DOTK South Africa

Dear Readers, we are looking to launch DOTK South Africa! We are looking for translators who can translate our devotionals into the Afrikaan language.

A few details:

• This translator position is not a paid position. It is voluntary.
• This opportunity is a long-term commitment.
• You would be required to translate one week per month.
• You would be required to participate in monthly team prayer calls.
• You must speak and write Afrikaan fluently.

With this in mind, if you are interested in being a translator on the DOTK South African team, please send all inquiries to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love, the DOTK Family


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15 thoughts on “DOTK South Africa”

  1. This is great!!! keep up. the good work n be encouraged that your labor of love shall greatly be rewarded. My prayer is that God will send more laborers into his vineyard to help our sisters on South Africa too. O how l wish l could translate too, that would have been a great honor.

  2. I have a couple of good christian sisters in Africa on Facebook so I shared your request.. May God send the right sister to you!! God bless!!

  3. I pray that God send you the solider that you need in this position. May the holy spirit minister to this person heartand they in return answer the call. Glory to God, for your work is being done by your daughters of DOT.

  4. I come in agreement with you that the women who God has for the assignment would come forth and fulliful there density by doing this work, it’s a great work and many women lives will be changed, may God continue to use you for his glory.

  5. It’s so amazing to watch how God is growing this ministry! I hope that we can also have translations to IsuZulu and Sotho which are 2 of the most widely spoken languages in South Africa, after English. God Bless and may he direct the chosen translator to you!

  6. Would love to do it. Am Afrikaans speaking. Sometimes the internet goes off for hours, just keep it in mind, but God can do anything, He will make a way. God bless.

  7. Hi there

    I am fluent and bilingual and write in Afrikaans, my first language and English. I am a stay at home mom and have a lot of time on my hands. God has been placing people and now this request on my path to commit to him on a very personal level. I believe this request is from God and if this is his calling, I will be meant to do this. I pray that you will find the right person. In Jesus name Amen

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