“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” John 14:12, KJV.

No weakness, insecurity, set back, or negative words spoken over you are strong enough to stop God’s great and preordained plans for your life. When He called you, He already knew every mistake you were going to make and every giant you would have to face. You’ve been called for such a time as this. There is a reason you survived when others around you didn’t. There’s reason you are still standing and are still here.

Receive in your heart God’s great plans for your life and the great work He has called you to do, even if you can’t fully wrap your mind around it. Just know that He is preparing you for greater. Greater levels of faith, greater operations of the gifts of the Spirit, greater manifestations of healing and power, greater knowledge and awareness of who He is, and a greater deeper walk with Him.

Prayer: Father, You are so great and awesome. I put my trust in You. Whatever you want to do, I yield. Take me higher than I’ve ever gone before. When life becomes challenging for me, help me remember that the Greater One lives within me. You’ve called me to do great things, and I accept it now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Yes Lord I receive this word with open abandonment to Your will, help me Holy Spirit to recognize opportunities and promptings from You.Thank You Lord.
    AMEN! 🙏🙏🙏👸👸👸🀄🀄🀄🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thank you Jesus Hallelujah Praise God for this word today, Thank you for Greater, Thank you Father for a Greater walk with you and Thank you for giving me Greater. In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🙆‍♀️🤗💃👍😉💞💜💛💚💙❤💖

  3. Hallelujah thank you Jesus I’m just now reading today daily devotions and praise God to the highest God please in the name of Jesus continue your work with me I hear you feeling it right here on my second job praising God for his glory and his grace and his Mercy in the name of Jesus Hallelujah thank you God I yield to you right now in the name of Jesus you continue to do your work in me for the kingdom of God let the truth come out of my mouth God I love you Hallelujah glory in the name of Jesus God bless this ministry continue to take us higher in the word of God hallelujah and Jesus name a Amen Thank God Amen and Amen again I just got to read this again Hallelujah AMEN

  4. God, I know that you have a wonderful plan for my life. I believe in you Lord. Help me to keep walking in your plans for me. Give me the strength to continue to pray, trust and believe especially when it feels hard and rough. My heart aches! I always try to help and be a friend but realize it is not receprocated. Yet, we must love anyway. You have a wonderful plan for my life and the negative stuff can not stop you. Lord please protect my heart from the pain. DOTK please pray for me. In the name of Jesus.

  5. Thank you for this blessed word, i recieve and believe that it shall come to pass in my life. Praise be to God creater of heaven and earth. May God continue to bless you in all your ways. Amen

  6. I thank you for this Word! It was right on time because I was just questioning the Father about my life. If I was really saved called and chosen . Life thus far gas not been what I expected. But God is Good! He protected me countless times from the enemy who set out to kill me but God said no! So I know there has to be a reason I still stand. Lord help me to trust you & your plan for my life although I don’t understand the WHY’S of it all. Please keep me in pray. GBU

  7. I thank God for all His provisions. Although I am going thru things with my finances, He will see me thru. Lord help me to totally depend on you for all. You are my Jehovah Jireh. He will never leave me. He owns a thousand cattle on the hill.He pprovides for the birds in the air and yet they lack nothing. Please pray for my household.

  8. God…thank YOU for planning my life because without YOU, I am nothing! I put ALL of my trust in YOU GOD…for YOU are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End and no weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). All Glory goes to YOU GOD. I receive YOUR plan for my life in the name of Jesus…AMEN!

    1. Amen! Thank you Lord for your confirmation thank you for the rate God that you are the all knowing how can we not serve a God Like You I Love You Lord in Jesus name amen

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