An Important Message

In this hour, I urge you to be careful what you say about God’s anointed and His people who His presence is with. Speak evil of God’s people and everything, and I do mean everything, in your life will begin to dry up. Your bank accounts, your relationships, your ideas, your wells that were plentiful will all dry up, and the Lord will cause the sun to no longer shine in your life. God’s hand rests upon His people whether you like it or not. He favors His people and will continue to demonstrate His love and show Himself strong on our behalf. Your words are not stronger than God’s. But for your sake, be careful what you say about God’s anointed.

Ref. Psalm 105:15

6 thoughts on “An Important Message”

  1. That’s right, Amen and Amen. We shouldn’t dare speak against God’s Anointed!!
    Thank you for this.
    I work/volunteer with a true end times Prophetess and some have said things against her. I pray they don’t have their wells dried up. But I am grateful and blessed to be under her covering by the power of the Holy Spirit!! Thank you Jesus!!

  2. Glory to God touch not mine anointed and do my prophet, no harm God’s people ♥️this true prophesies we are covered in the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against us and allow the Holy Spirit to continue Sis speak♥️🙌🏾

  3. Thank you for sharing this word of warning to each of us regarding God’s chosen elect (His anointed). I believe and receive this word to hold myself to the standard and charge of as well as believe that I can have applicable faith towards those who speak against me as a Kingdom Ambassador and Royal Priesthood of God.

    To God be all glory!!!

  4. Father God, I ask that you forgive me for everything negative word spoken against your people, knowingly and unknowingly in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you Father God for your forgiveness and your grace and mercy. Amen !!

  5. I need to be really careful with this. Thank you Lord God for pricking my spirit, through this word.

  6. This Devotional Is An “IMPORTANT MESSAGE!’ My prayer is that we learn that each one of God’s children are called for His purpose and all of us need to remember that we’re apart of the “BODY OF CHRIST” and each part is needed.🙌🙌🙌

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