Give to Houston

Dear Readers, if DOTK Devotionals have been a blessing to you and you were considering donating to the ministry, we ask that you instead give your donations to the Red Cross branch in Houston, Texas to help the thousands in need.

Here’s the link:

When donating, please select the option to support “Hurricane Harvey”

Thank you and God bless you abundantly! 💛

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8 thoughts on “Give to Houston”

    1. I too am affected here in the Houston area, I have faith that God will calm this storm, people need to be closer to God almighty…he’s able to help us…
      God please dry up this water And heal our land…

      1. God please spread your love over Houston and bless all of the displaced families. We serve an awesome God.

  1. My prayers are with them ,and i declare that God will provide every need in Jesus name I also pray that God will give us all a giving heart to give in this time of sorrow that God extend his mercy upon the people of Houston Texas and give them peace and provide everthing that’s needed for all the families. Is my prayer in Jesus name Amen

  2. God. Is in control. Of all things. An. He. Is able to bring. Some good always out of a. .tragedy. Thank god. For the .many people.young. an. Old. Rich an. Poor. Came. Togeather. An. Prayer. An. Was. give .great soport tOWhatever. Area That. Was .needed..we. Prsise. U.god

  3. He is the one who calms the storm in our life have faith he is the only one who will restore back! In Jesus name. Hello to all yo prayer Warriors. Texas all come together on one accord joined together constantly, and watch the movement of God. He is incredible, my prayer are with Texas all blessings be to God. Aman 🙏

  4. The Lord said “Where two or three are gathered I’ll be in the midst”…Father WE Pray For “RESTORATION”…
    Father, WE know with & through You.. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE & WE ARE BELIEVERS!!
    You may not come on “our timing” but…YOU’RE AN ON TIME GOD!!
    May You continue to keep Your loving arms around the State of Texas.
    This I Pray In Jesus’ Holy Name…Amen

  5. Sometimes it it so difficult to Praise God in the mist of a strategy to those who are facing their storm. I know that in all things God does want us to Praise Him despite the battle ., . My prayers go forth to all who have suffered so much loss.

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