Let’s be content!

“Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” Hebrews 13:5, NKJV

There’s a song that says, “I need more, more, more. Jesus, more of you.” It’s a beautiful song by Joann Rosario that reminds us of our constant need of the Lord. Over the course of my life, I have often changed the words of that song to, “I need more, more, more. Jesus, more and more stuff!”

Today, we don’t hear a lot about the sin of covetousness, but it’s rampant among Christians. We want a bigger house, a nicer car, a better living room set. A bigger church, a nicer figure, a better job. Notice the pattern? Bigger, nicer, better. Anything that we feel would make us happier, we want it desperately and feel discontent until we have it. But a sign of a mature believer is when we have learned how to be content. The apostle Paul said, “I have learned in whatsoever state I’m in to be content” (see Philippians 4:11). This is coming from someone who was imprisoned several times and who suffered unbelievably while in ministry. How could he have learned contentment? The Holy Spirit taught him, just as He is teaching God’s people today.

The enemy will always tell you that happiness is somewhere other than where you are right now. Don’t believe him. Instead, make the best out of where you are.

God doesn’t mind us wanting more, He just wants us to be happy with what we have while we pursue better. It makes no sense at all to be grumpy while you wait on your Boaz, grumpy while you wait to have children, grumpy while you wait for a vacation, grumpy while you wait to get a more spacious house. God doesn’t respond to our grumpiness. He responds to our faith. A key indicator that we are in faith is our contentment in Him. Choose to be happy and satisfied with what you have, and God will bless you. Enjoy where you are while you get to where you’re going. Understand contentment doesn’t mean complacency. It is truly liberating when we no longer allow our circumstances to have control over our happiness.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for preaching to me today by your Holy Ghost. Help me Lord to learn how to be content with what you’ve given me. Teach me by your Holy Ghost to be happy with myself and not be covetous. Forgive me Lord of all sin in my heart. Set me free by your power and love to live a content life through Jesus. Amen.

10 thoughts on “Let’s be content!”

  1. Thank You Lord for Your provision and all You allow me to have and bless me with.

    I said yesterday that I didn’t need another thing. Today You touch Sis. Kesha once again to show that I am in agreement with that is being spoken at this time. Strengthen me to walk that is required out. For Your Glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 🙏🙌

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

    1. Thank you thank you speaking to my hear deeply I don’t want to be coveteoness over what others have I will wait on what God has for me nevertheless because my faith says that GOD has for me what is for me .Lord you are faithful,and I will have more of you IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN!!!!💝💝

  2. Amen!!!
    Thank You, Lord, for Your teaching Holy Spirit that leads and guides us in all truth. Holy Spirit, thank You for being our Comforter, Leader, and Guide. Never leaving us alone!! Father God, I thank You for Your compassion and always being faithful!! 🙌🙌🙏❤

  3. Yes Lord please help me be content with what you gave me and believe in what I’m praying for will come. in this lifetime.In Jesus name I pray and believe Amen. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Amen sis! It’s so important to remain with a content heart so we are not getting lost in finding the blessings in everyday with what God has already given us. And even if we feel hopeless, there is always something the Lord is blessing us with, even if it’s a lesson in the waiting! Hes always preparing us for something more, and maybe he needs to see if we can handle having “more” first!!! I also grew up loving that song, it’s such a beautiful song, sis. Thanks for your daily devos. I read them every single day! They are always on time.

  5. Dear Lord God , I have been that person that give praise for what I have and pray in faith for the things I need ,I also desire better , but wait on the lord after I pray! U thank you for thus word my sister ,sometimes our minds need refreshing ! Please do a post in on extreme thinking or over thinking if the lord put the word in your heart ! I really need spiritual healing for this! Amen

  6. WOW!!! This minister to me so strongly. I believe that while I wait for GOD’s prophetic word to manifest in my life, that I will be joyful in my wait. I will keep my eyes on JESUS, and not on the natural things. They will come; He is truly preparing me and that’s what makes the wait worth it 💯✝🙌

  7. WOW!! I needed to hear this!! Thank you for allowing God to speak this prophetic word and I Receive it! God bless You ❤️❤️

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