You Will Overcome

“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. ” 1 John 5:4

I prophesy over you that no matter how high your enemies rise up against you, the Spirit of God will rise up higher in you. He will lift up a standard. You will not be overcome by your enemies. Instead, you will overcome through Jesus. You will overcome by your faith in God. By your “pistis”, your full persuasion that God is who He say He is and He will do what He said He will do. You will overcome by your knowledge that God is your only Salvation and there is none else. I prophesy over you that you will receive the overcoming mind of Christ. You will receive the attitude of an overcomer. Jesus overcame and so will you. You will overcome sickness and disease. You will overcome the destructive sins in your life that’s been plaguing you. You will overcome fear and worry. You will overcome lack and poverty. You will overcome low self-esteem and low self-worth. In the name of Jesus, the grace of God will help you triumph over your enemy. You will not be overwhelmed. The only One who will completely and utterly overwhelm you is the Lord. You will be overwhelmed by His love. You will be overwhelmed by His grace. You will be overwhelmed by the operation of His Spirit in your life. You will be overwhelmed by His graciousness and how He stoops down to save you. You are an overcomer through Jesus. You will overcome by your faith and walk in everything God has purposed for you to walk in!

Prayer: Yes Lord, my God. You know how much I needed to hear this. I reject every lie from the enemy, and I receive your truth. I receive the overcoming mind of Christ. I receive who you said I am. I will not be overcome by the enemy. Instead I will overcome by my faith in you. You are the one who overwhelms me. I’m overwhelmed by you Lord. Thank you for making me an overcomer! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Meditate on these scriptures:

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

“…but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


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27 thoughts on “You Will Overcome”

  1. Lord thank you for your devotion I will not be overcome by the enemies and still I will overcome and continue to walk by faith Lord I trust you God my savior and my protector in Jesus name Amen

    1. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the confirmation of Your Word speaking to my soul these passed few weeks. I am in awe of You…so humbled yet so loved. Blessing and Honor and Glory be Thine.

    2. Amen!Thank You Lord , for everything you done for means for every bless .I thank you for the good and the bad even though sometimes the road gets tough and i don’t always understand but Lord Jesus I Trust You! Give me the strength o a daily basis because I need you everyday of my life .Thank you so much for loving me even when I don’t deserve it , lord Jesus I’m a sinner it I thank God u save me , I love you so much Jesus thank you for dyeing for me and saving me

      1. Thank you Jesus for loving me especially tonight you knew about the hurt in my heart that in a blink of an eye that happened only hours ago You brought me here to let me know you love me and you are the one who overwhelms me not my enemies Thank you I love you and I feel blessed that you are truly near at all times. Amen Kathy Pietrantonio

  2. I am thankful for God’s promises to me and others that He will fight our battles. He will provide,protect,love,enjoy, and guide us because He is faithful. Thank Father God for loving me in my mess. I love you and I don’t want to live without. Thank you Jesus and the Holy Spirit

  3. Father god thank you for all what you have done for me…i believe i will overcome in jesus name…im still struggling with enemy coming against always overwhelmed can’t focus in school doubting myself,but satan im here to tell u o will overcome cause im righteous in christ jesus and my faith is in him.. he cured my body of sickness(cancer) i know he will cure me of all this stress and be so overwhelming. . Thank you father for your kindness…this message was for me..HALLELUJAH. ..

  4. Thank you Lord for your saving power, because of it we are over comers. Thank you for giving us the victory. Let the church say amen. AMEN!!!!!

  5. Good morning family, I feel good to know that I am an overcomer in Jesus and everything is working for my good,my season is here!I’m standing in my season of overcoming!!!!!!!!God is doing it right Now! WE are overcomer,Its done! In Jesus Name!!!!!Amen and Amen!

  6. This came to me at the perfect husband left for another woman and I am so broken…thank you for blessing me with this devotion

  7. Lay our trobles at His Feet And we shall over come, for His is the Kingdom, the Power and the Gloy, so stay focused! On Him and His Holy ways

  8. This is how God works…. He has been showing me this word in my heart and in song for the last few days. I receive and believe I am an overcomer through Jesus Christ.

  9. I want to thank God for you being able to bring us deep spiritual daily devotionals. Most of the time it hits what I’m dealing with at that present time. I only have one question about this devotion. On the part where it says God is our only salvation and there is no one else. Shouldn’t be that Jesus is our Salvation? BC it is Jesus who saved us and we can only go through Jesus in order to be saved. I understand that they are all one combined in the God head, but for someone who is recently learning, that might create confusion for them. I didn’t want that to confuse someone to think that God is our Lord and Savior and not the true Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ.

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