Get your hands off!

“Humble yourselves, then, under God’s mighty hand, so that he will lift you up in his own good time. Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6-7

Have you ever tried long and hard to control a situation that only seems to be getting worse? Maybe you’ve tried for years to get your husband to stop drinking, or maybe you’ve run out of options in trying to get your kids to come back home and off the streets. Maybe you’re exhausted of dealing with an intruding mother-in-law or a competitive sibling. Or perhaps, you’ve just about had it with trying to bounce back from your own addictions, insecurities, anxieties and/or weaknesses.

Whatever the case may be in your life today, I want to remind you this morning Daughters of the King, that it is not your battle. Maybe nothing has changed in all these years because your hands have been all over it instead of allowing the Lord take the wheel once and for all.

We must engrave this in our hearts and in our minds…”we can not and will not change people or situations in our lives, only the Spirit of God can do that”. And He can only do that when we get our hands off and get our praying on.

My husband was an atheist for many years. Did I want him to change and love the Lord like he should? Absolutely! Did I try to change him myself for some time before I became extremely exhausted? I sure did! Did I learn to get my hands off the situation and let God handle my husband? Yes! Did my husband change? Indeed, he did! However, the change was quicker than the time I wasted whining and making demands.

What and/or who have you been trying to change? Whatever it is, get your hands off! Let God do His job as the creator and you do your job as the intercessor. It is promised, you will see results.

Confession: At this very moment I get my hands off (name your situation and hand it over to God once and for all and rest in His power)

Penned by Evelyn Suarez

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56 thoughts on “Get your hands off!”

    1. yes…Lord..that’s exactly what I been trying to do, please forgive me. all I say is not going change a thang, as a mother I felt it’s my job to do, so Lord prepaid my heart to give all this to you…this battle not mines, but yours…it’s the Lord…IJNA***

  1. God I’m hand it all over to you its and your hands Lord please keep me cover and the blood of Jesus God its off my hands Lord you got this and Jesus name Amen

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for being led by the spirit. I look forward to these devos everyday. And today especially is spot on. Please pray with me in agreement for supernatural protection over my marriage. May God bless you ALL, always❤

  3. Powerfully spoken by the Spirit!! I receive it and by God’s Almighty Grace toward me to do it!!!! Let me surrender everything in my life, and humble myself, and draw aside as I have felt the Spirit for awhile telling me to come aside and rest!!!! God has had this Battle already won, if I would get out of the way, and quit being a protective Mother!!!! I receive this message in Jesus Name and All Thanks and Glory be unto our Gracious Heavenly Father for it.

    1. This is just what need to put everything in the hand of Jesus he is the only one to put all my cares and trust I believe that

  4. Father you know my heart before I even speak. The pain I have I give to you to do with it what you must..I Thankyou that I can come to you and feel restoration again! Praise you Jesus for the life you laid down on that cross for the sacrifice of my pain

    I love You always ^^

  5. Oh Yahweh,u never cease to amaze always seems like they are speaking about me.the circumstances they spoke of this morning,were exactly like my own.and I can’t thank u enough for taking the wheel.I give u thanks and praise and all the credit for all the wonderful things in my life.praise be to JEHOVAH YAHWEH,IN THE NAME OF THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE KING JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR.AMEN

    1. Please pray for me. I am in hospital headed into surgery for spinal meningitis and to drain my ear. I am afraid. Pray for Dr. Goldstein”s wisdom and guide his hand. I do not want to hear or feel anything during surgery. I also have a very loud noise in my ear for 6 weeks. It is fluid and inflammation. Let God take it from me. Let God heal me and this illness. Let this surgery be safe and successful. Thank you my beautiful sisters in Christ for your love and support. May God bless you all.

      1. Praying God’s blessings cover and surround you. I’m believing surgery will be a success for you, and God is pulling you through to restoration.

          1. Maria I was thinking of you looked at the time it. Was ,316 reminded me of John 316 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whom ever shall believe in him shall have everlasting life

      2. We are praying for you sister. God is in complete control of your life and the surgeons hands. God with confidence Daughter of the King for the Great I am is with you wherever you go.

      3. Yes Sister hold on to your faith in Him (God) wants us to cry out only to Him. This is His opportunity to show You & Prove to you out of your own healing! For He is the Almighty! He is worthy! Then you will have Confidence in Him! You will know His (God) resume! Then You will believe in Him for yourself through your own healing! I’m sure if you are honest with yourself you can recall several situations that God delivered you from! That history is His resume! Know God for yourself. Believe in Him at once! Trust in Him like bone other. In Jesus name I pray that the surgeons are led by Him and you will recover wonderfully and be blessed indeed, knowing His resume for yourself! In Jesus Name we speak with in prayer Amen! Amen!

      4. Yes Lord send some a nurse hold hand as they put her out before you know it you’ve awakened surgery done its a success now recovery . my younger we found out by accident had spinal meningitis he healed living a full great life as for ear he’s got this to. Natural and normal to feel fear we reach to our savior our anchor our support systems we cover and shield you pray intercede and love on you through it all. So Lord I pray now release your healing comfort her soul direct the Dr nurses you be in contr as we relinquish it all to you and we thank you for your gift of healing how ever it comes . so we dance and praise in advantage seek your face with total trust and abandon ourselves to you completely blessings from above and with in andvLord I guveviy all to you my total healing ministry housing family finances my control influence desires and dreams my heart call NY relation ships I give it all to you and I thank you that you’ve got this the battle is yours I dance in victory take rest now lay back in your arms

  6. Praise God! I needed this reminder. I leave my husband leaving me and filing for a divorce, my children, my future, my health and my worries in your hand Holy Father.

    1. May God guide the hands of the surgeon and all his assistants during your surgery my sister in Christ. God got this for He is the Almighty, He is the head surgeon and all is well with you. Amen

    2. God is blessing you through this struggle Sister. Be encouraged! When God removes something from you he gives you something better. I love you and I pray you are healed of your hurt. God can take care of you & your children, even give you a better life …..husband included.!!!

  7. This is perfectly timed. God’s been reminding me that my words will not help them to change and stop what’s destroying them, but my prayers and God will. Lord I remove my hands from these situations, I hand my worries and cares over to You, cause only You are able to save them. Thank you Lord!

  8. Father,My Lord and Savior before i read this devotional i was so aggravated with a situation and started venting to one of my children, instead of coming to You first. Forgive me for being so caught up thinking that,Your word says Cast all your cares that means everything everyone there is nothing to hard for My God i have really exhausted myself with this and i hand it over I ask for you to forgive me and to change my mindset so that I may see things that i think are impossible

  9. What a timely exhortation for me
    God bless you I think I am going to hand everything over to God right away
    Thank you Jesua

  10. God directed me to download this app about 8 months ago in a time of desperation when my heart was bleeding and I was in a very very deep dark hole.
    I want to encourage all you writers and deeply thank you for making yourselves available as God’s vessels to minister to broken women like me. These devotionals speak so powerfully to me every day and again this morning.. Mrs Suarez, I struggle exactly with your topic today.. I feel like I need to help God but He’s telling me to let go. Please pray for me..I have read your (the writers) testimonies online and I thank you for sharing your story. I pray many blessings on you as you sisters in Christ.

  11. Father in Your hands I give everything which has bothered me and tried to steal my peace. You are more than enough and more than able to handle it Your way. Amen. Thank You for the end result, amen.

  12. Lord my God I give from my hands to your hand everything that I have no control over and only you can because you are God. I surrender to your will and ro your way for your honor and for your glory in your most precious and holy name.

  13. Holy holy Father l place all my unsaved family members mental illness addictions I can not change what only you can iput I trust you I rest in you I thank you for what you are going to do in Jesus name Amen

  14. God i thank you that all my worries and fears are in your hands. I will no longer try to fix people and situations bc they are not my battles they are yours. So i give them all to you to do your works as i stay focused on you and your goodness.❤️ Thank you for giving me the answers and insight that i need. I thank you for removing harmful relationships & negative energy. Release your blessings upon me & my family Lord. Give us the desires of our hearts Lord.

  15. Lord I give my husband my children my grandchildren my Neices my nephews my cousins my aunties my great grandchildren my great nieces and nephews in your hand I take my hand off deliver them from fornication and drugs plus alcohol whatever your will is Lord let it be done in their life’s in Jesus name amen

  16. This devotional is exactly what I needed. I’ve been dealing with the same situation for years. There is so much pain and I’ve tried countless times to fix it. God knows our needs and He spoke to me through this today. Praise the Lord!!!

  17. Lord I’m handing you my husband and trusting you to fulfill your promise to heal our marriage and bring us back together! You have promised; you are trustworthy and faithful to fulfill your promises. Take my fear and anxiety and give me your peace; though it maybe dark now, you are my light and guiding me. I will trust in you to work out your will for my life to glorify you, in Jesus name I pray, amen!

  18. Thank you God and Thank you Evelyn Suarez for the word I’ve been praying about, God always know when to step in, now is the right time for me to here what God has been saying all along. I have to let go and let God. In Jesus Name Amen!!!

  19. Oh I need God’s help so much in doing this. Many days I’m immobilized by how my young adult child is living. I’m constantly asking questions about their life after finding out there’s drinking, prescription drug abuse (not theirs) and about their sexual orientation. I’m weary to say the least. I know I must let this go into the Lord’s hands but I honestly don’t know how to just go on in life knowing all this. I keep praying that the Lord would reveal Himself to my child. Oh God, help me because I want to totally trust you with my child. Ultimately You know what they need more than I can ever know.

  20. God richly for speaking to my heart. There are so many people in my life and things I have been praying for God to change and I realize I wasn’t doing it the right way. I will just stand in the gap to intercede and let him take full control.

  21. This was just what I needed. I was praying before I read this for the lord help me because my heart is hurting/broken so bad. It hurts worse when it causes division in your family. I’m pushing on and I’m letting God lead me. I know he will mend my broken heart & work it out. Thank you Jesus and DOTK

  22. Thank you DOTK sisters, grateful I’ve read this testimony

    Heavenly Father; I’m experiencing some of these trials, but I now understand what it means to surrender fully to God and give up of my own will to him. I’ll allow you to do your job Father; I give up of my will today; I won’t fight anymore in my own strength, I won’t try to change anyone who comes in my presence nor the situation which surrounds me. I place it in your hands God; I realize I can’t do anything of my own self; It’s not my will but let your will be done Jesus, please take charge of my life & Lord. Amen 🙏

  23. Thanks again for another BEAUTIFUL 🌷🌹🌸🌈message❗👐👏👏💝💞💟🙋🙌HANDS OFF❗❗❗✋👋👐👐👐👍THANK YOU SWEET JESUS👑👑👑YOUR PROMISES are TRUE❗🌟🌟🌟OUR LIVING HOPE❗🌈🌞Yasssssss❗🔑🙌😊😆😄😅🙏🙏🙏💘💘👐👏👏👏💯

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