When you know your season.

“To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1, NKJV.

My favorite season is Spring because nothing compares to enduring a harsh Winter and then being rewarded with new life and green all around. But no matter how much I enjoy watching the flowers bloom, I can’t demand the earth to remain in this wonderful season all year long. It is inevitable that the season will change. In life, there are seasons when we must sow and seasons when we must reap a harvest. There are seasons when we pour into others and seasons when we must allow ourselves to be poured into. There are seasons of preparation, and seasons when God says, now it is time for you to meet with your purpose and destiny. The important thing is for us to know what season God has us in, and we find this out by asking, “Father, what season am I in right now? Show me Lord, and help me to receive your grace to make the most of this season of my life.” When you know what season you are in, you won’t look at what someone else is experiencing and feel down and discouraged. You’ll know a change of seasons is coming because you understand your times and seasons are in God’s hands and He is good!

Prayer: Father, my times and seasons are in your hands. Help me understand what season I’m in. I trust in your wisdom and I thank you for guiding me through every season of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-11; Philippians 4:11)

11 thoughts on “When you know your season.”

  1. Thank you seasons for come to and end and new ones begin
    Some are good for you others can be pruning and ready for new growth
    Right now it just hurts
    And my time is near to be planted and now reap a harvest of everything God has prepared me for I am not sure what it is but God who leads me there will see me through it
    I do believe it
    I have been home since Jan of this year and I thought what a waste of my time
    Then I was reminded it is for this season HE has prepared me for
    Ready He we go
    Only God knows the plans for my life
    Thank you for this
    As I was just thinking and cry and praying this season will come to an end
    And prosper with Gods word in my heart
    Thank you for such an early morning blessing

    1. Praying for you while you are being promoted to your destiny. I too have experienced such isolation and is presently going through yet another phase of a “be still” mode. I can only tell that only God knows the plans for you, plans to not harm or hurt you but to bless you more into His likeness. With this will come isolation because HE has much to talk to you about because HE has much for you to do. Be encouraged and know that God is for you, protecting you for whatever reason and that HE will let you know why soon enough. Continue to trust Him no matter what things are looking like and know that God loves you very, very much! HE has plans to prosper you not harm you, amen!

  2. To achieve dreams it helps to study successful ppl,but then I got sad, cuz I got so much going against me , unlike them and they usually achieved starting when they in their teens or early twenties. (And ofc they always boast how hard it was for them, and how they overcame things all cuz they say they be so superior). N I feel seasons is older and older, n later later, n time running out I be dead soon. So I try to study to be successful, and it demotivates me and reminds me of all the reasons I can’t succeed, cuz I lack the pieces in their story, that caused their success, such as them not having severe disability, abuse n traumas etc problems. By the time I overcome my mental health illnesses I prolly be in my eighties or nineties and soon dead. N life completely wasted. So the seasons are like meh. Evil ppl have great lives tho. What’s the point of any seasons when dreams can never happen. But hopefully I feel better in a bit

      1. Amen Kimberly! God can restore those things the canker worm ate up. HE can just speak or think someone into their wealthy, healthy, prosperous place because time is nothing to God. HE can mount us on wings of eagles if we faint not!

  3. I need the Lord allow me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His voice that I may know what season I am in. Obedience is better than sacrifice. For the Lord’s Glory. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  4. My Sista, my Sista…. what a beautiful & timely planting. May The Master to continue to flow within you & allow an outpouring that will stir up & plant seedlings for HIS harvest.

  5. Father God I need you in every seasons Thank you Father God for all your teaching 🙏🏽❤💞

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