Go and stand by your man.

“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

I remember years ago while standing near the dinner table, I saw my husband with his head laid on the table. I was feeling frustrated and angry. He was feeling frustrated and angry. I heard thoughts from the enemy telling me I was better off alone. The enemy sounded like the rants of an angry and bitter person who was miserable and wanted me to be lonely and miserable too. But in the midst of all the emotions going on within me, I heard God’s still small voice say, “Go and stand by your man.” So I went and stood by him and we held each other at our side.

As I stood there next to him, a renewed love for him filled my heart and washed over me like a tidal wave. He was my man and even though he had his flaws and weaknesses that frustrated me–as I’m sure mine did as well–he was mine and I was his. In that moment, I decided that I would stand by him for the rest of our lives. This caused every voice of the enemy to immediately silence and the voice of the Holy Spirit to be heard loud and clear.

In every home the enemy is seeking to divide and conquer. He is busy trying to cause people to stand against each other instead of with each other. He appeals to our emotions and if we don’t know how he operates, we will let him turn a small problem into a really big issue. Hear God’s wisdom today. Don’t give room to the devil. Stand by your man and those you love. Yes, they may have flaws, but so do you. Work through issues together and let nothing and no one divide you and cause you to stand on opposite sides of each other. You are stronger together than you are apart.

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your wisdom. I pray for everyone in my home, that You will comfort and strengthen us like only you can. Help us to work through problems together. I plead the blood of Jesus over my marriage and family, over my children and loved ones. I bind the enemy and put him under my feet. He will not divide and conquer my home. I receive Your practical wisdom and choose to walk in it. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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25 thoughts on “Go and stand by your man.”

  1. Why should I stand by my man if he doesn’t want to stand by me??? I can’t make him continue with our marriage, even though I wanted to…he chose to go down this road, not me, and he’s pretty much made it clear and plain that he doesn’t want to be with me any longer. I’ve tried talking to him, begging him to go to counseling in church—which he refused—and we sleep in separate rooms—again, HIS doing! Now, when I try to talk to him, he gets angry and he accuses me of ‘starting an argument’, and has even gotten physical. Frankly, I’m done now, and I’m tired. I can pray for him from afar, where he’s concerned…

    1. You should stand by him because God,the establisher of the institution of marriage requires you too, he said to Adam in Genesis 2:18 ”
      “it is not good for a man to be alone and will make a helper meet for him ”
      And you are that helper,he new his weaknesses and he choosed you to be his helper.
      Remember “1 Cor 10:13”
      God will not give you the challenges that you cannot overcome he wants you to trust him and he will fight for you.
      Don’t give up on God he will not give up on you .

    2. You can’t fix him, but you know who can? LET GO AND LET GOD WORK ON YOUR MARRIAGE… you kept saying “I’ve” Ive” but you can’t do anything… Let God work on him, the only thing you can do is pray and ask God to fix your marriage and he would do just that… YOU CANT FIX HIM, only God can

    3. Yes you have to take of yourself and your health, mental and physical. Be strong and build a path for yourself. If he lets the lord in and finds his way back that is fine but don’t wait around for him.

    4. Hi, i want to reply. Hello Fed up I’m sorry for what you’re going through, God did make us Help meet for our husbands but God don’t want us to stay in marriages where it gets physical, he shows he don’t want to be in the marriage and you feel the same way. God Bless you, Move On my sister God has a Better Man Coming. Have that one on one time with God and see what he tell you. God Bless you🙏

  2. I understand what God is saying.. but my Husband is Cheating and has been since years!! I Forgave him Many time, but Enough is Enough. I’m Done!!💔🙏

    1. You just continue to be the great wife God called you to be… God will have to work on him because you can’t … Ask God to help him become the man he called him to be…

    2. An abusive (emotional, physical or verbal) husband can not be of God. God said, a man should love his wife as He loves the church . Take your leave lady. Pray for him though. Let God heal your heart. If God thinks the union should continue, He will reconnect you both. Do not stay in an abusive relationship and try to justify it. It’s unhealthy and toxic. Too many women die because of this blind counsel.

      1. Amennn”. If the marriage is unbearable to handle you must not give up on the person but you must walk away quietly’ you can’t make someone act right but you can give them over to God by praying for them. But husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church and wives must respect their husbands is what the Bible says if that’s not been done that’s when you take the above advice☝. But you must forgive to be forgiven and also reconcile with the person and leave your gift at the altar, that what God Said in his word Matthew 5:24 kjv, when you love something no matter what they’re doing you let it go to grow and if it’s meant God were reunited and if it don’t return that person was not supposed to go with you to your next level in life… as I pray enjoy your weekend and have a blessed one and be safe always all of you.

      2. AMEN my Sister, that’s not Love when a man is physical, abusive, calling names is NOT of God.
        Fed up please listen to this Sister. God Bless🙏

  3. I have stand by My Man for year’s and his messed up in the world thing I kept on forgive and forgiving because that’s the kind of heart. And yes it’s wrong for man are a woman to admit adultery but the woman has been so faithful through those years supporting the family and all when does God say it’s enough it’s so many women that have been so faithful for years in the spouse repeated to disrespect we also accept their apology but they continue to repeat when does God say enough is enough I believe sometime we as women continue to share our love for the spouse but we have to allow God to work through it and sometime we have to step out of the way because I believe that God can take something that the enemy try to destroy through that spouse weakness and them being hungry for something they did not need I also believe that God placed them in a place where they can see nobody but God and fall down on their knees so I put my faith in God and say enough is enough and let God’s will be done the only thing I can say if they said they repent to God I wasn’t there I don’t know that’s between them in God I do know God is a miracle working God and he can work through anything So to my sister’s keep your head up and trust God not man live the life and respect the trust God bless the readers and this ministry Thank you Dotk family ministry ❤❤ for encouragement devotion

  4. I’m not married but looking at the comments, the enemy is definitely trying to discourage me to think that wanting marriage is setting me up to be miserable… I’m a fighter and I know what the power of prayer and trusting in God can do for me. If you believe in God trust him, and don’t put your trust in Man… continue to be the great wife you were called to be and let God take care of the rest…. ladies be mindful God is the only person that can fix it and let him be “fixer” in your marriage.. God has the power to do more than we ask or think…
    Just because you think things want get better … but God can do the impossible! Stay encourage ladies and let God take care of your husband because you can’t fix him ..

    1. You can’t change anyone but you change the way you handle things. I believe you can never change your husband but God can. No matter what happens , give him over to God. Like what was said don’t ever give up on him, do your best and God will do the rest. Just trust God not man

  5. OMG!! I just prayed about this very situation last night. I have had a crazy draining week. It has been beyond frustrating and when I came home the other day my husband added to it. I was like really dude aren’t I going through enough without you adding to it. Last night I asked God to help me see things clearly. To help say and do what I needed to and not blame my husband. Then this morning I read this devotional. WOW! God is simply amazing. I will stand by my man. We will be stronger. Our marriage will be stronger and better. We will be a light and example for other couples to see. Thank you so much!!

  6. How can you standby someone that you are not Married to but you love him so much wish he was you husband do I standby 🙏🏿

  7. Wow!! A lot of pain, confusion and heartache in the words posted today. I understand. I, too, live with a psychologically, emotionally abusive man who struggles with addictions. I have seriously weighed leaving vs. staying and am still here. Sisters, there is a time to stand by your man BUT there is also a time to GET OUT AND GET HELP!!! Your mental and physical health are important to God!!!! God does not expect His daughters to be battered, we can choose. Personally, I have had to set very hard boundaries to protect myself and enforce and maintain them with consequences. By God’s grace alone, we are seeing slow bits of progress. Go to God. Only He knows if your man will choose to change and make it safe to stay, if not, you may need to leave for the safety of your being and family.

  8. How to standby a man who has betrayed you for 16 years and not one bit remorseful or repentant before God. He could even swear and lie before God. He’s addicted to gambling and has become abusive. He has abandoned his family for his addiction and the other woman. As much as God hates a divorce, there are 2 conditions that allow the marriage to be annulled on sexual immorality and abandonment. Also the bible said that the Husband has to love and cherish his Wife like Christ loves his church. In a situation when the Husband cheats, lies and betrays his Wife and children with a secret life out there for 16 years, how then can one still stand by your man?

    1. Yes Amen we can Pray from afar. God also said as a Woman of God we can Forgive but we not to be like Doormats.., and let the Husbands continue to step all over us. Yes I trust the Lord and know he is a God of Restersation., but in some situations we need to move on and Let Gods will be done. ..

    2. That’s the other thing, he’s cheated on me as well, with a co-worker…who’s married herself. And this is the second time he’s done this. I forgave him the first time, and now, years later and a child as well—he up and decided to tell me that his feelings had changed about us. Then it went downhill from there, and during that time, I discovered that it was his coworker who turned his head. And the first thing I asked was there someone else, and he lied. After I called him on it, that’s when we started sleeping in separate rooms. No intimacy at all, and both have been going on for over a year—again, his doing, not mine. I’m just so angry about it all, and trying to figoout what did I do wrong…

  9. I have been separated from my husband of 21 years for 6 months. He is verbally abusive, controlling, depressed, and an alcoholic. I wouldn’t have left but he threw me out.
    Now he wants me back. I don’t think he has changed; he is just putting on his best when I’m around. I’m finally feeling better about myself and afraid to go back into the dark place I lived in with him.

  10. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!
    Lord Have Mercy!!! Thank You Lord for giving me enough Grace & Humility to NOT allow the enemy to cause complete havoc & let “ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE” in my home within my family!! Thank You Lord..Thank You..Thank You..Thank YOU!!! For bridling my tongue, giving me the right words to say, although the enemy was “BIG MAD” & wanted me to go backwards..to my old self..”screaming, cussing & arguing”..BUT GOD!!! NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER!!!
    I’m soooo Thankful to the Lord for showing up & standing with me, when..(once again)I REALLY needed Him!! I’m going to stand by/with my family..ONLY GOD can make the changes that are needed..& I KNOW HE WILL..HE’S ALREADY DOING IT!! Because they KNOW The Word & they came to apologize..it was ALL up to me..to act on emotions or listen to the Holy Spirit..I chose to listen to the Holy Spirit!! Thank You Lord for Your Guidance & Direction!! Thank You Lord for teaching me to..Trust You!! You may not come when we want..but Your ALWAYS ON TIME!!! I Just LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH LORD!!!💓😍
    And To My Sisters that are going through..ask the Lord to guide & direct you!! He DOESN’T want His Daughters to be abused! That’s NOT what is meant by “Stand By Your Man”..Sisters..YOU have to KNOW..when to hold & when to fold!! Love YOU enough to know..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..WHEN ABUSE IS INVOLVED..DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS REAL & CAN BE DEADLY!!!😢💜
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

  11. Fed Up, I have been where you are. My husband & I will be celebrating 33 years of marriage on the 23rd of this month. I have been through physical, emotional, financial, & social abuse with this man.. My relationship with God was out my life. During this “treasure box” of events, I gave my life over to Jesus. I tried to change my husband ( did not work), but I did start praying the same prayer (God, please fill my husband with Your Holy Spirit). That’s all I ever said for years. One day I got smart & decided to let go & let God. That Thursday when I came home from Bible study, I felt empowered. God stepped in & did a great work in this man. Hallelujah!! 3 days later, God filled this abusive man with the Holy Ghost. Thank you Jesus!!! Fed Up, pray, & ask God for His direction. I’m not telling you to leave your man, because I never left mine. I learned how to trust God, respect myself, improve my self esteem, let go of past hurts, shame, & guilt. While God was working with my husband, He was working in and through me. I am grateful today for hanging in there because God NEVER told me to leave. No, my husband is not perfect & neither & I. Had I listened to people, I would have never found the man I grew to love in 1981. Seek God sweetie, & you will have your answer to what YOU need to do. Sometime, we have to go through the rain in order to see the rainbow. Read the book of Hosea & and see what he went through with Gomer in order to get God’s plan fulfilled.

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