Build your house early!

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock” Matthew 7:24, ESV.

I’ll never forget over a period of time, God led me to pray and confess several key scriptures over my children. Although I regularly covered them in prayer, I felt an unction from the Holy Ghost to confess scriptures over them. I obeyed the Lord and later discovered why He wanted me built up in prayer and in His Word.

In March 2009, our four month old son was admitted into intensive care for digestive and thyroid issues. He was close to death. I remember the night I followed the ambulance to the children’s hospital. I remember praying, “Lord, not my baby. The devil can’t have my baby! Your Word says that the children you have given me are for signs and wonders. You said in your Word that you will pour out your Spirit upon my seed and your blessing upon my offspring. You said my seed will be mighty in the earth. Every scripture that I had been confessing over the past months was coming up into my heart like ammunition into a gun. I was shooting them out while tears were streaming down my face. God’s healing power touched my baby’s body and after three weeks in the hospital, he was totally healed! Praise God!

My sister, please hear me. It’s very difficult to build a house in the middle of a thunderstorm. Build your house of prayer early. Build up your inner man by praying in the Holy Ghost. Build up your Word life by studying and confessing key scriptures. Relational storms, marital storms, financial storms, health-related storms are sure to come, but you will have peace in the storm if you’ve prepared your heart and mind through prayer and confession of God’s Word.

Prayer: Father, I repent for every time I refused to pray or get in your Word. I repent for not taking it seriously. I ask that you give me a sense of urgency. Help me to be prepared for the storms. Show me how to get built up and stay built up in you. I come against all fear, and I receive your peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Matthew 7:23-25; John 16:13; Psalm 63:1)

(Scriptures to pray over children: Isaiah 8:18; Isaiah 44:2-4; Isaiah 49:25; Psalms 112:2; Psalms 118:17)

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13 thoughts on “Build your house early!”

  1. Oh Yes..thank you for this special word! I must pull out my arsenal of all the Word that has been deposited in me and use this Sword of the Spirir!!♡Praise Jesus

    1. Thank u so much for inspiring us all. The power of God always very potent n ready for the believers as a weapon of for a victorious life, through the holy spirit.But some of fail to have this revelation.We wait until something happened before we can start praying.We need to build our prayer life n constantly maintains a steady relationship with God.For example,peter met the crippled guy in the beautiful gate..And he just delayed the word n suddenly the man got up n walked..This was because Peter has stored up himself,fully equipped n readily available for conquer n victory…Amen

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is certainly a post to be reposted. You gave me the idea to print up these Scriptures and pass them out to people. I used to do this and put them in a frame. I have Scriptures that I stand on taped to my bedroom walls. The Word is alive and living within us. Bless you

  3. Thank you God for your devotions send my way Oh yes I will build my house and keep on trusting God and prayer and Jesus name Amen

    1. Hi Ebony my name is andrea. I wanted to tell you that as i was praying God wants me to tell you. That you are literally in the palm of his huge hands. I saw it!!! Be ecouraged sister!! God’s got you. Can you please keep me, my husband vince, my daughter sophia and my husband family in prayer too.

  4. Yes, this is a great revelation from our God , to pray before hand how ever the Holyspirit leads us Jesus will not leave us in the dark, he is our discerning spirit,and instructure.I pray that my spiritual ears will keenly hear his voice,and apply his Word for the situation on coming warnings.Thank God for the Holyspirit🙌💕☺💖🙏👏AMEN.

  5. Great word for today I needed this because I can relate I am going through the same storms but I believe that I am already victorious I have been in my word and trying to stay prayed up daily because the enemy is working overtime and I will not give him any credit I will not let him take me downs he can’t have my husband my daughter my family he can’t have my job the roof over my head anything that I own or trying to do he will not take my ministry or try to put fear in me it’s already done I am a child of the king it’s already done IM VICTORIOUS MY GREATEST TRAGEDIES IS MY GREATEST BLESSING 👊🏽🙏🏾😁😊🙌👏😇🖐🏽👪😉👍🏼😄😀😁😌👋🏽💃🏽👑

  6. I thank you for today daily devotion I was under I’ll the last couple of days but when I started to declare healing and used Scripture and confess it and speak it in the atmosphere I felt a breakthrough. God revealed some things that was causing my spirit of infirmity. Than you once again.

  7. Our Father is faithful in drawing us to keep in prayer for our children. Praise the Lord that He has promised to complete what He has started in them. To Him be the glory, now and forever more.

  8. Just a quick note of THANKS for this devotional. May God Bless us all as we work to incorporate this practice into our lives. Stay Encouraged Sisters!!

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