Divine order brings divine peace.

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119:165

Divine order brings divine peace into your life. What is divine order? It is when everything is put in it’s rightful place: God, you, and your adversary. Divine order takes place…

1. When God is sitting on the throne of your heart.

Picture your heart has a throne. Who is sitting there? Is it God, you, or something else? Anytime we feel we know better than God, and can do a better job than He can, we are attempting to sit on the throne of our hearts. It’s time to get up and let God sit there (see Proverbs 31:30).

2. When you acknowledge you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

The enemy works overtime to get you to doubt who you are in Christ and who God is in you. He accuses you 24/7 of every wrong you’ve ever done to get you from your position in Christ. Receive the truth that you belong to God and are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. This places you in a seat of spiritual authority (see Ephesians 2:6).

3. When the enemy is put in his place as being under your feet.

You are not trying to defeat the devil, he was defeated over 2,000 years ago when Jesus died, was buried and raised to life again. When the enemy is attacking your life, you must put him back in his place under your feet (see Luke 10:19).

When these three are in place, you will have supernatural peace and rest for your soul.

Prayer: Father God, I thank You for teaching me about divine order. Take your rightful place on the throne of my heart. I acknowledge that I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, and I command the enemy to get under my feet. I receive who I am in You Lord and I thank You for bringing divine peace into my life, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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34 thoughts on “Divine order brings divine peace.”

    1. Thank you so much for speaking truth into my life today. Thank you too, especially, for posting so early this morning. I get up at 4:00 a.m. every morning because of my job, and look to see if there is a post. I usually stay a day behind just to be able to do my devotions that early. Thank you DOTK for this app. I tell all my family and friends about the awesome devotions you post! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Greatly needed. Bring everything in my life in divine order. Take this attack of dizziness. In Jesusname over ride abd over rule the cruel intensions of tbe enemy. And yes knock. Me off tbe tbrone of. My heart Jesus you are my heart yes help me to truly know my identity in Christ Jesus seated wofh Christ at tbe right hand of our father head over every princapality andcwickedness in high places

    3. Dear Lord, please help me to always know that you are on my throne. Help me to never let anyone else sit there. Lord, I know you will restore my relationship with my daughter and grandchildren completely in the name of Jesus. Help me to never give up but to always be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Help me to know that ALL things Are Possible With God! Thank you Lord for all your blessings!!

  1. Father God I thank you, for you sittith up high and looked down low. You see all of our needs. We thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for us. Satan render your works powerless nil and void and cast you under our feet in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for bringing us into another brand new morning for your mercies are new every day. We now thank you for what you are about to do for us in this day. Amen.

  2. Thank you Lord for the divine message that you have send my way I’m put the enemies under my feet I will praise God and the mist of it all you devil are under my Feet. My God you have it and I Thank you for cover me and the blood of Jesus Amen

  3. So true and so apt. Thank You Father that Your word makes it so clear who we are in Christ, and thank You for divine order. You are a God of order, You changed chaos on earth into order in Genesis. When we follow You we have to imitate our Father Who is aGod of order otherwise we deceive ourselves. We have to remember it’s not about us and who we are or what we can do, it’s all about You and the accomplished work of Jesus on the cross 2000 years ago. We once again put the things right in our lives putting Jesus on the throne, making no idols of anything else, trusting just You, for You alone are the Truth the Way and the Life. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit can we change and be transformed into Your image and that only through submission to Your will, forgetting ourselves and concentrating on loving You and others that You are able to bring the changes in us. If we don’t submit we block the work of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for giving us everything we need to walk in obedience and through that honouring and loving You. Wash us once again with the blood of Jesus and restore us to the place where we ought to be. Forgive us where we have failed and help us, through obedience and submission to Your will to not allow the devil’s lies to deceive and defeat us. When we are weak You are strong in us to accomplish that which is impossible for us. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Amen and amen.

  4. Thank You Lord Jesus for divine order in My life, satan I resounce you and you are a defeated foe in My life My Lord and saviour Jesus Christ is Lord over My life and He only sits on the throne of My life ! Thank You Lord Jesus for loving Me and keeping Me as only You can Father . You Lord Jesus are great and greatly to be praise !!

  5. Thank you, Father for your order of things in my life. Confusion and chaos are of the devil but you, my Lord, give my life order. In Jesus’ mighty name!

  6. Amen!
    Lord, I knw I’ve failed far enough times. I at times think that my own way s the best and I end up sitting on the throne seat thus replacing yu and for this am so sorry. You’ve told me that my ways are different from yours just as the east is far from the west, jst as the earth and heavens are apart and I at tyms forget that word.
    You’ve given me dominion over the evil spirit since you gave and always fill me with your spirit but am always led astray by the evil one coz of sitting on the throne seat!!! Dear Lord, help me make use of your Holyspirit that you’ve given me. With your spirit I’ve the weapon to conquer the devil whose words are deceitful. He always wants me to part ways with you that he may take control of my destiny but I thank you dear Lord coz you are a present help in times of need. Am sorry that I give him a chance from time to time and am praying that you give me more strength to fight and renounce the devil at all times.
    I need yu on the throne seat, when you’re seated there all goes well!! The devil never leads me astray,things just get better when you ar on the throne seat.
    Now Lord take control of my life, it’s in your hands that I rest my life. You ar ever faithful and true to your promises. Take hold of me and never let me go. Never let me replace you on the throne seat with anyone or anything nt even my own self.
    Dear Lord, if there’s need for you to use force, pain or any other way for me to learn not to replace you on the throne seat use it on me but be tender and merciful even when using them. I don want to ever replace you on the throne seat. Never allow that to happen daddie.
    Divine order is all I need

  7. Thank you God for giving me the three steps to have Divine Order and Divine Peace. I will continue to use these steps. Thank you Jesus Amen.

  8. Omg!I really agree what an uplifting word and I absolutely love the way you did the outline it is very orderly and just helped me better understand the breakdown. With all thy getting get understanding, thank you DOTK! God bless you all!!

  9. Father,
    I love you so much! You make a shepherd girl so happy! You really do! You carry a shepherd girl to the throne to see Who really designs that bag of prayer stones that are made just for me. I see it now, my Lord. Somehow, it is ironically unnerving, yet humbling to me. What You did from the outset, just in this tiny, little journey for me. Just a little wink for You, huh, my Lord? What is a wink for the God of all eternity? My existence is just that to me. Just a wink at all eternity. I am a wink of Love unto His Holy Name! I got my head in the game! Chessboard of life. I am the pawn and God is playing this game against Himself! This ain’t no test for me! He is perfecting Himself in me! His love is being perfected in me! Hallelujah!!! I am where I AM says I am!!! I am held in His sovereign hand relentlessly, infinitely, and intimately with immeasurable grace designed just for me. This is my sweet destiny, sweet Jesus. I am headed on further, my Lord. I do want more. This is addicting! It really is! The way You draw me in with all of this lovingkindness and unrelenting unending mercies! Is this love real, my Lord, really? This is mine permanently, right my Lord? Remind me again and again in my weakness! I am so caught up in the love I feel, don’t let me get swept away while my head is in the clouds, in love with You, my Lord! Shall no weapon formed against me prosper, in the Name of Jesus. I am ready and willing. I am not ashamed or shy in my stance. I am a little bit in a trance, but it is in love for my Lord. I am so awestruck! I truly have butterflies, my Lord! Most certainly, I say Jesus I am in love with You! No man can fill this place in my heart that is meant for only You. I have no desire to ever chase after human love like that again! You saved me from the pit of sin! Let me say that again and again! I love You because You first loved me! Let me say that again and again! Jesus, thank You, for covering me again and again in the blood that You shed to save a wretch like me! Let me say again and again, how much I love the Lord, my God! I love You, my Lord. In Jesus’ Name, God bless Your Holy Name. Amen.

    1. Wow, Cricket!! My thoughts and passion exactly towards our Majestic, Mesmerizing, Matchless and Miraculous LORD of lords and KING of kings…Jesus Christ the LORD!!!!! Love to you my sister (((hugs)))

    2. Hi Cricket, have been going through a bit of a rough time spiritually, but have prayed for you and am still praying. Feel exhausted at the moment, and very fragile, but full of hope. Praying for you to have what God has planned for you and for wisdom and strength during this trial. Love and blessings my dear, so glad He is still in control!

  10. Put the enemy to shame dear Lord. Not my will but your will be done in my life. Thank you for your rightful purpose in my life.
    Amen 🙏🙇

    Begin with praise and worshipI confess that my faith is in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, my saviourPs 102:13 says “Thou shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her, yea, the set time is come”. I declare that this is my time for the lord to arise and have mercy upon me for the time of my favour has come.Ps 89:20 says “I have found favour with David my servant, with holy oil have I anointed him”. Lord let me have favour with you, arise o my God, and anoint me with holy oil.Today I come against all evil and negative thoughts that Satan and his agents have planted in my heart. I destroy them in the name of Jesus. I rebuke all demons controlling them in the name of JesusI silence all demons disturbing my spirit in the name of JesusI release the fire of the Holy spirit to destroy every source of evil thoughts in Jesus nameI bind, rebuke and cast out all anti favour demons, anti-prayer demons, anti-miracle demons, anti-deliverance demons and all rebel spirits causing hindrances in the heavenlies, air, land sea or under the sea in Jesus nameI nullify their power in the name of Jesus ChristI nullify and destroy all curses and garments of ill luck, curses and garments of failure, curses and garments of shame, curses and garments of hatred, curses and garments of death, curses and garments of disappointment and any other curse or garment of the devil hindering me from receiving my favourI rebuke, bind and cast them out in Jesus nameI destroy any book of the devil in which my name is written for any reasonI rebuke and cast all demons working on those books in the name of JesusI erase my name with the blood of Jesus from the temple of the devil, shrine and mystic homes in Jesus nameI come against all marks of hatred and all marks tattooed on my body which hinder me from receiving my divine favour. I erase them with the blood of JesusI erase with the blood of Jesus marks of disappointment, marks of sorrow, marks of hatred, marks of poverty, marks of ill-luck, marks of sicknesses, marks of failure, marks of trouble and every other visible or invisible markI bind rebuke and cast away in Jesus name demons following me because of these marksI wash myself with the blood of Jesus and command the good angels of the Lord to follow meMy name is……………… from ………….(country),…………(tribe) and ……………(clan-if any)If in any case my name, surname, clan, tribe or country is that of a demon, an idol, a river or steam, evil person, mermaid, bitter occasion, market day, evil day/season or anything that glorifies Satan, I destroy the spiritual meaning and significance of such namesI bind, rebuke and cast out every demon that has been hindering my progress though such names in Jesus nameI now dedicate my name and cancel all negative connotations of my name to the glory of God in the name of JesusO lord, make my name a blessing and turn away your shame to glory I now rise against wizards, witches and demons that give people evil dreams in Jesus nameI destroy all evil dreams that cause people to hate me in Jesus nameI wipe with the blood of Jesus all evil dreams registered in the minds of people concerning meI come against demons that alter every good thing/kindness you show me through my dreams in Jesus nameI command every demon that causes me to eat in my dream, have sex in my dream, fly in my dream, talk in my dream, swim in my dream, cry in my dream, fear in my dream etc to be rendered powerless in Jesus name and to leave by fire.I close every door they use to attack me in Jesus nameI dash into pieces evil dreams of poverty in my life in Jesus nameJob 22:18 declares “thou shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee, and the light shall shine upon your ways”. I bind and rebuke those demons which compel people to reward me with evil for goodI decree that men and women shall reward me with good and grant me favour in all areasO Lord, let your light shine upon my life, business, house, office, studies etc in Jesus nameI come against evil spirits that defame me, those that carry messages across the air, those that speak against me and any invisible power that carries negative reports about me. I paralyze their schemes in Jesus nameI turn all wisdom of my enemies into foolishness in Jesus nameI command all demons that go around spraying evil and unpleasant odour to smear me or drive people away from me to be scattered in Jesus nameI nullify all unpleasant odours against my life in Jesus nameI cover myself with the fire of the holy ghost in Jesus nameI come against Satan and his agents who have exchanged my bright future with evil desires, failure sorrow, disappointment, shame, poverty, hatred and all manners of misfortune. I paralyze their schemes in Jesus nameI declare Isaiah 61:7 over my life that I shall have double for my shameI release the fire of the holy spirit to consume all powers of darkness tampering with my divine favour or bright futureI cover myself with the blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost fire for my favour and future to remain intactI come against all shadows of darkness that follow me around. I rebuke them and cast them in Jesus nameJob 28:3 declares “He setteth an end to darkness, and searcheth out all perfection: the stones of darkness and the shadow of death”. O Lord, end all darkness around me, destroy stones of darkness and shadow of death that pursues meLet the light of God continually shine before meI rise against every spiritual veil of powers of darkness covering my divine favourI destroy powers of darkness holding their veil in position with Holy Ghost fire wherever they are: in the land, air, sea, under the sea etcOh Lord anoint me with oil of gladness continually for your word says in Ps 45:7 “Thou loveth righteousness and hateth wickedness; therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with oil of gladness above thy fellowsI command sorrow, bitterness, failure, disappointment, hatred, shame and ill luck to disappear from my life for the oil of gladness to be upon meZech 2:5”For I, saith the lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in her midst”. I place my life, my family, my home, my business, my office, my clothes, my money, my ministry and all my belongings within God’s wall of fire in Jesus nameI command all spiritual doors of the devil against my divine favour to manifest in Jesus nameI release God’s mighty angels to destroy them, and destroy all powers that have shut and guard themI ask you lord Jesus to be my personal door for divine favourLet my divine favour pass through the door God has opened for meO lord, revive my spiritual life, business, future, career, family and everything about me in my favourO lord, take off the yoke of Satan and his agents from my neck and every burden from my shoulderI command every yoke of hatred, sorrow, disappointment, shame, misfortune etc to be destroyed by fire in Jesus nameI command every accursed object in my house to be manifestI nullify all curses placed on them. I destroy by holy ghost fire any property that gives Satan/demons entrance into my lifeI break every covenant/initiation made on any of those properties in Jesus nameO lord, anoint me with divine favour in Jesus nameI declare its time for my favour in Jesus nameLet your angels o lord, of goodness and mercy follow meI now put on garments of divine favour O lord, light the candle of my life (Ps 18:28) and thank you so much for favouring me.

    To add to these prayers, your actions must be added to receive the divine favor. Respect 10 commandments. Seek no pleasure, live to serve others and live through kind selfless service. Fast often. Forgive those who offended you and give gifts anonymously. (You will be especially blessed if the person thanks God, not you, for the gift).

    . AMEN

    1. I definatly was i definatly agree i concur in the courts of heaven in Jesus name thankyou so much helping to understand and recognize and rebuke the power of witchcraft in Jesus holyname by his stipes I am healed by his blood I am delivered receive me I receive you. God thankyou for your goidness provision and transformational glory you are the candle in my heart my passion my obse ssion new lease on life forgiveness i give this day free gift of salvation i trust in eternity his message of grace and mercy each and every single day annoint my head with gladness mercy strength my body endurance to run tbe race set before give me in all the storms within with out. Fire fire fire cast your nets this day I shall fill. Them somecwith gold teeth gold. Coins purity truth justice rightessnous ignite my passoon for the things you are passionate for. lord. You take care of me I take care of. You weapons if warfare swords have been placed in our hands wordsin our mouth in our heart soul body mind

    2. Yes we all are blessed and need this prayer to take up our authority in Christ! Be blessed Bonnie Blair, may God use you mightely as a strong warrior in His kingdom!

  12. So POWERFUL💪💘💪Yassssss❗🙌🙏🙋I receive it all in JESUS MIGHTY NAME👑👕👑 hallelujah❗🎉🎁🎉🎀🎀🎉Thank y’all DOTK😇👐👏👏👏💞💝💟Gloraaaaay🙌👐✌

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