A message from God's heart for you.

“I will help you stay the course. I will help you not veer too far to the left or to the right. As you keep your eyes on Me and as you keep yourself hidden in Me, I will help you make progress. True progress. That’s what you seek, and that’s what I will give. I provide a change in the heart and in the mind. I provide transformation of the life and I make an exchange with you that can not be undone. I take your burden and I give you My joy. I take your captivity and I give you My freedom. Don’t you see? In Me, you live, move and have your being. So stay in Me. Stay in Me. Stay in Me. If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, daughter, you can ask whatever you will and it will be done to you. For you. In you. Through you. Let Me do in you what I’ve been desiring to do. Draw close and hide in Me, and you will be safe from all harm. No enemy can remove you from your secret place in Me. No enemy can pluck you from My hand. No enemy can separate you from My love. No enemy can change or alter My course for your life. It is set. The stage is set. My plans for you are set. Come to Me and eat of My Word, and drink of Me. I will fill you completely and satisfy every area of your life. You will hunger no more. You will thirst no more. And your joy will be made full to the overflowing. Overflow with Me. That’s what the people in your life are waiting to see. My sons and daughters are being revealed and it is a great unveiling that is taking place. There’s so much more for you to taste and see. Stay in Me. Stay in Me. Stay in Me. Says the Spirit of the Lord.”

Prayer: Yes, Father. I receive your word and I will stay in you. Help me to cling to you for dear life. I am desperate for you. Reveal yourself in me. Don’t let any sin have dominion over me. Strengthen me as I come to you. You are my life. It’s in you that I live, move and have my being. I love you with everything I have. Thank you for loving me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you” John 15:7, ESV.

(Read Acts 17:28; Romans 8:19; Isaiah 55:2; John 10:29)

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29 thoughts on “A message from God's heart for you.”

  1. Thank you Father God..I need it to hear your word today . thank you Father God for speaking to you.. Have your way in me. Help me Jesus I feel like a dry flower.

  2. You always speak to my heart, but reading your testimony was great. It sounds so much like mine except today because I’ve never been a drinker but so much, I can almost say all of the rest of it is mine. Thank you for your devotionals and God bless you abundantly more.

  3. AMEN! Thank you for today’s message.

    Mrs. D. Stewart
    I thank GOD for using The DOTK ministry for your awesome gifts to bless and encourage us all every morning.
    May the Father bless you with many blessing and strengthen your lives so that you all can continue blessing others.

  4. Lord I believe in you & your every word. I’m claiming all things are good & just in your sight this morning. Thank you for surrounding with your love.

    Thanks to DOTK for allowing the Lord to used you ministry to blessed hearts

  5. Thank you Lord,
    For being my Father daddy God, who I can call on at anytime and, you will answer me. Thank you Lord for, the message from your heart and speaking directly to my heart. And, For your Angels that you have assigned to me.

  6. THANK YOU JESUS, I will stay in you. This message is for me with crying tears as I read GOD’S words for me. THANK YOU JESUS, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  7. God is god all the time, I love having him the head of my life. I was just praying this morning that I take more of him in, eat, drink and everything for starting the year as a new Christian in life. This morning read is all I look for this year and the rest of my day. Thank you God for those wonderful words on the bless morning.

  8. We CLING to YOU SWEET JESUS 👑 We are nothing without YOU❗🙌💖 OVERFLOW❗👐☝☝☝ hallelujah❗🙋🎉🎁🎉

  9. Thank you Heavenly Father God for your blessings and your word today I needed it.
    I love you God, I love you Jesus, I love you Holy Ghost.

  10. Thank you DOT family!! This message and your testimony is just what I needed to hear. I will cling to you Lord, my life I present to you, take it and have your way with me. I have been running from you O Lord, but I still have not found peace, joy, happiness that last, it always fades away. I’m tired and weary of running from you, because you are always near picking me up. I ccommit my life to you and ask you to have your way in me. I surrender to you my God. Empty me of selfand of me and Restore what’s left in me, refill me with all of you, rekindle your fire within me. In Jesus name I pray

  11. Thank you Father God..
    For bring me to this page..of daily devotionals to.us .you always know what to say to us thankyou. D.o.t.sister. may the lord blessyou all..

  12. What a perfect word for me and many of my sister’s in Christ Jesus !!! I’m also in recovery and currently in a step study at Celebrate Recovery which is an awesome journey from brokenness to wholeness. Jesus I love you sooo very much, Thank-You for choosing me to walk with you and for all the many blessings you have given me.

  13. Father thank you. I have been feeling so lost and i needed to hear this. Help me to focus on you and to keep my mind from wondering. I want you to take full control of my life.

  14. Yes Lord that’s where I belong in Your Presence that’s where I am strong! Thank You for hiding me in the secret place of Your heart. In You we have everything we need, joy, love and peace. In You we have victory over the enemy, there You fight the battle for us. Help us to fear You as our Most High God to honour and revere You for Who You are then we will obey You and not grieve or quench the Holy Spirit living in us. The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom. Help us in our weakness. In You Jesus is our life, in You we are hidden in God where the enemy has no effect. We exalt Your name for ever!

  15. When i began reading this devotional the first few lines jumped right out at me. I had this overwhelming feeling in my heart and stomach that this was for me. Heavenly Father i pray and ask with every fiber of my being to transform my mind, heart, life my everything to do your will. Take control of my life and have your way. Help me to hold on to your unchanging hands. I give you all the praise and glory.

  16. This just puts my feelings into perspective. I needed to read this and God was on point. He is my focus and my life depends on it. God is so amazing!
    Thank you DOTK for being his handmaidens❤️

  17. Lord I think you for your word. I receive your word today. Thank you Lord hearing my heart cry last night and you gave me a word today. How sweet it is to get a message from your throne room. You answered me. Lord I give you all the Glory. Love you Father.

  18. Last night I cried from emotional hurt and pain, today I cried again for the same pain, but I thanked God, my Savior for this test. Today’s message truly encouraged me reminding me that it is trulying in Him who I have my being, my life and peace. I wish I could print this out to read it daily. Thank you, DOTK sisters for your spiritual blessings in my life.

  19. Transformation, what an amazing thing to experience. It sets one free from the chains that bind you, some I didn’t know were even there. I thank God for the freedom he has gifted me with, a freedom I never knew I needed until now.

  20. I truly felt God speaking to me…I put this one in my journal. Thank you for being the messenger.

    Thank you God, You are such a great Father! Love you!

  21. Thank u for your testimony. All of my life I have felt as if I’ve had to wear a mask pretending like everything is alright. Glad to see that I am not a long. Thank u Jesus for a message I needed to here.

  22. I cried so much when I read this message from God’s Heart.My husband of 35 yrs went to be with the Lord on February 14th 2008. I was hurting so bad inside.We both worked in the ministry in our church ,so when he died I lost my passion for certain things .After reading this message I have been inspired so much. My father Jesus is telling me to stay with him, stay with him, stay with him.I love the Lord with everything in me.He’s the best husband ever!

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