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  1. To Me It Means That The Freedom We Have In CHRIST Has Been Given To Us So That We Can Build The Kingdom…Not For Us To Live Any Kind Of Way Abusing The Freedom.

    1. Do not use the freedom of sin for my own pleasure because others are watching and it can make them stumble and even reject Christ.I suppose to be drawing them to Christ

    2. To me it means we have been given Freedom, to live for Christ. And to serve wholeheartedly! Not to do just anything! But do what God has called US to do.

      1. It means that we arent bound by a what not to do checklist but we should be circumspect, considering the brethren and uneblievers alike, behaving in a manner such that our good will not be evil spoken of

    3. I know there were times I got in the way.ofselfish,and my flesh from needed love,it don’t work..the father’s wants obedience..in everything..money,time,love ing the unlovable,those.that hurt us from abuse,.the word tell us to love your self..and serve,give love, forgiveness..amen.

    4. Today, my brother in law said to me, “am 75 years old, i never thought that I would live this far.” So, I said to him, you’re very bless! What are you going to do with that excess blessings God gave you? And he said; ” am going to enjoy it.” His answer get me thinking, God gives us this freedom we have, and long excess long life for his glory and his honor. But, are we glorifying Him with what He gives us? Galatians 5:13 is telling me to be mindful of how I am using the freedom God entrust me with. I love you Lord. Lord, keep me always aline through the holy spirit to love others as I love you.

    5. I believe that we have been saved by grace and should not live as the world lives but to keep our eyes on Jesus the perfecter of our faith ….sadly though we are still human and sin is part of our human nature but if we repent of our sin and mean it God will forgive us …..amen

    6. That is so true we’re not supposed to abuse the power that the spirit of God has given us

    7. Galatians 5:13
      Teaches me l have been freed from my sinful ways by grace not my own ability so we should handle one another with love since the Lord is working in us is the same one working in everyone and we should embrace humility.

  2. I have freedom from legalism. My sin debt is paid. But that doesn’t mean I can just do whatever, instead I should/can serve others instead of myself.

    1. I’m free from my sins and to love one another I’m thankful you Jesus Christ To continue to love me

      1. God has freed me from all my sins ,He wants me to live in this freedom and to esteem others better than myself.

  3. What this means to me is to serve others without an agenda. To serve out of love and only love. I will not indulge in the selfishness of the flesh. But serve others iwith the spirit of the lord in love. Thank you father God for another opportunity to love and serve others and by that serving you with love. In Jesus name AMEN! God bless!

  4. To me it means remember what your journey looked like for you to get your freedom in Christ Jesus. The love, the patience, and continuous love, grace and forgiveness given to you on your journey to being free in Christ. Now, with a heart of servitude reciprocate that same love, patience, grace, love, forgiveness and now wisdom to one another or others in their journey to being free in Christ Jesus.

    1. Very well said. People say “serve others” making it a cliché but you have broken down what serving others really means.

      Thank you!

  5. So many different things came up. For me I think what stands out is, My God has freed me from my guilt and shame. And now when the HS wants to reveal something that needs work, He convicts and shows me the narrow path once more
    I so want a closer walk, need to press in. 🙂

  6. This scripture to me means we ought to serve others rightfully and freely in Christ Jesus.

  7. We have been invited into something great! A great family of servants, so let us serve also in affection for one another- in agape love- godly love, true love- taking our eyes off us-called to be disciples!

    1. To see if we’ll do what JESUS did for us. Give unselfishly of ourselves -test of character or training our character

      1. Jesus Paid The Price… But I should always Live trying to do what’s right according to his Will for my Life, and Love Will conquer All!!!

  8. It means through Jesus our debt is paid and we are free. As free people we can now make the choice whether to sin and take advantage of Grace or to be humbly grateful and totally repent by turning from our wicked ways and living our lives to please The Father

    1. Amen. Yes we’re free from the penalty of sin, but not to use that freedom to sin, because we then crucify our Lord again and again. . We are to serve one another with love as Christ also served us. In love to bring us back to the father.

  9. Sunday Morning … message for me Thank you Keisha with watery eyes … How I missed this message yesterday was ment for me today again thanks… this message spoke to me on so many levels of where iam now in my personal life of decisions … you have given me the keys I needed to come out of where I am given it all to my Father because I am his daughter and I will utilize everything that was spoken to come out of where I am to that next level… Will it be easy no …I will Move out of the way and Trust My Father because He said it and I Believe..and Truely Recieve this word and prayer thanks ..please please Keep me in prayers as I tear walls down to get to where I can hear God voice..

  10. To me it means that though we have been set free from the shackles of sin, sickness and disease, our freedom was bought with a price. There is a cost to the anointing. Salvation is free yes, but when we said yes to CHRIST we said no the world. We surrendered our mind, body and soul to Him. We choose to let Him have His way. But He won’t force us, so we have to make the decision to choose Him, choose life, choose the things of GOD and keep the old sinful nature buried and allow the new life in CHRIST to reign. The new life of joy, love, peace, gentleness, meekness, long-suffering and faith. We must choose to live a life pleasing to GOD and allow His plan and will to manifest in our lives for His glory and honor. Freedom DOES NOT give us a ticket to do as we please ! Freedom allows us to live a victorious life like CHRIST did when He walked the earth 🙌💯🙏

  11. We have been invited into something great! A great family of servants, so let us serve also in affection for one another- in agape love- godly love, true love- taking our eyes off us-called to be disciples!
    To see if we’re like JESUS if we’ll use our freedom to serve as JESUS did(to see if we’re selfish or selfless. To test our character or train our character.

  12. I believe this is telling us that we are free in Jesus Christ and we are to do whatever it takes to build the Kingdom of God. We are to be servants just as Jesus was for us and live out the example he left for us.

  13. “Always seek excellence in the service of others. And always do what you don’t want to do when you feel you don’t want to do it.”
    -Barak Corbett

  14. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should do it- Righteousness is still a standard. This life we live, we live as light for others.

  15. “Greater Is He That Is In Me Than He that is in the world. God has given Us the Freedom of making choices.
    God wants Us to Love One another..
    In Jesus We Have the Freedom to Live Righteously and In Peace.

  16. For me this verse is saying that my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ willing died on the cross so that my sins would be forgiven. Satan is such a cunning and baffling demon. I was lost in the grips of addiction for many years. You see I had a void inside of me that I didn’t understand how to feel. But, through the gift of desperation, and the grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness of my Sweet Jesus and the kind, caring people that HE placed in my life, I now know true happiness and peace. It’s what my ❤ desired all along!!! And it’s a Joy that I want to share with everyone. One of the ways the Lord allows me to not only help others, but myself as well, is in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m very grateful for the blessing filled life I have today☺

  17. For me freedom means , no need to try to please God and others . God loves us and we have freedom to worship and connect with God in our own unique way without guilt and condemnation. Nobody teaches a child how to communicate with his or her parents. Each child has his or her unique way of expressing love. Likewise we also have that freedom and no need to imitate others. But we know that we shouldn’t exploit freedom and should consider other people and respect their choices without condemning them.

  18. I am free through Christ’s sacrifice demonstrated on Calvary and his resurrection as he is now seated on the right hand of GOD 🙌🏽“oh grave where is thy sting, death where is thy victory!” He redeemed us to become what we were created to be in the first place! This liberty does not warrant me to live selfishly, the giver (GOD) goes first, then brothers/sisters secondly and then myself!!! I am learning not to sacrifice a WHOLE (GOD~marriage~family~
    friends) for a piece (my selfish wants and desires) be blessed! Kesha I’m staying attached~aligned~in agreement!!! May GOD continually pour into you, bless and cover you, your family and this anointed ministry!!!!🦋

  19. CHRIST died to make us free from our sin, that us our Freedom as a Christian and as a Jesus follower. We shouldn’t be overwhelming and so self righteous that we don’t use what Christ has given us and blessed us with that we don’t help others to see what God has for them in His mercy and Grace for them.. I am thankful that Christ has freed me from the snares of Satan, and I want that for others.

  20. “For you, my brothers, were called to freedom; only do not let your freedom become an opportunity for the sinful nature (worldliness, selfishness), but through love serve and seek the best for one another” Galatians‬ ‭5:13‬, Amplified.

    To me this states the importance of letting God direct your path. We were called to freedom but that doesn’t mean we are free to do whatever, we are held at a higher standard therefore God wants us to help others as well as ourselves live a disciplined & structured life abiding in Him!

  21. To me it means don’t go doing what you want when you become a child of God and use God as the excuse to keep falling into your sinful desires staying in bondage when Jesus died on the cross to set you free… “Satan disguises submission to himself under the ruse of personal autonomy. He never asks us to become his servants. Never once did the serpent say to Eve, ‘I want to be your Master’. The shift in commitment is never from Christ to evil; it is always from Christ to self. And instead of his will, self-interest now rules and what I want reigns. And that is the essence of sin.” – Dennis F. Kinlaw (1922 – 2017)

  22. To me, Galatians 5:13 means that because Jesus gave his life for me, I am freed from the law and now under grace, and I should not use this freedom fulfilling all my fleshly desires, but rather helping, praying for, spending time with, encouraging, giving to, witnessing, and ministering to others.

  23. By His stripes I am healed! No longer a slave to sinful pleasures but free to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

  24. Good morning Sisters!! For me, Freedom is having confidence in knowing that Jesus paid the price for us. His selfless actions was a hefty price but he carried our burdens with Grace. Freedom, is knowing that you can serve others in a selfless manner also. Everything does not have to be monetary, serving comes in many forms…just listening to someone who needs to vent, asking to help a single mom with her kids just so she can get some quiet time, or even just a genuine smile are all selfless acts. I love you all and be blessed today!

  25. To me it means that when Jesus died in the cross for you and me he removed the weight of the laws and what it meant for us. He knew that it was impossible for all of us to always abide by these laws, and rules. I also believe that with that freedom came freedom of choice, God does want us to worship Him because we have a fear of hell. If He really wanted that he wouldn’t have given us the freedom to choose. I believe that God wanted us to choose to love him, because when we really love someone we do not intentionally go out and find ways to hurt them. We think about what our words and action would do to this person we love, and we often choose not to do them. This does not mean that we always get it right. It simply means our hearts are always in the right place. And isn’t that what God wants? He wants to know that he has our hearts, and once he has that then He can help us change our actions. And with God as ruler of our hearts we are able to literally be His hands and feet in this world. The freedom was really given so that we would choose love. “These three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.😘😘

  26. 🌾 This scripture means to me. Don’t be in the world of fleshy desires, denying yourself and picking up your Cross and following Jesus. This is Not all about you,taking your mind off yourself and thinking about others and being a servant of Christ. If you want to lead you must know how to serve.

  27. God chosen me out of sin to be set free from my sin to lie a new way in him and to do the work he has for. But God did not save me to live how I used to live and I should not want to live i once I live.

  28. This scripture means to keep focus on our purpose in fulfilling the will of the Lord, that in which we are created. Yes, we all have a free will but our focus should be on meeting the needs of others as Christ did. As Jesus has left us here on Earth to do greater works, we must not be selfish with our gift, talents or possessions.

    We must bless, live in peace (Shalom) and show love unconditionally (Agape). 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  29. The Son has set us free. I am thankful for my freedom in Christ. I’m free from bondage. Only I can put myself in bondage. I know what I am not and I know who I will be. I’m thankful for the support and unconditional love that I am receiving and I promise to exhibit the same response to every human I am blessed to encounter. We should exhibit the fruits of the spirit. Not become like our environment, we should humbly and gently encourage positive changes to the environment in every environment. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. If we can respond to all situations with these acts of love we will receive the same. This is how we show appreciation for our freedom.
    ❤ ✌ 🙏

  30. To me it means to put others above my self and because we are saved by grace does not mean I can live how ever I want that everything that I do should do it unto God basically to have a heart of a servant in christ JESUS

  31. Because we have freedom through Chrst, we should be using this freedom to love and help our sisters get through their best and their worst times. We should not be selfish or self-centered, but praying, encouraging, and loving each other like Jesus loves us.

  32. Thank you Sis Kesha Freedom we have through Christ Jesus With his truth word and love for one another as Christ love us all And if anything is wrong ask Father God to clean your heart and allow his will to be in your life and to teach you his word as I continue to read his good read of God words its real readers Continue to reader his words Because It’s a nutrition for me for my mind in heart to be freedom From the world and Is trusting and believing and Father God’s words Love all have a blessed wonderful freedom Independence Day❤💯💯🙏🏽

  33. To me this means that Jesus came to earth, lived a sinless life, died and came back to life to give me freedom! Regardless of where I live and whether or not the government the government gives me freedom Jesus gives me ultimate freedom.

  34. What this actually mean to me is that I must serve God (whole heartly) without seeking my personal desires. I have been bought by a price. Though that makes me from the law of sin, I still owe my life to Him

  35. For me it means that Christ has already paid d price for my freedom and bailed me out of the toxic circumstance I am in. Only wen this freedom is fully manifested in my life, it should be used for spread his love n d knowledge of his kingdom to others.

  36. I feel like it means that god gives us a freedom of choice but as Believers and lovers of christ we should use that freedom to love, encourage others, build up and serve others in need all the things opposite of what this sinful world offers. We should always always put on theses things before we step out that door and interact with others. OUR GOAL IN LIFE IS TO ALWAYS TRY TO REPLICATE GODS CHARACTER IN EVERYTHING WE DO!!! Happy 4th of July everyone have a blessed day ❤️

  37. I believe it’s saying we have the freedom to choose… But with that freedom we should choose life not death, by choosing Christ not the ways of the world by living a sinful life.

  38. Honestly, it’s not freedom. You gave to do what God wants. Zero freedom. But you do it cuz, the alternative of Rick bottom suffering/being tormented by Satan attacks (painful life) forces you to follow God. There is zero freedom. Infact other verses say it is like being enslaved/chained (Paul’s choice of words). Perhaps freedom from some things when God chooses to help you with some problems. But often he chooses you to suffer. (“To become stronger” etc)

    1. You *have to do wat God says (not freedom) and you only do it cuz rock bottom lack of alternative solutions. (Typos corrected). Especially when most of pastors are millionaire scammers, Trump supporters and misogynistic homophobes. Let’s keep it 100 a hot minute

      1. But I’m still grateful and thank full don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely happy with what God has done and is doing His plan is best. Freedom ain’t always great since Satan attacks humans so easy when we lean on our own understanding. Those far right pastors and bad Churches need to be called out tho. (Eg in Uganda and Kenya u.s. pastors flew there to create “kill the gays” legislation over many years and ppl being executed and families locked up if they don’t report a gay family member)

  39. I am free in and through Christ. Free to do those things to advance Him and His Kingdom. Not free to do the will of myself or of the world.

  40. We are free! we have the world at our fingers tips if we ask God’s will instead of our own sinful will. I am a recovering addict and I thought I was free doing my own thing doing what I wanted to do. Satan tricked me into his schemes shows me the beauty of it and it just got ugly! Today since I have found God and recovery I’m am truly happy joyous and free by the grace of God I am free today! And if it struggling I believe without a shadow of a doubt that my God can do for u or ur family members what He has done for me! Only thru the Grace of God do we have true freedom! I have a choice today to get high or follow Christ and He chooses me! “I’m just a nobody, trying to tell EVERYBODY ALL ABOUT SOMEBODY THAT SACED MY SOUL” #AGREATFULRECOVERINGADDICT

  41. For me it means KINDNESS TO ONE ANOTHER IS A CHOICE!! :)) God gives us the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE TO DO THE RIGHT THING . He HOPES we will but he won’t make us!

    We were SET FREE, During the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    We must not walk in our old sinful nature because sin lost its power on the Cross, but we must walk in the newness of His Resurrection Power!

  43. This Message Means That I was Free From My Sins by My Father In Heaven Son Jesus Christ!!🙌🙌🙏🏾🙏🏾 I Must Serve Him With All My Heart and Serve Others!!🙌🙌🙏🏾🙏🏾 That Although I Am Free I Must Trust and Obey!!🙌🙌🙏🏾🙏🏾

  44. Because we are free, we move freely, not just rejecting our sinful behaviors but move freely to build toward the things of a heavenly and kingdom mindset.

  45. God has blessed me with true freedom to do all things through him. It doesn’t mean I’m free to do whatever I want when I want. But I must be mindful of my actions and careful for nothing.

  46. It means that we are FREE however, do not allow our freedom to take us back to worldliness but instead use our Freedom to free/serve others. 💛

  47. The realization that acceptance & confession of JESUS CHRIST as LORD is freedom multiplied! It is in our confession that we are saved and set free from every consequence, circumstance and challenge that this life might bring! With freedom there is opportunity and accountability to share the gift, rather than burying it or storing it away for personal benefit only… Living life in a manner that demonstrates our faith in the gospel – in the love of GOD for His children speaks, and will draw those in darkness to the light of CHRIST JESUS in us.

  48. To me this scripture means that we are to cherish our freedom as a gift and not take for granted. God want us to be wise stewards of the freedom he so graciously gives us….

  49. For me is that He has given us the freedom to choose. And even when following Him is seen as a burden and a lot of limitations, in fact is freedom. Freedom to experience, enjoy, discover.. The freedom that He gives us is through obedience. If we are obedient to Him he will take us to places we have never imagined. He gives us new opportunities to discover and enjoy. And all this will nourish our hearts and will make us grow. It fill us with love that He will use to bless others.

  50. To put other people needs before my needs,not to think I’m better than anyone else. Live according to GOD’S WORD, above all pray for understanding. In all situations and circumstances

  51. This chance at life more abundantly, due to Christs sacrifice for us, should be used to serve the KINGDOM not for our own pleasures and indulgences.

  52. We should love and serve one another with the Everlasting Love of GOD. Because we are of GOD, we are to use the freedom and liberty we have to invest in living our lives in a way that reflects our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen❣️

  53. Not to use our freedom to do whatever…To use our freedom to sin and live a life that not pleasing to the Lord..

  54. A great reminder that LOVE is paramount, first! As God is love, my response to the “freedom” He gifts/graces, should only be an abundance of love to others from the overflow!

    Praise be to Jesus!

  55. What the scripture is saying that we are called to be free in the Holy Spirit, but this freedom is not for us to make excuses to indulge in our fleshly desires. This freedom in the Holy Spirit should empower us to love, and to serve one another in love or out of love for them and for God.

  56. What this scripture means to me? My freedom was bought with the precious blood of Jesus so that I may be forgiven of my sinful ways. As a kingdom woman I should have a changed mindset, carry myself in a different way as well as speaking to&at someone with love and encouragement the way Jesus did. His sacrifice means allot to me, he paid a price for all of us! I fall short daily and I am a sinner who needs Jesus! I willingly and freely give my life to the Lord. The baptism speaks of new life when submerged in water the old man dies and when raised out of the water we are made new no longer leading a sinful life (I.e.sex,drugs,drinking,swearing etc) I strive for God’s greatness every day but I am not perfect! But I keep my eye on the prize My internal home with Jesus in Heaven! Stay blessed mighty women of God😇

  57. To me Galatians 5;13 means to love selflessly and to take care of each other and all in the divine nature of God fervently and fruitfully with no motives other than to see Gods work and his glory shown

  58. This verse means to me that we use our freedom to honor God and honor one another! We are not to do things simply because we can, but rather use our free will for the glory of God.

  59. It’s means ,we have been saved and set free from the precious Blood of Jesus.God wanted to still have a close relationship with us ,that is why He sacrifice His Son for us.
    That doesn’t mean that we can do anything that we like.We are for him,so we have to go according to his wish.
    Because He showed us love through His Son,we have to do the same for our brothers and sisters.
    God is love ,so we also should love.Amen

  60. This scripture means our freedom was bought with a price and now we use it for His glory. We are not to use it for our own selfishness but for His will and purpose for our lives which is to serve others with love. ❤

  61. To me it means to look out for your brother and sisters , be a blessing to them in any way possible and let them know that you love and care for them. Pray 🙏🙏worship👐👐 and believe. God bless.

  62. That through Jesus,I was freed to live my life freely without dictation, but able to live a life thats pleasing to God. He want us to serve and love others as we do ourselves.

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