It would be more pain and misery. I’m trapped in the dark can’t get out. I feel like a scared little girl I’m stuck. Please send help

    1. Kate, you are good, not by the measure of humanity, but because the Lord says you are. Our minds and hearts cannot comprehend His love. There is nothing that can pluck you out of His hand. You are good, you are loved and you are safe in His love. I understand where you are- but what you posted-those are the lies of satan- he tries to make us feel unworthy to be here- especially JUST before we are about to rise up.. Be gone satan-you are nothing!!! Kate is a child of God and she will rise up!
      Rise up Kate- let your light shine. I will keep praying for you…… in Jesus name❤️🙏🏽

    2. Kate, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I know that God knew you from the very beginning and He loves you. He’s not concerned with your mistakes, or your past. He wants you, just like you are, broken and dark, so that He can reveal to you His light and His heart. NOTHING can separate you from the Love of God. NOTHING. He loves you with an everlasting love and has set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. The key to it is your choice. He said in His word CHOOSE LIFE. It’s up to you to grab ahold to the best choice. I’ve been down this road before, and I had a choice to make. My feelings didn’t line up at first, but I just kept choosing life, I kept choosing love, I kept choosing joy, and eventually I started feeling what I was feeding myself. Speak Life over every situation that you’re facing. Death and life are in the power of Your Tongue. Speak Life no matter how much you feel or what you see, and you’ll begin to see what you’re saying (and expecting) rather than what you’re seeing. My last thought: The enemy comes to Steal, Kill, and Destroy. So if you’re having those thoughts they are not from God! Pivot away from them now, or at least repeat out loud: “This is Not the Will of God for Me and I Bind the Spirit of Death and Suicide Now In The Name of Jesus!” Say it until you feel a physical relief (It’ll come. Trust me). Here’s the end of that verse: I (Jesus) have come that You May Have Life AND Have it More Abundantly. Choose Life! God Loves You, Christ Loves You (Just the way that you are. That’s why He won’t leave you that way of you’ll let Him help. You haven’t messed it up with Him), and I Love You. 😘

    3. God is working in ways you cannot see. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you so don’t you dare give up on Him. You are loved by Him and He is working.

    4. Kate, God has a good plan for Your life. You must allow God to work out His plan. This takes time. You are right. There is nothing in the world for you. Stay with God. He will not let you down. Dig into God’s Word, The Scriptures will help you see yourself as God sees you. Psalm 118 says over and over, His love endures forever. This means that God loves YOU forever! It doesn’t matter how many times you have messed up, We all make mistakes. Still, God loves YOU! God wants His BEST for you. God’s plan for your life is coming sometime in your future. God’s plan for you is wonderful! In the meantime, ask God what you can do for Him.
      Do you love singing? Then sing for God. If you love baking, then bake cookies for the elderly that can no longer get out of their house. Do you love to talk to people? Pick up your phone and encourage someone. You will find that what you are good at are gifts from God that He wants you to use to bless someone else.
      Remember, GOD LOVES YOU!!!
      In Christ’s Love, Donna

    5. God still loves you, you are lucky you have a husband that loves you. Focus on God and not those other thoughts. Let God be in control. Surrender your thoughts to God. I pray God will bless you💖 Pray when you have a troubling thought. I will pray for you! God loves you, he wants you body soul and mind. Peace be with you. Call on Jesus. He is with you. TRUST God💖🙏

    6. Try to breath nobody is perfect and I know it feels like no one may know you but someone dose.And you do have something your husband’s love what you don’t have is love for yourself that’s why you feel like you don’t deserve anything baby you do deserve a lot. You deserve to love yourself like I said in the beginning were not perfect and our father knows that he dose not expected us to be what he expects us to do is love ourselves try are best and love him you can do this don’t let him win don’t let the devil tell you anymore lies you are beautiful Kate in our fathers eye and in many

    7. I get how hard it is to get out of that mindset of I dont want to keep on and just self destructive thoughts we put into action. We fall victim to this negative feeling and just allow it to build up inside us and then we say things that hurt others. It is a horrible place to be and in reality we are seeking help because we are broken, traumatized, angry, ashamed, unhappy, etc and these feelings we try to justify because we think I don’t want to do this anymore and it is easier to quit then keep fighting for what we know is the best thing for us. God blessed us with our husbands and children if we are moms. God does not make mistakes and eventhough we feel our lives are these shattered pieces that will never be whole again, God already knows how to restore us, but it is His time and not ours. We want instant answers and for all the pain to be gone along with happy marriage but we cant make things just happen because it is a process. Sometimes we need help and someone to confide in because we feel so alone and that no one understands us. The worst feeling is going through something and when trying to explain it is like jibberish to someone else. We strive to find that person who can relate to what we have experienced and offer the perfect advice. We constantly search but dont realize that God already has it figured out, but He decides on the perfect timing to bring things all together. Sister I know how painful it is to lose yourself and not be 100% able to give yourself to someone because you dont even know who you are. Trauma is serious and my best advice to you because I am not at a good place right now myself in my mind is to listen to worship music, pray, cry to Jesus, and ask God to take your thoughts. I need to do this myself because when we let it consume us we just hurt others and bring more guilt on ourselves. Our husbands are not out to hurt us but they dont understand because not everyone experiences the same things in life. Sometimes it is letting go and letting God. Allowing it to be His will and not our own. It is giving full control to Jesus and surrendering all to Him. It isn’t overnight that we can just cast all our burdens but as we pray and really talk to God and lean His word, especially His promises we find that our problems are nothing compared to our God. He parted the red sea. Dont put God in a box and remember the battle starts in the mind and as you cast all to Jesus you will see a change in yourself. Less us and more Him. Hang in there sister and know you are not alone on this journey. God didnt bring us this far for no reason. Breath and focus on who you are in Christ.

    8. No,no sweet child of God 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖 please don’t feel this way. So many times we ask our Father in Heaven. So many times we ask our Father for what we want or need and expect him to do so on our Terms. Baby it is all about having patience. God will answer your or deliver what you need or want at the right place and time. Like my Nana always said, Baby God 🙏🙏🙏🙏 💖💖💖❤️ is always on time Hallelujah, Praise God 🙏🙏🙏🙏. God Loves you my sister and so I. God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 bless you and I will keep praying 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖🙏💓💓💓 for you. AMEN .

    9. My beloved sister,rejoice in the blessings you have now…Jesus will hold your hand,be free in Jesus precious name! You are not a victim,you are a surviver!a testimony from you to what God is leading thru will be like a fire when you share your victories!! Not what is wrong,but what is right and by the Lord’s grace,you will overcome!! Never quit sister,big hugs and the pure love of Christ flow thru you!! Amen

  2. Thank you Keisha for these devotionals! This one is specially spoke to me. Since my husband died, I have lost my mother and my brother as well as 4 good friends. In the midst of such loss, it’s easy to think that the Lord is taking everything away from me. I’m trying to find out who I am without these people in my life. This is very very encouraging to me no, the truth is that I am a good tree and I will produce good fruit! That I matter to people!

    1. I didn’t see a typo
      Spelled correctly wither- to dry up or shrivel from loss of moisture. Very good devotion. Praying for Kate

  3. Blessings unto you, I am glad The Almighty Creator used you to inform me – ‘I AM a healthy tree’, as I continue to reach for The Living Water. I am choosing daily to renew my roots & nourish myself until God’s plan produces stronger & heartier fruit, sap , leaves, wood & me to be used by HIS KINGDOM.
    I am thankful to be seen through your writings. Especially on this day when I lived through the drama of Sept 11th – 20 years ago. That day grant me a serious dose of ‘Living Water’. Oh how good God has worked on me. Have a great day-thank you.

  4. Good Morning,Thank you Keisha for this Devotion today Yes it really spoke to me … in letting me know that I AM a good tree in the mist of my situation being full of Guilt in a decision that I made and was being hard on myself for doing within my marriage (seperating) no abuse but just mentally as far as I was concern there was a Big Lack of communication in important issues that my husband felt as tho he didn’t have to share to a point where I would be constantly trying to explan to help how important it is… to communicate God forbid anything happens to either one of us… this happen to often it stated weighing me down like what’s the use … it stated holding me back on things that needed attention. while going through all of that I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer by focusing on trying to get better communication between us and not focusing on myself.. so I say ALL this to say yes I was that tree that wasn’t feeling good about the decision I made I Prayed about it stayed in the word searching for answers about the decision … I do feel at peace now where iam.we are still married not living together and is able to get my important matters taken care…So Keisha thank you for reassuring me today that I Am A Good Tree..and that the Father is with me and see my Love for him I needed this Devotion today..Please Continue keep me in your Prayers ❤

  5. Thank you so much, Sister Kesha, for this lovely & uplifting message. I thank my God for you & your good works. I thank my God for loving & blessing this sinner. May all of my sisters, all of our Loving Father’s children, be so blessed ❤🕊🙏😇

  6. Good Morning Sister Kesha ana all the sisters that read these devotionals. God is truly “Great” and greatly to be praised. He Is, The Lifter of our heads and Lover of our souls. By His Holy Spirit and unconditional love for us, He have used our Sister Kesha to let us know how He see us. He knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb and ordained us before this foundation. As we continue to learn how to trust Him and receive His love and forgiveness, we can grow where He have planted us. Being a good tree bearing good fruit!!!
    His Word is the river of water to wash us and help us grow as we get it inside of us, it’s nourishment. Health to our navel and marrow to our bones. Thank you for this awesome devotional that encourages. We love God, but because He first loved us.🙏

  7. WOW!! I truly needed this affirmation!! I am a good tree and I product good fruit!! L I have to do Is BE ME!!
    God bless you ♥️

  8. Thank you Everyone for your prayers and Love I’m hanging in there I’m choosing life at this moment not death. I’m Loved that’s for sure.

    1. Hi Kate, Remember we are fearfully and wonderful made. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. (Phil 4:8) Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think on these Things.

  9. Yes, I am a good tree planted by streams of living water my leaf shsll never fail but I produce good fruit. Thank the Lord. I am trying to show love a much as possible. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  10. Awesome praise report Kate, just remember my sistahs we are foreknown~predestined~

    Whom the kingdom favors and features the enemy fights!
    The levels of adversity denotes the depth of your assignment!!!
    I am humbled to be in agreement with profound kindgdom women~ truly prolific of Kesha’s precious post regarding the storm and how we came together as one to defeat the enemy💃🏽
    I was told long ago I was a tree and the fruit I bore was accessible to assist many on this journey, thank you for this devotional and reminder, like a tree planted by the rivers of water, I shall not be moved!!!

  11. This is awesome but I can’t say I think it’s true for me. It’s easy to see it fir someone else you can see their fruit and blessings, I’m still at 52 trying to figure out my purpose in this world.

    1. Lisa, don’t give up on your purpose from God. I am 63. About five years ago I got serious about praying for others, reading Scriptures in God’s Word. God’s purpose for my life blossomed. I now send encouragement through Scriptures, and Godly readings that I read everyday to others. I believe my purpose for God’s kingdom is to encourage other believers in the Lord. Keep praying and reading as much about God as you can. God’s timing is perfect, and He has a plan just for You!!!

  12. Hi sounds like waters are being stirred and only can get better and healed from it just get in and let God do the rest
    Easier said then done
    Don’t believe the lies
    His has planted in us all a tree that will grow and flourish with HIS nourishment His fresh living water that flows new daily
    We are His fruit we are the tree planted by living water
    For nourishment for others as God nourishs us we produce HIS fresh fruit
    He says taste and see the that the Lord is good
    He is in us and works through us
    This is all HIm not me
    Love you thank you for this word of enouragement

  13. No,no sweet child of God 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖 please don’t feel this way. So many times we ask our Father in Heaven. So many times we ask our Father for what we want or need and expect him to do so on our Terms. Baby it is all about having patience. God will answer your or deliver what you need or want at the right place and time. Like my Nana always said, Baby God 🙏🙏🙏🙏 💖💖💖❤️ is always on time Hallelujah, Praise God 🙏🙏🙏🙏. God Loves you my sister and so I. God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 bless you and I will keep praying 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖🙏💓💓💓 for you. AMEN .

  14. I had to screenshot this one, my Lord, so that I could read it over and over and over + share it with a few of my friends. I want to make this my prayer: that God will help me to truly see myself as that good tree, planted by His rivers. It doesn’t say river. It says “RIVERS”. Meaning there is more than one way that God pours His blessings into me to nourish me and my roots so that I’m able to prosper fruitfully right where HE planted me. This devo this day has truly blessed my soul. Thank you very much.

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