A Message from the Father’s Heart for You

“The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the Lord tests the hearts.” Proverbs 17:3

“You are facing a similar test that you may have failed before, but this time you will have a kingdom response, and you will experience promotion in Me. The test is necessary for your promotion. It shows you how much you’ve grown in Me. The test shows you how much you’ve learned in Me. So don’t be offended by adversity. Don’t be offended when the same trial meets you at the door. You’re not the same person you were before. You’re different now, and you will overcome this time by My grace and power. A new promotion awaits. Yes, this is the way of My Kingdom. I operate by the spiritual laws of My Kingdom. Whenever I desire to bless you and take you higher in Me, I will allow you to face a test, knowing you will pass. It may feel like the test is too hard for you, but nothing is too hard for you because nothing is too hard for Me. I live in you, and you live in Me, and I will help you overcome everything that comes your way. I will promote you greatly, greatly, greatly.”

(Scripture references: Deuteronomy 8:2; Psalm 17:3; Jeremiah 17:10)

18 thoughts on “A Message from the Father’s Heart for You”

  1. Praise God and I love you Holy Spirit. May God continue to bless you my sista.. in the name of Jesus Anen

  2. Father, thank You for this message from Your heart to me. You’re the Potter and I’m the clay. You’re the Refiner!! It’s You, Father, that knows my heart, my worst fears, trigger points, temptations, and sins that easily beset me. This is why I humble myself before You, because You know what’s best for me to use the furnace of afflictions, trial, and tribulations to refine me, perfect me, to build me and obedience to You, making my faith stronger, and my reliance on You and Your grace. Through You, Jesus Christ, I am more than a conqueror! I’m in You and You’re in me and because You have overcome the world, so will I. Thank You, Father, for bring me to the expected end You have for me.

    Sister Kesha, pray that my steps will continue to be ordered by The Lord as well as my mouth being a wholesome bring health in the earth. I’m grateful to you for continuing to do so. Thank you and God bless. 💕💐💜💕💐💜

    1. Your words have been a blessing to me by the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise the LORD AMEN, Anya C

  3. Thank you it was straight to my spirit and words I needed to hear from the Lord I don’t want to live without Him He is truly blesseing me I love Him so much
    Same trial just came up today as it was pointed my way 5 yrs ago
    I was hurt by my husband staying at another womens house and today with a man who says he loves God did the same thing both of these men claim to love God what am I doing wrong
    I push far away from God the first time
    This time I am leaning into God for support
    Thank you again for His Faithful word
    Amen 💕

  4. May I always remember listen attentively, be slow to speak and respond. Thank you for this prophetic devotional. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽📖❤

  5. Listen I really bless the lord for these Devotional you have really obey lord ! every morning I get up an open this app and it blesses my soul everything that I’m dealing you put on this app you’re so on point even in my ministry everything that you said my church is saying preaching the same thing my God continue to be obedient one hearing the voice of God concerning your ministering don’t hold back go forth God one body God he is not saying two different things to his body … wow

  6. Thank YOU my LORD Yes my LORD i trust YOU I LOVE YOU and thru YOU my LORD JESUS I can do all things. I Receive YOUR WORD in YOUR NAME “JESUS” AMEN ❤⚘

  7. Thank you. When I first saw this message, I had fear . But the same trial which happened years ago in my life happened that day again. But today I have more faith in Jesus, I believe I will overcome this trial and by the blood of Jesus this generational chain will be broken in my family. Thank you so much for your devotional. May God bless you to grow more and more in Him.

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