A Word from the LORD

“There is Nothing Too Hard for Me”

“I, the Lord, will set things in order for you! I will set you free. I will set your feet on a firm foundation. I will set you on fire for My glory. Don’t you see? There’s nothing too hard for Me. What I set, none can move. What I set in place and establish by My name, no one can undo. When you turn your heart toward Me, I turn to you. I will establish you in My love and remove all your shame. I will set you free and give you a new name. Sin will not dominate you anymore. Fear won’t run your life anymore. Let Me set things in order for you. Set your heart on Me and I will bless you. Set your mind on Me and I will show you great and mighty things you’ve never known. Will you let Me set you free? Will you let Me set your feet? Will you let Me set you on fire? You are not too hard for Me. Your problem is not too challenging for Me. It’s a light thing for Me to deliver you and place you in My perfect will. I will bring you out and bring you in. I will set you free to be all I made you to be. This is My will for you. Don’t you see? This is why, my child, it’s not too hard for Me. Like a caterpillar is destined to be a butterfly, nothing can change your destiny in Me. You will be transformed. You will be changed. You will be born anew, and you will walk in all that I prepared for you. I say it again, I will set things in order for you. I will set you free. I will set your feet on a firm foundation. I will set you on fire for Me.”

Scripture References: Jeremiah 32:27; Psalms 119:133; Psalms 40:2; Psalms 91:14-16

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22 thoughts on “A Word from the LORD”

  1. Thank you Lord you have spoken , you have answer my daily prayers i was praying early this morning and was asking you to help me get my life and finances in order, you answer my cry.Thank you Father for loving me and loving all your daughters derrect each one of us and give us faith and a life of prayer to see your hand manifested in every area of our lives. Help us live a holy life in obedience to you. Thank Father, Son and Holy Spirit amen… Thank you Keisha love you, got you in my prayers i bless you in Jesus name amen.❤🌷

      1. I know that’s right…God is good to us all the time…Blessings be back at you and yours on this beautiful day…joe

  2. Thank you Lord for delivery this beautiful devotion though this Ministry set me free oh Lord help me set me on a strong foundation and the name of Jesus Amen

  3. Thank you Jesus. I believe all you have said concerning me and i claim all in Jesus name. Amen!!! God bless you Sis Keisha and may God continue to use you mightly. Amen.

  4. Sister Keisha may the Almighty God richly bless you as you avail yourself for His use to bless His children. May He enlarge your coast. I’m blessed everyday I read your devotions. This day is super.

  5. Thank you sister Kesha for hearing from the Lord..I receive and believe this encouraging word. Blessings back to you and your family many, many times over💜

  6. Glory be to God on high! I receive it in Jesus name. Thank you Father for your word of hope and your promises that are to be fulfilled in our lives. Love you Jesus 💖💖

  7. HALLELUJAH! I’m smiling while reading every sentence of GOD’S Word. HE has spoken directly to me, through you! Thank you Sister, for your humble obedience to our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS. Every promise is confirmation of what FATHER GOD has said and revealed to me in the hidden places of my valley and mountain top experiences on my journey thus far. EVERYthing JESUS died for me (us) to have is mine (ours)! It has my name on it and FATHER GOD has more than enough to go around, HE owns the cattle on a thousands hills…HE is CREATOR of ALL things GOOD! Thank YOU FATHER GOD for your Unfailing Love! GREAT is YOUR FAITHfulness!

  8. Hallelujah Praise God, Thank you my LORD for setting me FREE and setting things in order for me. Thank you for a Word from you my LORD, I’ve been praying and quoting this Scripture to God for the past time…Is there anything to hard for me….what confirmation👍👌🙆‍♀️Thank you Father, I’ll be waiting to see in excitement you Setting things in Order and Setting me Free. In Jesus Name Amen 💖💜💞💕💛❤💚🎀😍😁

  9. Thank you Almighty God for speaking directly to my heart and knowing my prayer to you to set me free and place me on a firm foundation, I just want You to be glorified in my life.
    This word from you today Lord is TOTALLY for me Lord, and I receive it in JESUS NAME .Thank you DOTK family

  10. Thank you, I needed that. It was an answer to prayer. Our God is an awesome God! Thank you for being obedient ❤️

  11. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!……
    Lord, I THANK YOU!! Confirmation..AGAIN!! Yesterday was a rough day, because the Lord is STILL working with & in me, sometimes(& yesterday was TRULY one of those times)I have to STOP🚫take my hands off a situation & GIVE IT TO THE LORD IN “QUICK PRAYER”..when it comes to your Family, especially CHILDREN, who are unable to defend themselves against adults..emotions sometimes get in the way of logic…I had to do some SERIOUS HEAVY PRAYING! This devotional was just what I needed!! The Lord ALWAYS gives us who & what we need, when we need them or it..& I’m sooooo THANKFUL/GRATEFUL..HE TRULY IS AN ON TIME GOD!!!
    Now, I can go to the school with my entire ARMOUR OF GOD ON!!
    Lord, I can’t Thank You ENOUGH for Sister Keisha & Her Team!! May You CONTINUE To Bless Them & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Them, This Awesome Ministry & My DOTK Sisters/Family💖
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

    1. I Too would like to shout out Our Beloved Faithful sisters in the ”FAITH OF GOD D.O.T.K. Ministies” Amen HE’S AN ONTIME GOD YES HE IS ”WON’T HE DO IT” ”YES HE WILL!!! AMEN SALUTE…

      1. Peace & Blessings Sister Princess💖!!!
        🎤He may not come when you want Him..
        But He’ll be there right on time…
        He’s an..ON TIME GOD..
        YES HE IS🎵!!!!

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