Count the Cost

“But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?” Luke 14:28, NLT

One day a man set out to build a boat. He had never taken on such a task and was excited about the new venture. He would name the boat after his late wife, Caroline, and it would be made of the best materials around. But before he built anything, he sat down at the table, drew out his pen and pad, and determined how much would be needed. He wasn’t rich by any means, but he didn’t let that discourage him. He knew all he needed was to count the cost, and God would provide. After much work and determination, he built Caroline and sailed out to sea.

So many of us are full of dreams and desires. We want to go here, go there, do this and that. Yet, we haven’t counted the cost, and if we have, we let the cost discourage us from moving forward into it. If you’re going to do anything for God, you must first sit down and determine what is required. Maybe it’s starting a women’s ministry, opening a small bookstore, taking on a project at work, or traveling thousands of miles to see your sister in another country. After you’ve determined that it is something God wants you to do, sit down and count the cost, and then trust God to provide.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for your wisdom and grace. Help me to learn how to count the cost. Help me not be discouraged by the cost, but trust you to provide all that I need. Lead me by your wisdom and show me how to possess what you’ve put in me to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Luke 14:27-29)

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27 thoughts on “Count the Cost”

  1. Thank you sisbfor those encouraging words.I do have desires and dreams and by faithbi am going to do exactly bwhat you encourage me to do and not let my dreams and desires fade away.Wow,I so neededbto hear this reminder now I know its time to act!Because I was concerned on how much it would cost,Thanks again my precious sister in the Lord!Thank you Lord for speaking directly to my heart!In Jesus Name!!!!!Amen (Yes)!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™‹

  2. Thanks again for the word it is once more on time. My son and I was just sitting down yesterday discussing things that we want to accomplish. Thank you Lord.

  3. Powerful. I remind myself all the time that God has all I need. Plan, and he will make the way once it’s according to his will. We don’t walk by sight but by faith.

  4. I thank you Father..that you will teach me how to count the costs
    N for me to truly trust you in everything that you will provide for me n my family. Help me not to worry I cast all my cares. So thank you lovely are a Good , Good Father. To us.
    In Jesus mighty name !

  5. Thank you dear Jesus for this message. You know I needed to read this. You know all my needs and desires. Help me each day to come to you with a child-like faith, knowing that my father is listening to His little girl. Thank you Lord.

  6. Father, You are MASTER over ALL. No matter how things may appear, I know that You will provide. Lead me by Your wisdom and show me how to possess what you’ve put in me to do. In JESUS’ Name, AMEN.
    Thank You Father.

  7. Everyday of my life I’m bless by you Lord & DOTK wonderful ministry. You’ve enable me each day and for this I’m thankful. Now I know the importance of counting the cost & how should I apply it to my life. I was design by you for purpose and with your help I hope to accomplish that which you’ve called me to do. In Jesus Name, Amen ๐Ÿ™‡

  8. Wow, how perfect was the timing on this devotional. My husband and I have been praying about building a wedding venue on our property. God has shown us things that tell us to go forward. Our number one goal is to build a place that would be so filled with the Holy Spirit, that each couple getting married there would feel God’s presence and blessing of love.
    We so want to use this building to serve Him, but there are a few obsticals in the way. We are trusting God, and moving forward, keeping our Faith out in front. God will always lead us to do His will if we trust Him and pray.

  9. This is a true devotion I truly step out on faith and everything that I do and God has open up in the midst of everything

  10. Thank you Lord for counting my cost I give you the glory as you see I was not finished with my comments so let me rebuild for the kingdom of God and step out on faith God truly shows up in his timing thank you for your wonderful devotion

  11. Thank you Father for your wisdom. O Father i pray that you will lead me and teach me how to count the cost. Help me to put all my trust in you and to knw in my heart that you will provide the way.

  12. Does anybody know where I can purchase quality human hair (I need ( legit vendors)I have a vision behind the idea!!!Thank you for whatever info. you can share.That’s been the hardest thing to find that I could trust.God Bless!

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  14. Amen!
    He’s the divine provider and we should always trust His divine providence. What a sweet Ord to read today!!!
    I wonna count the cost of all I want and trust your divine providence.
    Your rain pours everywhere to the good and bad, your Sun shines to the just and unjust. This shows that yu can provide anything to anyone and its always better for those who trust you.
    May I trust that yu gonna meet my costs fully.
    Thank yu dad, love yu much

  15. The devil doesn’t want me to count the cost. It is dark and cold. I am here. A doe in the headlights here. Still looking as the train heads on into my face!! Attempting to smear more disgrace here. Still too much pride here. I am laying down here. Stand and stop the train coming straight at me, Lord, or lay me down more. The choice is Yours!! My pride dies!! This is not just MY Light to shine!! I won’t leave my husband behind!! I heard You say it, Lord! He needs me now more! Okay, take me through that door! Just because I stepped through it first, doesn’t mean I am leaving him here dying spiritually! I am praying this through. He is calling out to You in his spirit. I see it. I can’t drop him in spirit now. I am lifting him up more. The devil came pecking at my spirit and heart and body more because my husband is about to see the Light that I see. I am a woman and I can get much further in this world for the Glory of the Lord if You being him along with me!!! Let him touch men’s hearts just like You call me to touch women’s hearts for Your Glory. I saw it in my spirit when I was reading the Word, Lord. I asked him once his future in this walk and he said he is my husband!!! Oh, Lord, He is WAY more than that for the Glory of the Lord!! I heard You say it!!! I could not see his destiny until I forgave him!!! Oh, God thank You for helping me forgive him!! I see glimpses of his sweet side again!! I had forgotten it existed!! Thank You so much for changing my husband’s heart and for always, always protecting me and never, ever leaving me alone in our weaknesses in this marriage and in our individual walks in life that converge here and now unto a holy, sacred union!! I believe it and I trust You most!!! You are mine first and foremost!! Help me count the cost and understand more. But I see now that the cost for a little longer is that You shall make me even stronger in You, as You make steven stronger too. I know our story makes the most profound thundering noise in Your Glory, together, Lord. I will suffer as long as it takes for us to walk out of the fire together!! My pride dies!!! Bang!! Bang!! Here!! Now!!! I won’t walk out on a stage without holding my husband’s hand in mine, to say that we did this together! I want him to witness this in its totality!! I drug him into the pit of sin with me and tortured his soul with my misery until he got lost with me!! I was the initial culprit!! I see it now!! I am so tried than I was. Thank You for opening my eyes more. This is hard to do. Thank you anne for your prayers. They are helping me now. I am here and now, shouting these walls down!!! I could be a great force on my own for the Glory of God, but that’s not what I see in my spirit. I couldn’t see it until You gave me the courage to lay all that pain and anger and resentment down and see him through Your eyes!!! Oh, thank You Precious One!! I could never have done this without You!! I am standing in the Light of the Son!! I am one in a holy union with my husband and our divine purposes are converging unto one for the Glory of God. Make us a force to be reckoned with in the Kingdom of God!! I love You most, my Lord. I surrender any idolatrous thoughts and feelings, longings and desires unto Your Name!! We won’t pour all that love and devotional on each other first until we die in our own selfish pride!!! We were made to love and live for our God!! We were made to speak and teach and lead and evangelize for Your Glory, God!!! Bust down that cage door, my Lord!!! I love You more than the most!!! Help me count the cost, Lord. I am listening. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

  16. Thanks sis for sharing this inspiring thought, just when I needed it most.
    I just became women’s ministry director. Don’t know how to begin.
    Thank God for His promises!

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