A Message from God’s Heart for You

“Why is the LORD bringing us into this land, to fall by the sword? Our wives and our little ones will become a prey. Would it not be better for us to go back to Egypt?” And they said to one another, “Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt” Numbers 14:3-4, ESV.

“There’s nothing for you in those old places where I delivered you. Don’t go back to bondage. Hold fast to My promise. If you hold on for a little while longer, I will make a way out of no way for you and your family. If you will obey Me and follow My ways, I will help you reach your place of promise. I will supply all your need according to My riches in glory in Christ Jesus. I am Jehovah-jireh your provider and I will keep My promise to you.”

(Read Genesis 22:14; Isaiah 43:19; Philippians 4:19)

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17 thoughts on “A Message from God’s Heart for You”

  1. Wow. Fro. Yesterday to today I receive this message. Man things have been so rough.going through this divorce and custody battle has been detrimental to my soul. But I’m holding on tight that God will make a way and bring me out victorious. Please keep my mental state in prayer

    1. I’m right there with you Sister Camille, In a similar situation & I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers & I’d appreciate the same…I’m Just givin it *ALL UP TO THE LORD*🙌🏻&Just focusing on my kids and getting myself stronger body, mind&soul🛐

  2. Glory to God I need to hear a words from the Lord though you sister thank you for allowing God to use you and your ministry God is my provider in my protective and all in the name of Jesus I believe you God and I need you daily and my walk right now and the name of Jesus here I am oh Lord in the name of Jesus help me to walk with you and continue to trust your Plans Amen ❤❤🌷🌷

  3. I am encouraged by this message dealing with some financial difficulties and uncertainty at work. Hold on! MRR

  4. Thank you.for sharing, I must say it hasn’t been easy for me lately not certain, as to what direction to take I’m being tested for what purpose or reason not certain.
    At times I find myself in an upside down world as to which way to go, I’ve been though a lot in such a short time but thank god every minute of the day trust me if it were not for him I wouldn’t be able to go forward for he is my strength, the air in my lungs the joy in my heart and at times sorrow because he allows me to feel and experience everything, no one said it would be easy, I know for a fact that he has a sense of humor he shows me in different ways
    May this day be a glorious day filled with joy, Peace , harmony most grateful that I was given another day above ground, I will walk with pride with my head up high for I am a child of god and he is my shield.
    In your name Father God Amen .

    1. Amen Father. Teach us to live, & not be burdened with the past & old bandages, teach us to live & experience joy daily, you are a good God, that’s who YOU are!

      1. MONIQUE,…Thatz DEFINITELY something that I have been fighting with for years now, to♡ Let go & Let GOD♡&just giv it ALL TO HIM, 2 BEABLE TO LET GO &JUST to beable to Let Go of the pain of my past
        Cause it’s kept me from moving forward❗I will pray in agreement with you to beable too, As well…🛐
        ❤☮😊…AMEN❣ AMEN

  5. First like to say, THANK YOU, GOD!! For always being here for me. You have never ever let me down. When I am going through, You make a way out of no way. And I a THANKFUL🙌🏽❤️..YOU ATE MY EVERYTHING..I thank you for this message, I receive it, and believe it..All praises to God. In your son JESUS name, AMEN ❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🤗

  6. Thank you God for the message today. For speaking through this beautiful woman. I will keep holding on because I know you have great things ahead for me. Help me not to look back, but to move forward. I need your prayers, also going through a divorce.

  7. Good Morning Yahweh,

    Thank you for speaking through this faithful woman. Yesterday, I broke down. I recently started a new job that I have been praying of for over 5-6 years. It’s in my career field. However, it’s a job that requires much more of me and is less structured than what I am use to. I have always had a problem with time management, with focus, brainstorming effectively and setting priorities and thinking critically. This job requires all of that. IT also requires my creativity which I feel I have lost that part of myself for years. I have always felt I have some form of ADD. Anyways…I broke down because I was so overwhelmed by what this job requires. I started to doubt myself and the person I confided in made me even more mad because he said…”well go back to your old mundane job”. I was already so upset and that just pushed me over the edge. But after reading this I realized I was acting just like the Iseralites. I was sulking and mentally wishing I could return to the old just because it was easier and familiar. But I thank Yahweh that I believe He will help me overcome this battle. I pray that You will heal my mind, replace my mind with Your wisdom, with you creativity, with Your focus, with Your knowing. I no longer rely on my insecurities, I no longer talk down to myself in my thoughts. I know that come May 16, 2020–I will look back and know and everyone else will know that the only reason I made it, the only reason he will elevate me and help me to be the best in this position…is because of You Lord. It would be in my power but by Your Spirit. I declare right now that I am not my thoughts, I am not what I lack but I am all of who You are. And you my Lord are a King, Prince of Peace, Lord of all Lords. So whom shall I fear. You make crooked paths straight. You make beauty out of ashes. I know that in whatever hour I am in….you will give me the right words to say, the right things to do, the right things to write.
    I pray that anyone that deals with self doubt reading this stands in agreement with me through Christ that we are more than conquers and We can all do it through not our power, but His. Just hang in there. Feed your spirit with spirit. Get off social media for a while and feed yourself with Bible. Sacrifice time for prayer. Sacrifice cravings for a fast. We can do it. I believe that 5/16/2020 will not look like today, but will look unbelievably different.

  8. Praise my Holy Father who provides us with all good things. He redeemed me from my sins and gave me His Holy Spirit so that I can walk with Him in grace and mercies looking to today for His directions He always enriching my path thru good and hard times I Love you Jesus 🙏❤️🙏

  9. Aonalysis leads to paralyzes.one time when.I was on my knees trying to figure everything out God spoke to my heart. He said to me I did not ask you to figure everything out I asked you to trust me! Wow did that hit me. Cuz it was true
    I think.we try to figure it out So we can control the outcome. It was too hard of a job. So I resigned as God of the universe and let him take over. The bible confirms it. It says trust in the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths. . God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…..the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to I ow the difference. Thank you Lord that you came for the sick and the sinner. You came to seek and save the lost
    I pray for more of you. More of your Grace and mercy and healing for my family and me. My heart is crying out for all of us. In Jesus name I ask. Please help us All here today. Love your daughter.Barbara. thank you FATHER. I love you

  10. I am damonnesha deshell hogan an this app of deviations really saved my life an pushing forward thank u my almight god for who ever made this ..for a women like me i very well appreciate this because in my hard times of trouble..i come too read this too keep my mind on track an too stay on my life path ..thank u who ever u are an i love u

  11. Sister Triplett,

    I want to thank you for your obedience and continuing in with this app in faith. I’ve been reading it for many years. I found it by the grace of God and it has been a blessing to my soul. I praise God for you. You are a light!

  12. Praise and blessings plus father God the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit I am with all of your sister’s going through all of the same thing at the same time God place a hedge of protection over us give us peace as we say thank you thank you for the tribulations that you brought us through for the only makes us stronger return not to Egypt and focus on the Promised Land it is ours remove the burdens from my heart and give us peace and joy thank you Father God thank you thank you thank you for another day help us to walk in your light and be an example to others you have created us an order our steps you know I Destiny and I purpose help us to fulfill it this day Lord bless you bless you bless you father God thank you thank you thank you hallelujah hallelujah amen

  13. Father, thank You soooo much for Your promises. I know that Your word is true and every promise is sure! Thank You for speaking directly to my heart this morning, I am receptive and extremely grateful! Help me by Your power to NEVER EVER go back to those ‘old places’ that You have delivered me from, NEVER EVER to ‘bondage’ again! Thanks for being my sole PROVIDER! I love You.

  14. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD” and KING. I Truly from my Heart mind soul and strength believe, receive and put my Trust in YOU my LORD,” Thank YOU” for hearing my Prayers my Cries, holding me protecting me even when i felt alone i knew YOU were here with me never leaving me nor forsaking me. Thank YOU” for YOUR LOVE message. I LOVE YOU too my LORD” ” my GOD my KING of KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank You Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” Yes thoughts have crossed my mind to just go move back to where i lived it seemed easier to deal with, than I’d pondered and thought whom am i kidding! No i can’t go back. GOD” I know that YOU know that i can handle only so much this Battle has been so intensed like I’ve been fighting against my thoughts coming against and repenting against the thoughts that are truly not GOD’S nor mine. But humbling my self before HIM and Praying for HIS Mercy and forgiveness. Praying for Breakthrough in every area of my life,Healings Deliverance, Spiritually Physically and Emotionally. That i may run into my Destiny. That i may live Pure and Holy Righteous in HIS Sight Amen. Colossians 3:1-17 Thank YOU my LORD” Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah GLORY GLORY GLORY TO GOD.” LOVE and GOD BLESS You All, ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i Untied States AMEN AMEN AMEN 💜⚘💙⚘💜⚘💙⚘💜⚘💙⚘💜⚘💙⚘💜

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