God’s Love 101 course in you.

“Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good” Romans 12:21, New Living Translation.

My husband’s workplace has been peaceful until now. Lately, he has come home and shared with me the different stressors those under him are causing him at work, then in the next breath, he shares how much he cares for these employees and wants them to succeed. While they are undermining his leadership and not behaving professionally, he’s still maintaining his love walk and desiring the best for them.

As his wife, it’s hard to hear him tell me anytime he’s not being treated well. It’s hard because my husband is the epitome of a man of God. He has a heart for God and people. He’s upright and has a professionalism that is second to none. So anytime someone doesn’t treat him right, I’m tempted to go and give individuals a piece of my mind. But Holy Spirit quickly reminds me that God is my husband’s defense, not me. He is my husband’s shield and buckler, not me. And no matter how tempting it is to go and be a lioness for my honey, God is the best at handling people in a loving way that prevents casualties.

Being married to my husband for these 19 years has been like being in a Love 101 course. Every day I get to learn how to love by watching him. When I think of it, I can’t imagine what his co-workers are experiencing by watching him not pay back evil for evil, or watching him maintain his composure and his cool no matter what they say or do. I can’t imagine how he aggravates their demons every time he submits to God’s way of responding.

My sister, God is aware of everything you are enduring, and He’s strengthening your ability to be longsuffering. He sees your love and how you’re honoring Him. Promotion is coming. But before He promotes you, He needs you to continue to operate in His love and humility. Don’t stop being who you are. Let them see up close how a real daughter of the King does things. Let God be your defense. Let God be your shield and buckler. Someone is being blessed by God’s Love 101 course in you.

Prayer: Help me, Father, as a wife whenever my husband is not being treated right. Help me trust you to be his defense and his shield. You’ve got him, and you’re calming my spirit and quieting my soul. Bless our enemies to encounter your love. Bless me when I’m facing stressful situations, Father. Help me maintain my love and my cool as I trust you to be my strong defense. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

15 thoughts on “God’s Love 101 course in you.”

  1. This devotional speaks volumes to my life circumstances. I am being mistreated all around me but God. I know the power of prayer and that has been my weapon. It is daunting. I know I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens me. Thanj you so much for this prophetic word. It helps keep me encouraged and focused. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 👀🙏🏽📖❤

  2. AMEN!! Strengthen me Holy Spirit to always walk in love and to handle situations that is pleasing unto you! Thank you Woman to God and be blessed! ❤️

  3. This what I needed as I’ve been in woe as me and wanting to lash out to several people rhat have and or taking advantage of mt kindness, but GOD nudges me keep my eyes on HIM.

  4. Amen! Beautiful testimony and encouragement 💕 Be blessed Sis, and I pray continued strength, peace and victory 4 your husband in Jesus mighty name 🙏🏾

  5. This is so true. I don’t have a husband yet, God’s timing. I have to remember that God fights my loved ones battle. I want to get in there and give someone who hurt my family a piece of my mind, but the Holy Spirit convicts me and I know don’t. This is something that I think we all face especially in today’s world. This was so good. God bless you and your husband in his coming and going.

  6. Kesha, I wish you could be right here right now seeing & hearing me….super on time word, just divine. O how he love me! Blessings to Blessings.

  7. Your words spoke straight to my heart. I don’t have a husband, however I do have a son. I have the urge to act as a lioness and tear apart anyone who dares to hurt him. I, too, have been hurt by others in my life and I have had to fight the urge to strike back. I am learning, slowly but surely, to place our battles into God’s hands. I am definitely struggling with viewing those who hurt us from a place of love. I commend you for this and I strive to mimic your actions.

  8. Thank you so much for these positive true words of God
    I can see my husbands true love for the Father and as people and the Enemy come at him it does hurt yet
    When I come at him with the enemy using me to come against him is when I need to get angry at this enemy and
    Ask Father to set me free from coming agsinst my husband
    The world does it enough why do I have to as well I should be at his side and praying for him instead of stabbing him in the back
    Father help me set me free
    True love is not my way of letting the enemy into my home abd fighting agsinst the one Father sent to my life
    Please forgive me help me Father to see the fullness of my hatred and to love the true man of God you sent to me
    This is what was revealed to me
    Hearing Father speak to me
    Through your words of truth
    Thank you 💕🙏

  9. Amen. God will give us the strength that we need and to continue to lean on God through it all and continue to obey his words the truth always the love of God in our hearts Amen 🙏🏽 ♥️

  10. Amen! Amen! And Amen!! Father, You do know what I am going through and I’m yielding to You and to Your Love 101 course, trusting Your process, plan, having faith knowing that You will always do what is best for me. In this verse to not return evil for evil. I remember vengeance belongs to You and You will repay. The consequences is in Your hands, not mine. That’s only because Your Holy Spirit keeps me, and is everything I need to overcome and be triumphant.🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️

    Sister Kesha, thank you for this devotional of how He is developing me to be successful for what The Father purposed for my life, so He will get the glory by my life.💕💐💜💕💐💜

  11. May God continue to bless and anoint your marriage my sista. We love the both of you for life.

  12. What an inspirational story of the Holy Spirit love for us to walk worthy 🙏🏼Thank you sis Keisha for always sharing ❤️

  13. Thank you so much! This devotional was in God’s perfect timing! My husband is being attacked by his family purely to manipulate him into doing what they want him to do. As his wife it deeply breaks my heart. I keep reading the devotional and this morning God woke me up early and I prayed the prayer again. I am taking a screenshot and making it my screensaver so when his family or anyone attacks him or anyone I love I know You God our their defense. You are a just God and we will get through it. These are growing pains, an opportunity to see Your might power at work. Lord the battle is won in Your Mighty Name!

  14. Praise Our Holy Father for His Love and His Faithfulness. Glory to our King May His will be done amen

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