Relationship Wisdom – DOTK LIVE – Sunday 7pm, EST

Hi Ladies, on tomorrow’s DOTK (Daughters of the King) LIVE, I will be sharing wisdom on relationships. I would like to answer as many questions as I can from God’s Word. Please send your questions in by messaging us to our Facebook inbox or commenting here. Remember, no devotionals will be posted on Sundays. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday @ 7pm, (US Eastern Standard Time) on or on our app! Hugs and blessings! Kesha Trippett

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording in the video section of our app!

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44 thoughts on “Relationship Wisdom – DOTK LIVE – Sunday 7pm, EST”

  1. God Bless You Woman of God❤

    I’m 62 years young and I truly believe and know that nothing is to hard for God and that he will give me the desires of my heart..

    My relationship question is; what’s the most important thing to do, Bible verse to read or daily Prayer, to prepare for a Godly man of God?

      1. Sis Kesha,
        I’ve started my list and I learned a lot from your answers and comments to other questions. I realize that I had lowered my standards because I didn’t feel I was loveable and because of many personal issues that you also touched on but I’m waiting and trusting God now as I diligently seek Him and His path for me. Glory to God for keeping me.

        Thank You and Much Love! Looking forward to Part 2..

    1. Hi! Sis my mom Has dementia its been hard for all of us my brothers & Sisters are arguing with eachother. My mother needs a stable place and my family needs to step in!! help with Mom its been so overwhelming God Is In Control Amen🙏

      1. Hello Sister in Christ, I understand how you are feeling. My Mom is recently diagnosed with dementia also and I’m an only child. My Dad is overwhelmed as well and he’s 82 and not saved but with Faith and Prayers there’s nothing to hard for God. You and you’re family are in my prayer❤

  2. What should you do when God reveals to you your husband, who has no idea that you are his wife, and the two of you are not even in a relationship? I find it hard to wait on God’s timing because I am at the point where I want to settle down, I know I shouldn’t but I have gotten tired of waiting and have gone on dates and tired getting to know other men. So my question is, in waiting is it okay to date other men or what should I do in this situation?

    1. Hi Marlyse,
      If you say God has already showed you, then you should be patient and wait. Patience is a virtue. God do everything decent and in order. I pray that you wait on the Lord and while you’re waiting, your strength is renewed. Be blessed my sister…

    2. I say make sure it’s God and if you want to keep it real make sure it’s not your flesh, The word of God tells us a man that finds a wife finds a good thing, I’ve been there and done that and it was the worst choice I ever made he called himself a minister we got married and two months later he walked out after two months of being married; It caused me heartaches pain shame and imbarisment but I over came by much prayer and fasting praying friends and mother a year or so pass I meet the husband God had for me and this coming November will be 13 years we been married so I say watch and pray make sure it’s of God.

  3. How do I deal with a toxic relationship with my ex who I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter with ? I feel like he still gives me anxiety even though we are not together, he has verbally abused me for over 6yrs and he is an alcoholic. I prayed before but now I feel like I have a harder time forgiving him because he has done so much emotional harm to me that my spirit got so broken, but I’m in the process of mending it..

  4. I divorced my ex husband 7 years ago because I was unhappy with the “friendship” he had with another woman who is now his wife. I met someone and we are engaged but this year I found myself on a spiritual journey and I’ve learnt things I didn’t know before about divorce and re-marriage. I want to please God and I don’t know what to do about my relationship with my fiance. He is also a divorcee. How will I know if God approves of our relationship or not?

  5. My husband committed adultry in June if this was a month before he told me. He was going to leave me for her in June & I have beeb trying to kick him out for 2 months. Then I decided that I am not going to give up on my marriage. I love him too much. So now i faithful & obedient to God and leaving our marriage in Gods hands. How long do i wait until my marriage is completely restored.

  6. My husband n me are away from each other from last 1 &,half year.There was a silly reason but they made issue n had put false allegations on me.i was blamed badly.He finally send a divorce notice to me.i am praying hard and fasting for my husband n mother in law.My husband is under witchcraft power.i am facing very bad suitations in my life but i still hope that one day they wil take me back home..i am the mother of his two unborn children but he forgot all. I know him he is very nic human n loves me like anythng but he din evn tried to call me ph me from one n half year .My mother in law was also very good but she alwys thought that his son loves n cares me more than her.i never imagined myself without them.But they had put very bad allegations on me..please pray a interceding prayer for me n my husband.pray for our marriage restoration.My husbands had loved me a lot but he forgot all..please do pray for us.people make fun of me,laugh at me.I am living a life of a widow..kindly pray along with me.i cnt explain my current suitation to anyone.but i can sy i was innocent..Then y i am suffering? How much more to wait fr my answer to prayer? When these witchcraft power wil be broken? When my husband wil return back to me? He somtime says i am his wife n the next moment he says he dnt want me..i am just me much more to fast? I will do anythng.just guide me in prayers ..

    1. I would love to remarried again. But it’s so hard dating a man that just want SEX. I’ve been single for Almost 9yrs now 44yrs with no children. My body belongs to the Lord not some guy that’s not my husband… Sometimes I think God Forgot me or I’ve something wrong? That’s the Devil playing tricks on my mind..

  7. In a courting relationship, if someone truly loves Jesus and seems right to you in every possible way but have weaknesses in certain areas… especially to do with mastrubation that really affects your relationship as you feel convicted that even if you don’t engage in it, because he does it while communicating with you, (but he doesn’t see it as sin or convicted about it when it is brought up in discussion and confronted)… what do you do? Stay in the relationship praying for God to change these weaknesses or leave eventhough in every other way he seems to be the right person. Any advice is much appreciated!

  8. Grace and peace. My question is how do handle dealing someone sp who spiritually when they are moody with you. One minute they are loving next minute they do not speak and justify their behavior. To me it appears to be a spirit of doublemindness. The bad part of it, it is a person in leadership. It leaves me puzzled sometimes where you are just being courteous in saying hello. I do not know to appoach this person anymore.

  9. My husband is an excellent provider. I’ve been a stay at home mom to our 2 kids for a few years now. It seems that because he provides he feels as if he can be verbally abusive and disrespectful.. he’s cheated on me several times and I’ve forgiven him but I feel such resentment towards him. I want my family but how do I know when its time to let go? Im tired of being degraded.

  10. How do i know when its time to move on or stay in a relationship Iv been in for 12yrs with a narcissist with 2 beautiful girls? I cheated he begged me to stay and said he would forgive me but its been well over a year and everyday is a constant reminder of what i did but cant speak of all the abusive things he has done to me.He is annoyed by the children and always wants me with him.When its good its good but when its bad its bad n lasts for weeks. I pray everday for God to show me but i just dont know.

    1. Wow. I know exactly where you’re coming from sis. Only God can change a person but when do you know if God is actually telling you, “You deserve better my child.” I don’t believe in divorce but I know in certain circumstances it is permissible. Staying and being resentful only makes matters worse because there’s no respect in the marriage. Of course, God is a miracle worker but some times our plans aren’t his.

      Be blessed.

  11. My question concern my oldest son who just turned 18. He is in a season when he thinks he knows everything & is invincible. He’s moved in with his grandparents a couple months ago. At times he is very pleasant & helpful. Other times He is very curt & rude to his grandparents and myself. He’s planning to move out on his own in 2 week, and his grandparents says he needs to go cause he has exhausted their energy. On his birthday he received lots of cash to help with his move, but he has spent most of it. Should I let him figure this out on his own as a natural consequence or help pay for his apartment to help not just him, but also his grandparents? It hard to know where to draw the line and he can be very manipulative.
    Praying for clarity, wisdom, & discernment.
    Thank you!

  12. Here is my marital relationship: I am saved, not sure if my husband is or not, but he claims Christianity with his mouth. I am in the word and prayer daily, also attend church. He frequently dodges church even when he is available and not working. His boundaries are totally open, meaning curse words, movies with blasphemous and vulgar language are enjoyed via Netflix or theater. Christ is not the center of our marriage. I do not want to continue arguing with him about these things. I continue to pray with him and have learned how not to fight about it. Any other advice you can give me? I completeted a Christian codependency group and have the tools necessary to realize I am powerless over anyone’s behavior, decisions, etc. Thanks

  13. How do you know when God wants you to hold on to a relationship or when he wants you to let go? How do you discern Gods voice from your own thoughts?

  14. I have a comment and a question .Comment first , I want to say thank you to the women’s of God who bring the daily devotion it have TRULY been a blessing in my spiritual journey .May God continue to bless each and everyone of you as you in Courage and bless God’s people
    My Question what do I do to keep my faith strong as I’m waiting on God to send the man he has for you .I’m 57 and have been divorce for over 20 years , I’m getting weary in the waiting process , now I have heard people say so many time get busy do the things you need to do and ask God to help you be the woman and the wife God want you to be . And I have done all the above , what do I do when I’m feeling lost .

  15. I broke the heart of the only man that I’ve ever loved and that loves me. I’ve been really selfish in our relationship and he’s decided to call it quits. I have always prayed for God to be the center of our relationship and He has been, revealing to me my ways but it’s always seems to be too late after I understand what I’ve done and that a lot of my ways stem from my parents dysfunctional marriage and my spiritual growth as a woman. I love this man with all my heart and he deserves all my love, not my mess. We’re both devastated because I ruined our future. My guy feels that his heart has been a sacrifice in my spiritual growth journey. I pray that this isn’t true because this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with and God has even revealed our daughter in my dreams. How do I figure out what God wants me to do when I’ve hurt the one I love?

  16. I felt God told me to let go of my narcissistic husband years ago and finally almost two years ago I placed a restraining order against him and pursued divorce. He has been difficult to motivate, he will say he will do things for the process then he doesn’t act. Finally this past week he hired his own attorney, moved in with his girlfriend and blamed me for everything. In the meantime I was involved with a sociopath boyfriend for 8 months. I ended that once I saw the light. What can I do in this season of darkness, pain and waiting? I’m 33 and I havent had a chance to start a family and question the death of that dream altogether. What do I do with these questions that have no answers?

  17. Hello, I’m not really sure how to post my comment but I have a question. I have known this for a year and a few months. We were in a relationship for about 8 months. He is a very good man and I still love him but I love my relationship with God more. The problem is he doesn’t believe in God. I know you can’t be unequally yoked so that why I didn’t continue the relationship. I stopped talking to him for a few months after the break up and decided to be friends. But he still wants a us to be together and still have love for him. So my question is, is it wrong to still talk with him on the regular
    knowing how he feels about me? Am I leading him on?

  18. I have been divorced from my husband for almost 18 years (got divorced in my late 20’s), his decision. Since then I have not been in another relationship because I know the Bible speaks about divorce and remarriage being adultery (as long as the other spouse is alive) and that one should remain unmarried or reconcile. My ex husband (who is a senior pastor of a prominent church in North America has remarried twice – so he is on his third wife).My question is: what should I do in this situation? I am scared to remarry (and go against the word of God) but sometimes I get very lonely being on my own. (I have no kids).

  19. How do you know when it is time to stand still or get out of it? When you’ve been praying and you see a change but other christians who pray for u say its time to leave? But in your spirit u dont feel like it is God saying that

  20. What is your advice on dealing with hurt after being in a relationship with a narcissistic person? Should one seek counseling to sort through toxic emotions, thoughts, etc?

  21. I’ve been married for 5 years now and my husband is struggling with me being spiritually active at church. He always have something flip to say about me practicing with the praise dance team at church. What do I do when my desire is to dance before the Lord and my husband is against my church involvement?

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