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  1. In 2020 during COVID-19 I also was going through breast cancer and chemotherapy and the Lord healed me in July 2021. Today I am cancer free

    1. I praise God and Rejoice with you on your healing. There’s nothing my God can’t do, there is power in the name of Jesus. Co ntinue to trust in him, God bless you forever.

  2. I was in a physically abusive marriage. On November 4,2001 my husband attempted to take my life. His intention was to beat me to death. During the beating I saw my life flash before my eyes and knew I was going to die right there. I looked up at a picture of Jesus I had on our sons bedroom door, all I could whisper with what was surely my last breath was JESUS! And immediately the whole atmosphere changed , my husband stopped beating me. I made it to a trauma unit where they removed my ruptured spleen ., fixed broken bones, and was put in a medical induced coma. I shouldn’t have survived that . I almost didn’t. The power in the name of Jesus. Just his name alone! Is what saved me. I have walked with the Lord ever since. I am a miracle: and I am so grateful to walk with Him.

    1. Hello Paula. Your testimony is so powerful, first I want to say! My sister how sorry I am that you experienced, such trauma. But so happy & grateful, to God that you survived & are alive to tell your story that God is using for His Glory! & to help women that have gone through, physical abuse. & i agree yes yes the name of Jesus is so powerful.
      God Bless! Sonya 🫶🏼🙏🏼

    2. Amennnnnnnn there is Power in the name of Jesus! I have experienced it personally. Praise God 👏 for is saving and healing power he will rescue 🙏 us.

    3. Thank God that happened for you that you made it out and I’m looking to get out of a marriage myself he’s too controlling and wants me to stop talking to all of my friends and family and just wants to control everything in my life and I’m tired of it too but this gives me hope so thank you for sharing

    4. To God be the glory, there is powe in the name of Jesus, I’m glad you survived and made it. Continuous prayers for you in Jesus name.

    5. God has been healing my heart and mind. I had ( and am still working on it) twisted view on love and the value I had for myself. Thinking being physical with a man held my value. This was a hard realization for me to acknowledge. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I have never had a good solid relationship with a man. I know the God’s truth, but such a strong hold. I cried out to God, telling Him. Lord I need help, I can’t do this. I need you to come in for that last percent. You what ladies! HE DID!!! He met me and is RESTORING ME! Showing me things and growing in my relationship with the Holy Spirit. WOW THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE MET ME, me..Lil me. Ladies it was amazing, when God shows up..I mean really shows up! I encourage you to seek God, bear your soul. HE WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT!!

  3. 38 yrs ago when my daughter was born, the doctor told me she had no chances of making it & they would be lucky if they could save me!! I was devastated by this news. You see my daughter’s due date was April 21 & it was only Jan 30. However, God had other plans. She was born 2 lbs 13 oz but was totally healthy!! God is a miracle worker!!

    1. Amen, Valerie.. I love when the doctor says no or life simply looks like there’s no other way but God says yes! What a mighty God we serve, God bless you my sister in Christ.

  4. In 2015 I had an instance where what I thought was a minor cold, turned into a 103 degree fever. I was with with an abusive man with evil intent. My sister took me to hospital the quarantined me thinking in had tuberculosis and thank God I didn’t! However they did find a nodule in my ext lung. Well, God delivered me from that relationship, thank you Jesus, and I had another test run by my regular Dr and he told me that the nodule was gone!
    thank you Jesus!

    1. @ Robin Lee, Praise the Lord…There’s nothing too hard for our God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And it won’t be long before we see him, I’m thankful and glad he healed you, so you can see his miraculous power.

  5. I was diagnosed with HIV 31years ago, numerous times I was hospitalized close to death, and each time my Lord and Savior healed my body, it has been over fifteen years since I have been sick or hospitalized. . My diagnose has not changed, but the Grace of God is on my life keeping me, Alleluia.

    1. Hello Joanne. Your testimony touched me. Trust me when you’re meant to be here bcuz God has a purpose & plan for your life, your not going nowhere!! Sis! What you have experienced, is the supernatural healing power of God almighty yes sis! Testify how Great our God is He is using you! For His Glory!!
      God Bless! Sonya

    2. @ Joanne God is keeper, I love how you proclaim the goodness of the Lord and you recognize his power, love and healing hands over your life. It’s a blessing to not be hospitalized in over fifteen years, and praise the Lord for your healing and continuous prayers for you to be completely free and healed in Jesus name. God bless you and keep believing in the name of Jesus.

  6. I was in a hospital in Jamaica that was a wealthcare facility. It is a well known private hospital in the town of Mandeville. I was told I had a condition that turned out to be a lie that created a series of health issues, loss of income and a three year nightmare to get back to full recovery. I found myself praying more and not only did I pray, my prayers were being answered to the point where I was seeing physical manifestations of the spirit coming into the natural. I was guided to full recovery, hindrances to my care was physically moved like I had got an appointment date for a procedure to fix an issue created from the treatment offered, first I was told the date would have been in September and after praying it was changed to July which would be a month of wait time instead of three months, a doctor tried to stop my registration to get assistance for another procedure and after praying in the spirit the impediment was removed.

    It took me three years to recover fully and the Holy spirit became my constant companion, guiding, answering questions, sending resources on the net to help with research on getting well and aligning people to come to my aid. It was the strongest manifestation of my faith I had ever experienced. Now today, I am a better stronger Christian walking and fully committed to the Lord and also much better off from the trauma than where I started. It is true, we overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Thank you for letting me share. GOD IS VERY VERY REAL AND WHEN YOU CALL ON HIM HE DOES COME TO YOUR AID AND ANSWERS YOUR PRAYER.

    1. @Xendia Praise the Lord for your victory, Man will let you down, misdiagnosed you but God will never fail, There is power in the name of Jesus. Continuous prayers for you in Jesus name.

  7. I slso recobgized during the recovery process the scripture passages and the resources that were right hwre on DOTK was spot on to issues that arose during my recovery, it was like God was using you tonspeak to me, I even got a bible passage where he called me Hephzibah from right on here…..here is the rub!!!!! Who was Hephzibah? Later I found out she was King Hezekiah-s daughter…..it was like the Lord was telling me to continue to commune right hwre because he had called me his daughter. I have learned so much and grown immensely spiritually and in faith through my commuking with him and his word right here. Thank you so much it has been an awesome awesome and beautiful Journey

  8. In 2014 I had a anxiety attack and went to the ER, they found a unknown “nodule ” on my lung. For months I was scanned, they seemingly found others, I had biopsies and other tests. Which didn’t help my anxiety. They even tried to get a research company to follow me as I’m not a smoker. I gave in to it all. After praying and worrying I fell asleep at work (NEVER before as I’m a nurse). In the dream Jesus put his face so close to me that I couldn’t see him but it was like we were ONE. He blew on me, it was like a hurricane roar but so gentle. The next da y was my appointment for the surgery to remove my Right upper lobe. The doctor pulled out my scans including that day and lined them up. He seemed so confused. He left for about 15 minutes, called my husband and I outside and showed me that it looked like someone had beat whatever it was with a hammer and it was all but GONE! GOD IS REAL, JESUS IS REAL. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!

    1. AMEN yes and yes It is true this is truly how God works he is very very real, healing and helping and prospering those who believe in him Amen Amen Amen

  9. I was an addict and had actually died. In the midst of that darkness I know it was God that brought me through to this side. My mom was killed when I was 14 and it was her with me telling me that it was time to get up and I wasn’t ready to leave her.. she said, “sissy, it’s time to get up” .. I wasn’t ready, she said, “Jenny, it’s time to get up”.. I wanted more time, she said,”Jennifer Elaine, get up” I came to in the hospital with my dad and stepmom beside my bed. The hospital had called my dad and told him if he didn’t give them the go head that I wouldn’t be with them much longer and he said,” do whatever it takes I’m on my way.” After I was released from the hospital I had a lot of recovery to go through, I went into a women’s shelter, I was in celebrate recovery, and struggling with depression. One night I couldn’t sleep and started reading my bible I just prayed and flipped through, it landed where God wanted me to remind me of exactly what he was telling me. Luke 8:54 “My child, get up!” I remember that when I feel down… I am now 4 years sober, have my family back, and have since gotten remarried to a strong, loving, and supportive man.. all by the grace of God!

    1. Wow!!!!! God is sooooo good 🥹🙏🏼🫶🏼 First and foremost congratulations Jennifer! I
      Love reading comments and you literally had me tears, you were the first comment on addiction, I identified, but then you said “Jennifer Elaine!” That’s my name, and I also “Celebrate Recovery” in Celebrate Recovery in Miami from alcohol, currently a year and a half! And if two times wasn’t enough your final share of “Get up Girl!” Wow GOD speaks loud to us and always in 3😭😭😭🙏🏼🤍 you have no idea how much I just felt HIS presence!!! Thank you for sharing your healing story, so close yet so far, ONE God keeps us all close in love 🥰

  10. My Miracle is My father God blessed my husband and I to be happily married for 52 years!!and are still in love!!!! To God be the glory!

  11. Yes,I was in the center for the mentally ill 10 years.I had 2 brain injuries and several diagnosis of mental disorders.I couldn’t hold a conversation with a person.I just know after 3 suicide attempts and the 3rd one my heart stop beating.Several months later I was laying with my head on floor.I said, Lord help me.People who saw me who knew me , didnt recognize me..I been free from psychiatric drugs for 20 years and my brain has no injury.But God.It all came from violent trauma as a child.I forgave.I don’t give testimonies about it.I saw this and God stirred me but I won’t go into details.I will say I led the person to the Lord and their in heaven and God gave me a love for them.And I won.Thats all that matters.

    1. AMEN yes and yes It is true this is truly how God works he is very very real, healing and helping and prospering those who believe in him Amen Amen Amen

    2. Truly Blessed by your testimony!
      Thank you so much for sharing.
      You are loved here sister.
      God be given all glory.

  12. The Lord is good I give him all the honors because they wanted to cut both of my son legs off but God step in the power of prayer is powerful..

  13. In 1991 I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. The young man driving the motorcycle was killed on impact and of course being 15 years old, I was madly in love. We were run over by a dump truck. My family was told I would not survive, then they were told that I would lose my leg, that I would not be able to have children and the list goes on. All of these things were overcome, however due to the magnitude of injuries and reconstructive surgeries over the next 4 years I became severely addicted to pain killers. In 2004ish I was delivered from this addiction though I didn’t give God the glory for it, I had the idea that I had just quit using them on my own because I was tired of living life that way. Lo and behold along comes the temptor. I wasn’t learned in the way of spiritual warfare, I thought I was strong. Never flirt with what God has delivered you from! The addiction hit harder than it ever was before. Like a snowball over the next few years it grew and grew. In 2011 my mom, who was my rock, passed away suddenly. Without her, I began to spiral out of control. She was the one person that always held me accountable. I know now that her prayers are what kept me in front of Jesus. I didn’t know how to pray, so I didn’t. I didn’t have a relationship with Him. The enemy knew that and he set his sights on me. I got mixed up with the wrong people, people who claimed to care about me. I was introduced to meth. It was propositioned for a pain killer. I soon realized that there was something evil that had attached to me. I soon began to hear voices. I had a fear that I have never felt. Some of the voices would make fun of me or put me down, others would tell me to go get help. They would tell me that I was going the wrong way. I would go to rehab facilities and for one reason or another I could not get into them. One after another the doors were closed to me. I would go to churches but during the week, when they were closed. The voices and the torment would subside when church was open. I would be duped into thinking it was over… until monday. There were nights that I would park in a church parking lot just to feel safe. I would go to family but everyone knew what I was doing so they didn’t trust me or I could feel the disappointment from just being around them. I was getting high in my bathroom one day and I passed out. I fell and hit the back of my head and the base of my skull on the rim of the tub. I was suddenly suspended before and angel who was standing on a small cloud. He had the chiseled appearance like ones in the Bible bookstores. I don’t remember anything being said but I felt ashamed. I knew I wasn’t being let in. You see, I have had two other times when I should have died, both times I visited heaven but was returned. I could suddenly hear someone screaming and reached behind my head That is when I began to pray to God. I had remembered that when I was young my mom had been on drugs and she told me “I cried out to God and He saved me”. So I took cried out to Him “God I can’t do this please help me. Please take this from me”. He did. I could only afford to get a small amount once monthly as I was on a limited income that was provided by a monthly check. I would buy it and the Lord would take over… I’d drive to a public facility and throw it into a trash can. This went on for a couple of months. I was fully delivered after a couple of months. I laid in the bed all the time, depressed and in severe pain. Remember I had been numb since I was 15 years old. Every day aches and pains were not something I dealt with. The Lord began to work on me to get up and get moving. I had barely been able to walk to the mailbox so I started with that, then walked halfway up my block and back, then to the stop sign, I would stretch the distance about every two weeks until I was walking 6 miles a day. I was able to get a temporary job and then when I proved faithful with that the Lord opened up doors for a good opportunity to get back on my feet. After getting healthy insurance I went for a full physical. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I began a regime of very expensive and very strong antiviral medication. I was able to get a months worth for $5. I talked to someone who had been on the same Rx and was flown to a trauma center for internal bleeding due to the Rx. I decided I was not going to take it. I would just tell people that I had finished the medicine. When I prayed I told God that I knew He is the author of life, that He can give it and take it away, a virus is a living organism and I would accept whatever was to happen. Fast forward to 2023 I was lying in bed and heard a voice at my doorway, as the sound of rushing water, “I will not allow you to get married again until you get a blood test done” I went the next day to the lab and was told 2 weeks until I get the results. 2 days later I received the preliminary report … Above High Normal… 2 more days pass I received the final report… HCV RNA is consistent with a resolved past infection!!!
    PRAISE GOD!!! A miraculous healing of the DIVINE GOD we serve!! God has brought me through so much in my life, I had to be broken to see that it is God and only God that can deliver us. We can do nothing of our own power. I am sure to give God the glory each and every day of my life!!

    1. You are a beautiful testimony to His goodness and mercy but also the depths of His love. There is no place our Father won’t go to reach us. ❣️

    2. AMEN yes and yes It is true this is truly how God works he is very very real, healing and helping and prospering those who believe in him Amen Amen Amen

  14. The Lord healed me from breast cancer! While going through chemotherapy He told me; I AM THE LORD THAT HEALTH THEE! I went back to sleep and He has taking me through chemo, radiation, and I’m cancer free 3 years! Praise Jesus!

  15. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lymph node, I had surgery, and need after a aggressive treatment of chemotherapy, and radiation, I am in remission because, God healed me, and give me another opportunity of proclaiming the he is my healer and redeemer , he is my savior, and I am standing because of his mercy Amen Hallelujah!! All the Glory to Jesus Amen

  16. On Aug 29 th I had 2 operations and was in severe pain for 2 days and told I couldn’t have anything stronger so my son took me to a different hospital emergency room. They discovered my bowels had been obstructed during the 2nd operation and I was told it was detremental to my life to get a 3rd operation. I was against it. I was scared I didn’t trust that same Dr to operate on me again. I spoke to my Bible study members and realized I trust God and in His hands and care. After hours I gave them the yes and had the 3rd operation
    I realized God is in control. Today I’m still healing but God brought me thru all 3 operations and I’ll forever give Him the glory for His favor upon my life.

  17. The Lord saved my life through 2 surgeries. When they thought I was done God said no. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. Came home not able to walk, feed myself or go to the bathroom. They wanted to put me in a nursing home but my children and family said no we got this. Through prayer, therapy and God I am now on a cane. To God be the glory. You can’t tell me what my God can’t do because he is a healer, way maker and king of kings.

  18. The lord gave my joy back restored, my mental health and physical also healing myfamily just staying connected with the lord your devotionals are a blessing God Bless you and your family🙏

  19. For once i did not what to take medicine and since my mom is a nurse i have always been dependent on medication.. Just yesterday night i prayer asking God for Healing and I wanted to defeat my faith in medication and today morning as i woke up i couldn’t feel my arm pain anymore. I am so happy Daddy God heard my small prayer❤️

  20. Addicted from the age of 12 to PCP. I became a functional addict raising four beautiful daughters and patching my pain for years. One day at the age of 34 my 18 yr old daughter was arrested & faced 20 yrs in prison, I fell to my knees and I had an encounter with God while in my room and the Holy Spirit touched my heart so deeply that I cried out, in seconds I was instantly delivered from a 22 year addiction. Never craving drugs again. Since that day I never looked back to my old life but surrendered to God and my daughter got saved in jail the next day. We’ve been serving God for 20 years helping others find Jesus 🙏🏻🙌🏼forever grateful. Btw out of 20 years of a prison sentence, she did 1 yr, God is so good, she started a Bible study in prison and many women got saved. 🙏🏻 thank you Lord. We serve in our church and support the work of the Lord reaching the lost & the hurting.

  21. I had Polyps in my uterus and the doctor had advised for a removal surgery the next cycle.
    During that time, me and husband kept pleading God pronounced victory over our situation every day. I kept praying that this polyp would be vashined without any surgical procedure and God did answer our prayers. 🙏🤲
    The day before the procedure, I had scan and my uterus did not have any signs of polyp.The doctor was surprised but we knew God had come through for us!
    Pray till you see a breakthrough! 💜❤️
    All praise to our saviour Jesus Christ alone!!

  22. I recently received healing in my neck that I’ve had since 2017. I also had to let go of something’s through forgiveness at the same time and received mental peace also. I am so thankful to receive the peace now calming the storm that rocked my boat for several years.
    Thank you, Heavenly Father.
    You too can be healed, just ask.

  23. Back in 2020 during the pandemic, I was living my best life, working from home and spending time with family but the devil was like hell no, she’s too happy. I became so unwell, both in my body and in my mind. The first time it happened by BP shot up and my heart was racing at 120bpm, went to the hospital and they found nothing wrong with me, said it was anxiety. The attacks kept coming, triggered by bloating and stomach pain. My periods became very prolonged, couldn’t digest my food at all cause I had constant diarrhea and tummy pain and I lost 15 kilos at the time, all this while going through anxiety attacks and depression. I went to so many doctors and none of them could find anything wrong with me. It was at this time that I started pursuing God with all my heart and I came across this DOT-K devotional that really encouraged mw at a time of despair. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see that I was dealing with a generational curse of infirmity since just about all my slightly older relatives had chronic illnesses and were dying one after the other. My grandma from Parkinsons Disease, my auntie from diabetes, my 2 uncles from cancer and I would have been next if not for the hand of God. I prayed and fasted for forgiveness and deliverance even in my weak state but I became even more ill. One day I cried out to God and asked Him to reveal what was ailing me. Went to a hospital that God had guided me to and I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis after almost a year of suffering and had excision surgery. I have been pain free since recovery and my mind is healed, no more panic attacks. Glory to God! This devotional has been such an instrumental way of hearing from God, may He bless you Keisha and the entire team for heeding to His command for this ministry.

    1. Wow great story I myself suffer with endometriosis it’s horrible & painful and I also had surgery. But isn’t God so good to us. I love Him❤️

  24. When I was a little girl around maybe 9 or 10 years old I had a knot in my mouth. My mom took me to the front of the church and the evangelist laid his hand on me and prayed for me and from that day on the knot was gone.

  25. I am now praying for a healing miracle for my son, who suffers from schisophrenia. He has been trough 3 relapses in one year. God has been standing by my side when I called the police as he would refuse going to hospital in the midst of a deep psychosis. He has been guarding me when things were out of control. The Lord helped him come back 3 times and taught me to rely on his help. My son started praying but still wishes to keep his worldly paths and obey our Lord only when we choses. I pray for him to be stable like he was before for 5 years without a relaps. God healed my soul and taught me to abide in him. Now I am praying he does the same miracle with my SON.

  26. I was an alcoholic, and one day I decided to quit drinking and going to the bars anymore and that moment I never wanted or craved another drink again ever since. Healed by Christ Jesus, by blessing, healing, and miracle, and good hearts desire. Praise Jesus Christ

  27. Praise God for he is good! There have been many miracles that the lord has provided in my life. I am so greatful, thankful, and blessed beyond measure. Our family was in search of a home after being asked to move out of the home we had lived in for seven years. We like the house it was everything we needed and it was a chance to start a new but, more than anything we loved the court environment. Kids were always out playing basketball, hide and go seek, riding bikes and scooters, all the neighbors were friendly and sociable. We all looked out for each other and it was wonderful. But like all things they change and we were once again searching for a new place. The renter’s market was challenging and seemed as though we wouldn’t find a place in time. Each place we applied for had hundreds of others who applied. Every walk through of each place we looked out had a crowd of families all looking too. Our hearts were heavy and with the days tjat passed we were so scared that we would not find a new home. The next house we looked at I was hesitant but had a small glimer of hope. The house was beautiful, new floors throughout and it was the perfect size but in my mind the thoughts of no we won’t get it creeped up. I immediately knew I had to prat. I prayed with all my heart and soul as asked for God to will the home to us. That we would be selected to be the new tenants. I also, remembered that no matter what I’d ever gone through God was always with me and always proves all the time. He has carried me my whole life and I knew he wouldn’t stop now. Almost a week had passed since we looked at the house and while I had put it in the back of my mind and knew I’d prayed and asked for the lord to do his will I got a call. A moment of doubt was just about to hit me whe the rental manger said congratulations you were selected and the owner would love to rent to you. I jumped up and down with laughter and joy and many thanks. God had provided he always provides no matter how bleak things may get ot how hard things may become God is always on our side always making was were there are none. Even if the lord had not given us this home I knew he had something better for us waiting. My experience with prayer only deepen after that and I talk with the lord everyday. God is so good! Amen!

  28. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer we were told she could have it around her heart as well and if it was they wouldn’t be able to operate we prayed and sought GOD my aunt My moms sister invited us to go to church with her the church was across the road from her house so we did as I crossed the road I asked GOD for a sign to know this is where HE wanted us as soon as we entered the church and sat down the HOLY SPIRIT was all over mom at that point I didn’t even know what the HOLY SPIRIT was come to find out mom had experienced it before the church prayed for her and a few days later we went to Dr. and gues what cancer hadn’t spread!
    Then mom had surgery a few rounds of chemo and she has been cancer free for years now praise JESUS and when it’s time for her screening I just remind everyone GOD doesn’t do a halfway job HE heals completely !!
    My dad had a heart attack a few years back was on a vent. For over two weeks we were sure with his C.O.P.D he wouldn’t come off of it but two days before I was mowing GOD told me to wear a sweatband that HE would use it like HE did for Paul so I obeyed never k owing that it was for my own dad . The day after I found out HE was in hospital I sent it to my dad by my sister asked her to put it on him and praise JESUS when it came time to come off he had a lil trouble with his oxygen levels falling but JESUS brought him off the vent !! GOD has been faithful to me!!

  29. Good morning All I was so depressed a few years ago . My marriage ended and seemed like my world ended with it .I started drinking and smoking to take away the pain but it yet worse . I was raised in the church and I Truly Love and Know Jesus but I choose not to go to him because I was angry and so broken. I felt the lord nudging me to come to him but I did what I wanted to do . October 14th of 2020 I woke like normal to clock in for work and when I went to put my feet to the floor I couldn’t never realizing what was happening I had done had two Strokes I couldn’t walk or talk no one was there with me but Jesus and at that moment I knew if I called on him he would be there were he’s always been . I have no paralysis . No damage to my body it like I never had a stroke I can truly say Prayer changes things . BUT GOD 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  30. My daughter in laws father was in a car accident about 12 years ago. He was thrown from the truck and his head was split from the front to the back and the truck landed on him. He was non responsive when the EMTs got there. This happened on a Friday. That following Sunday the Dr. told his wife that he kept having mini strokes and he was having so many that it was going to push his brain stem out and kill him. His wife refused to believe that and began praying. She asked God to give her a sign that he was going to be ok. She said let him talk or let a tear fall from his eye. When she finished praying one big tear formed in the corner of his eye and rolled down his cheek. They did brain scans and an eeg and said that he was 100% brain dead. Day by day he began improving and everything the Drs. Would say he would never do, is exactly what he did. They said if he survived he would be a vegetable and would never walk, talk, or anything. He was on a vent and he came off of it within a couple weeks. He was transported to a different hospital so that he could learn to walk again. That hospital Dr. did more X-rays and an eeg and it still showed he was 100% brain dead. They told his wife that her husband was a walking miracle. Several years later when my daughter in law and son got married her father walked her down the isle. Nothing is impossible with God!

  31. I was a I’ve heroin addict for over 20 years. prostitute. Didn’t believe I’m GOD or love. I was in andnout of jail. Seeing people get murdered was a normal thing fir me that it didn’t even phase me. I was homeless. I was completely alone. No family or anybody to turn to. In 2 months I watched d3 people I was friends with get brutally murdered. I was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a group of guys. I was arrested and facing 20+ years in prison and a million dollar cash only bond. In jail I received my first Bible. For 3 days all i could do was read. I wasn’t sure what I was reading or feeling but I knew I wanted more. I used my once in a lifetime diversion in court. From there I went to a faith based inpatient rehab for 2 years. I got saved and baptized. I was finally starting to live life instead of just surviving. I moved back to my hometown. That was a terrible idea. I put myself back around the people that hated me the most and treated me the worst. My blood family. I went into a really dark relapse just a couple.of months before my 5 year sobriety anniversary. It was awful. I bought a pistol but couldn’t bring myself to shoot myself. I was intentionally overdosing everyday. The last time I overdosed, when I got out of the hospital, my neighbor begged me to get help. She said I was laying on the ground and the paramedics were doing cpr and I started screaming I was on fire and flat lined again. Well this scared me. I went Hine and broke down. I screamed and cried and prayed like I never had before. I said GOD if you have a purpose for me I need you to get me out of here. Within 48 hours I gave away everything in a fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home. Except for a small backpack of clothes. I went to another program. Leaving everybody and everything again. Only this time, I told them I would never be back for any reason. It was made very clear where I stood in their lives, and that was absolutely no where. Three weeks into the program I went to the doctor and found out I was a mo th pregnant. I promised God that day that I was done playing with my life. Now I have a home. I have a healthy baby boy that is fixing to turn 2. I have an amazing job at one of the countrys best hospitals. I have amazing people that love me for who I am and not what I can do for them. But most of all I have an amazing relationship with GOD! I am able tonlray out loud with my baby so he will grow up knowing the importance of prayer and going to GOD for everything. God gave me what I was wanting and needing here on earth….. to love someone and be loved back!!!!

    1. Girl preach!!!!
      God is a REDEEMER!
      He will take back everything the enemy ever stole and give it back to you 10 times better than it was when it was taken.
      I love your inspiring story!!

  32. When I was still in my sinful state, before God had made any change in me, He showed His power in the most miraculous way.
    I had fallen 40 feet off a cliff and shattered my L4 vertebrae. I lay in a hospital bed screaming in agony. Nothing the doctors had was working to alleviate my pain. I begged for them to kill me. It was this way for several days. As they were attempting to come up with a surgeon who could operate and a plan.
    I came to Jesus when I was 8 but didn’t really follow Him through my life. Was exposed but had no relationship. I had been through too much. At this point I had lived more in my young life than many 80 year old women.
    I had believed the devil telling me God couldn’t love me if He let all those things happen to me. I also had known no true love from anyone outside of my children at this point.
    As I lay there I suddenly had this thought “If You are Who You say You are, and You have done what You have said You have done for me, then Jesus, the pain that I am in was already taken to the cross and crucified with You and I should be free.” It was more a wondering than a demand, but the moment I finished the thought my pain stopped.
    I hadn’t been given any new medication. I was actually overdue for another dose of cocktail mix they had been trying for me.
    It was an hour later they came in to tell me a doctor had been found. He’d only been there for 3 months and even though I had only a 10% chance to walk again (I was paralyzed from the waist down at this point) after the surgery he was willing to try.
    They gave me the choice of doing it now or waiting until the morning. I heard a whisper say “Wait” so I said wait.
    The next day afterwards the doctor came in explaining how he was glad I waited since he was tired the previous day and as complicated as it ended up being he didn’t believe he would have been able to do as good of job if we had pressed on right away the same day.
    Once my brace came the moment of truth was upon us and it was time to see if I could walk. I had been able to move my feet- good signs, but had several areas of severe nerve damage.
    I got up and walked as if there never was a problem.
    I was required to use a walker for safety but it was a technicality.
    It has been 16 years.
    They expected my back to fail at 10.
    God keeps carrying me through.
    I have bad days where my legs give me trouble now and then, but I am still walking with Him through it all.

  33. 2 years ago I was so messed up. Did not know what was wrong with me. After the doctor doing so many tests they still couldn’t find out what was wrong. Eventually I end up going to a endocrinologist whole specialize in thyroidism. And after running a series of tests we found out that’s what the problem was. Not knowing that that little thing in your neck runs so many things in your body. I felt like I was losing my mind, I lost my hair. Weight like I was on drugs and I mean rapidly. It was so bad. The doctor said if I wouldn’t have came in I might not have made it too much longer. But thank you Jesus. I prayed hard and talk to a lot of people and found the right doctor. She not only diagnosed me right, but she gave me the right medicine that I took for about 12 months and then my thyroidism was completely gone. Most people be a medicine for the rest of their life when they have thyroidism. In their weight goes up and down up and down while the doctor’s experiment. But Dr. Susan Williams, at Cleveland clinic and the Lord healed me. Me. I no longer have those issues and I’m healthy as ox. If you believe and pray God Can heal every infirmity In Jesus mighty name.

  34. Yes I was a cigarette smoker. I had begun experiencing chest pains and having anxiety attacks. I tried everything in my effort to quit. I had even tried to fast when I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t even go on my smoke breaks but when I made it home, I was smoking like a freight train, so I said you I just gave it to God. Months down then line I met a hairstylist who was a Minster. She took me to this Born On Purpose vent hosted by a woman named Prophetess Joanne. I had forgotten all about it cause I had given it to God to decide when he would deliver me. I went up for prayer, but he anointing of the LORD was so strong upon one of her guests that before she got to me I was already wrapped in the LORD’s presence, she laid hands on me and spoke what this says the LORD. When the event was over I got in the car and the LORD let me know I was free from cigarettes . That’s was 2015 and I have been free ever since.

  35. My son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at 2 he is now 12 and cancer free and has been for the last several years! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Amen!

  36. many years ago I had to have what you might call brain surgery. The back of my brain was falling through my skull and I was going to become paralyzed and my organs would have shut down. I did go in for surgery and I had a wonderful surgery team. The Lord completely healed me of everything after my surgery. I was so scared before I went in but when I came out everything was perfect. Praise God!!

  37. I experience THE MOST HIGH’S healing miracles daily. He wakes me up everyday and leads me to my DOT-K devotional, the Bible words and prayer. From there HE leads me to drink water and exercise, Those are healing miracles in my life. My body, mind and soul is nourished for another day on HIS planet to be and give glory to THE MOST HIGH and draw others to receive HIS blessings, grace, wisdom and healing miracles too! I LOVE THE MOST HIGH! ❤️

  38. When I was 18 I was dying the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went from 135lbs to 75lbs. The Cilia’s in my colon weren’t working therefore my body couldn’t take in any nutrition from the food I ate. Every time I ate I never could keep it down. I pleaded for my life one night and asked Jesus to heal me and truly believe he would. Right then I could feel the warmth of Jesus healing and started walking and jumping around my house before prayer I was so weak I couldn’t even get out of bed by myself. Thank you Jesus for healing me and Blessing me with a beautiful family.

  39. Yes my Sweet Jesus’s heal me from Breast Cancer 🎀
    without going through the normal process.
    Thank You Jesus!
    God did it

  40. My mom was in and out of the hospital with lung problems. I continued to pray she has been healed and now she’s working. Praise

  41. In 2018 I was diagnosed with what was thought to be stage 3 colon cancer. My doctors proceeded quickly and did surgery immediately. It was after surgery they advised it wasn’t quite stage 3 but a little more than stage 2. I did chemo and since then all is well and my body has been healed! Praise be to God! He surrounded me with so much love and support and I couldn’t be any more grateful 🙏🏼

  42. I had and accidentally hysterectomy I was in surgery for 18 hours I came out with a sponge, clip nerve, 14 days in hospital, told me he had a fight with the devil, and HE won second surgery. I woke up doing a surgery. Praise God I’m still here, but a grace of God.

  43. My miracle has been reading your devotional daily last 2 weeks when I got some shocking news that left me speechless but thru praying and reading DOTK every word was manna for my soul and spirit. I will rise in Jesus name 🙏 🙌 ✨️ ❤️. Thank you for your obedience.

  44. After working in the hospital as a nursing attendant while finishing nursing school. I had my first round with Covid 19 and months after my recovery time, I began to pass out, had debilitating migraines, felt like I was internally dying and no medical professionals knew why. They kept saying I was a healthy 25 year old and sending me back home.

    After 2 years of battling with what seemed like an invisible disease, losing countless jobs including my dream RN position in the Neurosurgery specialty. God delivered me from my illness. He provided me the time to stop working, he provided me with healing and with strengthening my faith daily and not giving up on him.., he stood me up again and I am 80% on my way back to fully functioning. All this to say god our father is truly amazing. Nothing is too difficult for him. He does the impossible. I’m proud to he his daughter

  45. I’m speaking this by faith and not sight. My body shall be whole ajd line up with the word of God. The symptoms of autoimmune disease will cease in the name of Jesus Christ!!! No more itching, no more pain, no more hair loss, I will have strength in my hands and feet. I will desire healthy eating and habits. I love to walk and I love to touch the earth under my feet that my Lord has created. My gut is completely healed in the name of Jesus!!! My eyes shall see clearly as in my youth… my skin will no longer have bumps but be smooth like in my youth in the mighty name of my Lord Jesus Christ…

    1. Praise the Lord, im being haled also from autoimmne disease i had a strong feeling that i will have to come across in the comments with someone dealing with an autoimmune disease

  46. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer they took her left lung out before the cancer spread to the right lung. I didn’t know you could live with one lung. The doctors thought she could not survive but my mother was a woman of faith. She told the doctors thank you for your report but I choose to believe the report of the Lord. My mother lived long after that diagnosis Praise God!!!!

    My brother was shot in the heart back in the 1960s. They had to keep him awake until they flew a doctor in from New York. They told him if he closed his eyes he would die. Well God kept him awake they did the surgery and many years after that my brother preached the gospel and God blessed him with a beautiful wife who also preached the gospel along side of him.

  47. I was not serving the Lord yet when He healed me, but I sure did after. 11/4/2012 on a Sunday night the the church I attended had an evangelist/prophet preaching. His name is Alvid Dysilva a dear brother in Christ. He was telling of the wonderful ways the Lord had used him and preaching the word as well. When altar service came I felt the pull of the Holy Ghost and went down there. As I’m walking down there Bro Dysilva locks eyes with me, walks toward me, and comes up to me and says “maam you have many organs in your body that need healing” (I had been on drugs for 26 years and was very sick), he touches my forehead with his finger and I went out like a light. I went to the altar with an inch of people down there but when I woke up there were hardly any. I stood up and knew I was healed and that the Lord had changed my heart. He delivered me from drugs, men, healed me, and saved me all at one time. I have been serving Him now for almost 11 years.

  48. Due to an alcohol and drug addiction of over 20 years I made some poor choices towards the end of my addiction and developed Hepatitis C. I got sober on May 6, 2014 and went to a healing service at my church in 2017. I declared that Jesus had healed me. I went to the doctor and they said my viral load was zero!!!. Thank you Jesus for healing me and delivering me from a life of total destruction. I had given my children up for adoption through my addiction as well and in 2018 their grandmother allowed me to see them after 6 long years of not seeing them. Jesus is my redeemer and restorer. Today I am a Counselor and I am the Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader at my church who gets to help the lost and broken every day. God turned my mess into a message. Praise and glory to Jesus!!!!

    1. Congratulations Crystal on your recovery.

      Also, Celebrate Recovery is a Great ministry. I was a ministry leader in that ministry in my past church. I truly love this ministry.

      Keep doing what God created you to do.

  49. I was healed of type 1 diabetes and kidney failure. Im 38 and had been a type 1 since age 6. I developed kidney failure as a result of the type 1 and had to do 6 and a half yrs of dialysis. Also went thru double bypass open heart surgery, a heartattack and 3 stents, flat lined on the OR table for almost a minute and a half, but God broufht me back. I was blind from diabetic retinopathy for 9 months before God healed me and restored my sight. The eyes were def miraculous and then He used doctors to heal me of the diabetes and kidney failure by after 28 long years, giving me a new kidney and pancreas. So no type 1 or kidney failure anymore! God also miraculously, instantaniously healed my mom of celiac disease, and fibromyalgia.. GOD IS SO SO GOOD AND STILL OUR JEHOVAH RAPHA!!

  50. My healing miracle was recently. I went to my annual breast check-up. My doctor saw a spot in the exam that he haven’t seen in the past 17 years. Now, breast cancer do run rapidly in my family history. So of course, I’m always nervous when I go.
    Two days lateer, I got a report that I need to go to the Cancer Clinic for a 2nd look. The appointment was scheduled about a week & a half out. During that time, I told my husband & my close friends. My husband asked me, “How are you feeling about everything?”
    Honestly, I had a peace. I told him, “I’m ok, because God knew this day before me & if He seen me to this day, He will see me through.”
    I had to be standfast in my faith, because prior to my results, God has placed about 5 women in my path to pray for while they are fighting some form of cancer. So, I had to believe in the words that I spoke over their lives for my life. My peace came from God and the words He gave me for them (and myself).

    My appointment day came and I went to the Cancer Clinic. Now, before I took the 2nd exam they showed me the spot from my pervious exam. It was the size of a half dollar coin. Then I proceeded to do the 2nd exam. I was told I will find out my results shortly. As I’m sitting in waiting in the small box room with a shaded glass door that only had feet view so we can see whose coming. After about 15-20 minutes. I saw 3 sets of feet… Yes 3!! In that moment I said, “Okay God, I still trust you. I don’t comfortable because of the 3 sets of feet. Whatever the result are. I TRUST YOU!!….
    The doctor open the door, sat in the seat next to me, took my hands and said, “I don’t know what happened, but the spot is NO LONGER there.”
    I said, “God happened!”
    So, Ladies, trust God. If He healed the Women with the issue of blood. He can heal us/you too. Be Blessed & Keep Trusting with God told YOU!!

  51. I was having trouble walking back to the warehouse at work to pick up documents I had printed due to pain in my right hip from bursitis. On the way back to my office I spoke out loud to God & told Him I needed His help because I could not do this on my own any longer! I made it to my desk and sat down for about an hour. Finished printing more price changes and when I got up to go pick them up the pain was gone! Mighty Jehovah Rapha is just waiting for us to ask for healing!

  52. After years of praying for my Son and daughter in law to conceive. After them having 9 miscarriages one of those were twins. Any day now my grand baby Jeremiah Joshua will be born. We serve a miracle working God. He is so faithful when we wait on Him.

  53. Yes I have when my mother had a stroke we said psalms 23 everyday over and over. In God gave my mother her health back.

  54. I have seen Jesus heal and restore relationships in my life that were very broken
    relationships with my children and their stepdad that I never thought would ever be better
    My relationship with my sister, who we were once like best friends, grew part over the years due to a wedge put by us there was distance for at least a good decade. I never thought this could ever change, and then suddenly it was
    He restored me from depression to brought me from a place where I felt numb to where I can’t stop smiling, and my heart is filled with joy overflowing ,
    He brought me from a place of mental torment, where I was constantly tormented and attacked in my mind to now having peace and stability.
    He restored my heart and continues to restore my heart.. It was broken into pieces sick and unhealthy. He has restored it to wholeness
    I could go on ! I sit here in tears with so much gratitude, for my father loves me

  55. God provided healing thru a kidney transplant when I need it the most the Lord has been gracious ,merciful and provided when you was so sick going thru dialysis God showed up and provided healing thru my kidney for ever grateful everyday I give thanks to God .Amen 🙏🏻

  56. I myself have dealt with environmental asthma and pneumonia in and out of the hospital my whole childhood, I can say now I have been delivered completely I no longer experience any asthma attacks or symptoms all thanks to God for delivering me!

  57. I myself have dealt with environmental asthma and pneumonia in and out of the hospital my whole childhood, I can say now I have been delivered completely I no longer experience any asthma attacks or symptoms all thanks to God for delivering me!

  58. In February 2020, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I underwent a hysterectomy March 2020 and was supposed to be cancer free.

    January of 2021 it had spread and metastasized to stage 4

    Got sent me a different and the best oncologist in Atlanta, Steve Szabo.

    I started chemo March 2021 and was cancer free by June 2021🙌🏾🙌🏾

    I am on an immunotherapy regiment of Keytruda. Once every three weeks and I remain cancer free.

    My hair didn’t grow back, but considering the alternative, God is Good!!

    God is allowing me to be here for my family, friends, coworkers and those clients who rely on us to help them navigate the legal system.

  59. I had a bad reaction last febuary. I struggled with addiction and depression and anxiety and ptsd. I was in a toxic relationship for two yrs and lost my children. But because of Jesus Christ I am healing and back home with my children. I read this app every morning for a while. When we lean into God he leans into us and he helps us.

  60. I was married for 20 years and my husband left us and cheated on me. I am a survivor of Abuse he almost killed me through him leaving .
    God healed me and made me whole. I went through the process of healing for 1 year and the freedom of being cleansed, washed in his blood, fearless, made whole and delivered set free.
    I waited almost 3 years to date and now I am happily remarried to an amazing Pastor whose heart is gold and loves me like Christ loves the church. He calls me his pearl. God of miracles. Remember when going through something BUT GOD can do it. Hallelujah 🙌

  61. In 2017 I was really lost and depressed. I thought I hated myself and my life so I wound up doing Xanax and becoming addicted. I was falling downward quickly. Couldn’t remember anything that happened to me, was crashing cars, getting arrested, trying to sell body for money, looking for love in all the wrong places, and ended up falling into a deeper pit by trying meth and honestly going crazy with hallucinations playing off my guilt.
    I lost someone really important me because of the way I was going and God ended up helping me turn my life around. He healed me from the inside out. I’ve now had honest jobs for years and I have been sober for a long time that I am no longer tempted even when those things are around me. God loves all of His people and as long as we have Faith and Trust in Him, He will do exceeding abundant than anything we can imagine. Praise the Lord! ❤️

  62. I was looking at death barely able to lift my head up in an abusive relationship and feeling like a prisoner in my own head and needing help I couldn’t see out of my right eye and life just seem better without me here I’m 10 months sober and able to celebrate recovery with family and friends that care for me I’m in a recovery home

  63. In 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Lord was speaking to me so much though that I had peace overall. He kept giving me Isaiah 41:10. I didn’t know at the time though that I was already healed by the stripes of Jesus 2000 years ago. Even so, God led me to start writing about all that He was doing in my life and I was led to title it “Know That You Know”. When I got stuck with the writing and thought I was ready to write the final chapter, but was frustrated because I didn’t know what the ending was supposed to be, I opened the daily devotional on this site and the title was “Your Story is Complete in Christ”. In it, you wrote “Do you know the end of your story? The final chapter?” And it talked, among other things, about understanding what Jesus did for me 2000 years ago and how my victory is in Him and what He did. After starting my writing on Good Friday 2017, God has lead me on a journey of learning what Jesus did. And He’s helping me Know That I Know that I am already healed by His stripes. Though I’m still dealing with symptoms, I believe I am healed and continue to press into Him. One day, on this earth, I will finish my writing and share all that God did for me and how He lead me from unbelief to belief and complete healing in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!!

  64. I was chasing death. I was in active addiction for 20 years, in a severely abusive relationship. I survived 3 suicide attempts. I was my own prison! But God!! I was set free from addiction and mental illness, now have a full time job, a home and a career in Peer Recovery. I will graduating with an associate degree in Psychology in just a few months and transferring to the University of Tennessee. I plan to use my degree and past experiences to help women escape from their darkness.

  65. Doing Covid my mother was on a ventilator for a month but she didn’t have Covid. The doctors were saying several times they tried taking her off the ventilator but she couldn’t breathe on her own. My brother and I was told she wouldn’t going to recover. We were allowed.to see her. That day, I laid my hands on her chest and prayed and ask God to heal her and the next morning she was woke and off the ventilator, calling me talking. It will be four years this December. She home will me. And Well. To God be all the Glory!!! Prayer works!!! The LORD JESUS CHRIST Always has the last say!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾♥️

  66. When I was in college I developed a mass in my stomach. I went to several doctors no one could see anything, at times they could feel it. I had it for 9 years, the only thing that took the pain away was drinking wild turkey and eating a lot. Once I graduated college a got a job where the environment was stressful, so I begin doing yoga stretches to relax and fix my posture, upon doing this, I felt like I popped my chest cavity out of place, so it would hurt to stretch or even yawn. Then as I was playing with my family at a trampoline park the non-slip socks slipped. My foot landed in such a way that it begin to swell and it hurt for an entire year. Then the very first time I went to my church camp meeting I was completely healed of all my issues. I decided to be obedient and go where the Lord was leading me and I was healed!

  67. I have witnessed God healing my son, Max, several times. One of the most noticeable was when he was seventeen. He was riding his bike home from work and was hit by a car (a hit and run). He suffered a concussion, severe bruising and road rash. He was unaware of what had happened asking the same eight questions over & over. What’s my name, what happened, who are you, what’s my brothers name, where do we live, how old am I, am I suppose to be at school or at work? After the first day of answering these question about every 10 minutes, I typed out the answers to these questions and when he asked I would suggested he look at the paper. For two days his grandparents, friends, & I prayed continuously for God to restore his mind.
    On the third day his grandparents called to say they were driving over the mountain to come for a visit & check on Max. At breakfast, I told my sons their Grandparents were coming. Max seemed better. He wasn’t asking questions and his appetite had returned,
    I needed to get the house tidied up & ask if they would help. Max immediately got a piece of paper wrote down the chores I mentioned needed done, the took the lead assigning tasks to each of us. My mind was blown!! Tears began to fall. I said “stop, before we start cleaning, we need to thank God because He has restored your mind.” When the grandparent arrived, I share what had happened & they also recognized that Max was healed. It took a couple weeks for the road rash & bruises to heal, yet in three days he went from not knowing who he was, to living his true identity as a leader with a sound mind.

  68. I was an iv user for over 10 years and after being sober for 4 I wanted to take better care of myself. I found out I had hepatitis C and was going to have to do treatments…I had to have bloodwork done for the second time to see how bad it was and what kind of treatments I was going to have to take…while she was taking my blood I said it’s going to be gone in Jesus name because He’s going to heal me…and when they called with the results they said there was no trace of ever even having Hepatitis C so I never had to do treatments God healed me from it and healed me from my addiction I give Him all the glory and praise! I serve a Mighty God!!❤️ 2 Corinthians 5:17 Psalm 46:10

  69. I was a drug addict for 9 in a half years and God completely healed me from drugs and death he restored me back to my health and kept me alive and protected me my whole life,he thought me how to love myself and to trust in him and to stop worrying and having fear he also set me apart from my kids and family to have one on one time with me and he gifted me with a chance to get a new beginning of life and brightened my days he also brought me to a great man that I believe is going to be my husband

  70. 2 months ago i had severe breast pain,i prayed for healing and God healed me.i didnt take any medication

  71. I was diagnosed with MS I was in a wheelchair from 2008 to 2010 I was anointed by my Bishop on a Saturday night and on that Sunday God spoke to me and told me to get up as I was getting up a woman walked over and said to me God told her to help me out the wheelchair.

  72. God has healed me of an incurable disease. I tested positive for it when I was young and since then I have tested negative! Thanks and praise to God! The mighty healer!

  73. God has healed from a drug addiction and living a worldly life style. I prayed and ask God to take the obsession of that particular lifestyle and drug addiction away from me and in return I would take my life for the rest of my life and be of service to helping others learn how to love him, love self and live life on life’s terms without self medicating or committing crime. That was 17 1/2 years ago and I have not found a reason to break that promise. In the mighty name of Jesus I am healed, thank you Lord!

  74. My sisters knees were really bad and one day we were out on a walk and I just got fed up with her suffering so I laid hands on her and prayed 🙏 and she did recover until this day 🙂 and that was about 8 yrs ago 🙌 Thank you ! Jesus ,!!!! All Glory and Honor belongs to you !!

  75. My husband got ran over by a van, he was lying behind it’s wheels, it went over his chest and arm, stopped on his chest and rolled back over his arm again. He stood up, with the tired tracks all over his upper half, and walked over to the stretcher, he had no injuries except for a ruptured lung from the trauma, it healed overnight. He came out of the hospital the next day. I know this is not my story, but he is happy for me to share it. We want to share this testimony wherever we can, God is with you. There was no magic light coming from the sky when he got up after getting ran over, there was no tingling in his body when his lung healed overnight.. Yet God had his hands on him. You don’t always feel it, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working inside of you.

  76. In May 2023 my grandfather rapidly began deteriorating in health. He was extremely fatigued, his appetite decreased, he quickly lost a large amount of weight, he stopped being active and would lay on the couch all day. I could see the changes in his eyes becoming cloudy and his appearance aging. We brought him to the doctor and he was treated for high glucose levels and anemia. However he had this right sided pain that would come and go. His appetite and mood did not improve. He came home after being discharged and had to return to the hospital after 1 night because he could not breathe on his own. It appears the fluids they gave him for dehydration had triggered congestive heart failure and so his extremities were edematous and so were his lungs. It was obvious there was nothing we could do but pray and fast because there was no explanation for this sudden decline. He has lived the healthiest and strongest life out of everyone in his generation. I prayed and fasted, and worshiped like he was already healed. We got reports that his platelets were dangerously low and he needed transfusion and a bone marrow biopsy. But I didn’t care. This was a spiritual attack so I was going to war in the Spirit while they waited on the transfusion and the biopsy. I warred for about a month. My aunts and cousins Cleansed his entire household. Cleaned it threw out old tools and items that might have been rooted in witchcraft. Prayed over the house. He finally received a platelet transfusion. By 2 days after he started to steadily improve. Today, 2 months later he is home. Appetite is back to normal and he is moving on his own, giving himself hair cuts and talking walks outside. We received dream reports that someone was contaminating and destroying His blood in the spiritual realm. He was happy and healthy in the spiritual realm but someone was attacking his blood cells. No idea who it was to this day. But I am glad God instructed us to battle in the Spirit and not the physical. Because we called on the name of Jesus, because we tarried in prayer, and fasted, and rebuked every curse, and every evil intention against Him, God’s army of angels were activated and they fought back on His behalf. Our weapons of mass destruction was prayer and worship and fasting. And God showed up and was our Jehovah Rapha. Our Great Physician healed not only my grandfather, but our household, and family unit, making us more aware of the power we have when we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and we rely on Him first.

  77. Hello, my name is Simone Palmer, God calls me Apostle Simone Palmer. Where I currently live we used to have a group of ministers gathering once a week in a bookstore. One of the pastors had a severe heart condition, he said he had since childhood. He was in his late 30’s. He told us how bad it was, he said he took nitro like candy to help with the pain and he had prepared his family for his death. He and his wife have 8 children. In my midnight prayer I cried out to God for him (I literally cried). I asked God to heal him. I have the gift of healing so I asked if I can lay hands on him and he be healed. Everyone I lay hands on are not healed and it has nothing to do with my faith because when I lay hands on someone I Expect them to be healed right then. I wondered if he would let me lay hands on him. I talked to God about it after He told me how to lay hands on him. God told me to just put my hand on his chest and say nothing. I waited nervously until almost everyone had left, which he was usually one of the first to leave. He went to the bathroom and came back to where we had been gathered. I asked him if I could pray for him, he said yes then said wait, let’s get pastor So-and-so. I said no because I knew that pastor was going to be very vocal. I laid my hand on his chest and he went down, I got down with him and began symbolically removing the bad heart out of his chest to make room for a new one. When he got up he said he knew he was healed. He later told us he went back to the doctor and he was surprised and he had gotten off of the nitro. That was 4 years ago and he’s going strong, he and his family have been doing a lot of traveling for ministry, he even went back to the gym a week or so after his healing. There’s more but I’ll leave it with that one.

  78. 31 years ago I had a set of twins. One was born with a defected value in her heart. Her blood was not getting to her brain. She was pronounced dead at 3 months old her other twin put her little hands in a pray position and her sister begin to breath. We had heart mo itora at home oxygen tanks. Finally the decided they would do open heart surgery my mom and I was waiting and I heard don’t allow them to do.it. I took the tubes off her and began to leave. The dr told me I was a fool and she wouldn’t live to see 2. It was scary because my little sister died right before 2 because of the same issue buy I trusted God. A woman appeared about 2 days later and was saying how beautiful they were and she said the one in the front has a heart problem. I said yes she said may I pray for some reason I felt safe and trusted her. She prayed she visited every month for the next 2 years and when my baby turned 2 I never saw her again and I went looking where I met her. I felt like she was an angel. Well Dr said one thing but my Lord said another. My twins just turned 31 in September. The one that was suppose to die has a son and the one that prayed is still a virgin and living her life for Christ. God is beyond amazing

    1. 🗣️ Praise GOD! Yessss! My sister That is an ANAZING TESTIMONY! But GOD!!!! Hallelujah 🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

  79. I am a firm believer of Gods supernatural healing powers. God has delivered me from abusive relationships, addictions, and many hurts. In 2018 I broke my leg (not by choice) and that is when I fully surrendered to God and he showed up for me. He is STILL currently healing wounds that I have had for many years. He is circumcising my heart in this season and making me whole within myself and with him. He is preparing me for a new thing that he is doing in this season! He has me waiting well as he comes in and builds me up from the inside out and prepares me for my kingdom spouse! This DOTK devotional has been apart of my healing journey for a couple of years now and it is an absolute blessing to be apart of this community of women. Knowing that God has blessed us all in so many different ways. Hearing everyone’s testimonies continues to give me hope and faith that I am on the right track to fill deliverance and to be able to walk in the plan and purpose God has for my life!

  80. I am a wbb player at Lees McRae college. I suffered an Achilles injury and a bacterial infection started to form and I thought I would never play basketball again. I prayed and had a 1 on 1 with God and he closed my wound in ONE day !

    I started a YouTube channel to talk about my journey, below is the link


  81. I was once considered a lost cause I was a troubled child and in and out of trouble when I was arrested at 17 for a serious crime principal to armed robbery being so small in such a big prison I was scared and alone that’s when I got saved and baptized still after the charges were dropped i got out and went right back into the same crowd and soon was in and out of prison again due to addiction I lost my first child and it sent me so deep in addiction I thought id never find a way out soon I found myself on the verge of losing my second born child and after what I went thru with losing my first I promised myself I’d never go thru that again it’s when klove came on the radio and i heard Natalie Grants song more than anything and I hit my knees that I knew God was with me I told god i know you can wave your hand and take this addiction from me why cant you just do it because im not strong enough to give it up I need your help!! I can’t do this anymore I want to live a life that pleases you and I want to be a good mom. Two months later I was in rehab and today I’m 5 1/2 years sober with full custody of my child and later had another little boy that with God’s help I’ve been able to raise up healthy and happy. Ive recently gotten married to a God fearing man and I couldn’t be more greatful for the life I have today and I know without God or Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be where I am. To this day I don’t have the least but desire for drugs and I pray everyone who struggles with it will also turn to God and allow him to heal them just as he did myself. I’m forever grateful and honored to be where I am today.

    1. Praise God, continuous prayers for you my sister in Christ and no matter what, stay in the word of God…read it, apply it to your heart daily. We don’t have long before leaving this world, Jesus is on his way back soon. God bless you and your family.

  82. I have so many testimonies from the goodness of God. Several years ago, I was sleeping and I had an asthma attack…I could barely hear my husband praying over me because I was leaving this world. I was at peace, no fear and I set my mind on Jesus and all of a sudden, the Lord blew into my mouth..it was like a fresh wind and I was healed immediately, haven’t had an asthma attack ever again ❤. Also, My body locked up on me one night, I could only move my neck…My husband was going to take me to the hospital, I said no…I prayed to God…he’s going to heal me, I’m trusting and going to sleep in Jesus name, I went to sleep…don’t no how many minutes went by but all of a sudden, A hand went through my back, set me up…I hollered to my husband, “I’m healed, God has healed me, thank you Jesus.” I can go on and on of the goodness of God. How he healed my son, who was told he couldn’t walk again or be able to drive…but we kept praying, took him off all medications give from the doctor and doctor Jesus healed him…he’s walking and driving. He bless me financially when I didn’t have enough to cover expenses, most importantly he blessed me spiritual with salvation of Jesus Christ and his holy spirit.

  83. God has done many miracles in my life when I was five or six I put the car in reverse and there was no keys and went all the way downhill and I almost got hit by big truck but people came out of nowhere and stopped it when my son was born, I fell asleep with him in my hands. Only hours old he fell down, and they said that he wouldn’t live because his brain was fractured, and he had blood clots Well three days later, when they took another brain scan, they said like nothing ever happened. They can’t understand it the bleeding stopped, and his brain was completely healed and strong like his brain got stronger it like there was never no broken. Bones are broken anything they told me that possibly he would never walk or talk and he wouldn’t live to be one my son is 15 and he plays football . There are other miracles that God has done for me so many miracles and so many blessings so many answered prayers there’s more but I don’t think I’m ready to share this part it there was a period of time in my life when I really thought this was the end and I was coming to the end my kids wasn’t with Me , they were gone and at that point I told God either I give me another chance and give them back or if Something Happens I’m done and he answered my prayer and I have my kids today so yes there is a God and yes there is times, and even in me, praying and putting on the TV and somebody talking to me on the TV repeating the prayer that I just spoke and even on this devotional prayer is that I have been praying to God and him repeating my same prayer back to me telling me that you’ve heard me and I just have to wait but I do need prayer now and I need to stay strong and God and have faith and know his wheels for my life so I’m asking that you please pray for me and thank you

  84. I was walking down the street an the Spirit Of God Spoke To Me Snd Said Go Tell Your Dr You Have Sn Enyrism and Its Getting Close I Obeyed an The Enyrism Was There I Had A Operation
    And That Was 13 yrs Ago God Is Good

  85. I was lost but I have been found! I have been healed! And I have been blessed. I sing a song in the morning AND in the night! No one can take this song from me! I’m have known defeat and I have known rebirth! And both are a blessing from The Most Powerful! He took ALL of the things ALL of them that sought to defeat me and rob me of what He has done for me and turned them into never ending blessings! I see what he wants me to see and hear what he wants me to hear because I have accepted him to the very core of my being as the one and only light in the darkness! As my provider and my comfort because I would be nothing today without HIM!

  86. 15 years ago I went through a divorce. I had a hard time to conceive and he didn’t want to adopt. My husband left me for a co-worker. During the separation I needed a
    Myomectomy surgery to take out fibroids in my uterus that was keeping me from having children Although I was trying to heal from the separation and the medical issues I was having, he offered to help me by letting me use his medical to help cover costs of the surgery. Well it extended our divorce for almost a year. I was grateful and during that time I forgave him for what he did. It felt like this heaviness was lifted off of my shoulders. Well after the surgery the doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have children on my own that I would need to do in vitro.
    A year and six months after the divorce as I focused on working out and working, I met my second husband. We dated for over a year before we decided to make us one. We bought a home and started a new life together. A year later we decided to start a family. As we were about to get into doing in vitro, I got pregnant! We didn’t need to do in vitro! I always prayed for years to have children and God has blessed us with two children, a girl and a boy! Although it both was a high risk pregnancy, I am so grateful! I always tell them that they are my miracle babies!! When man says I can’t have children, God always has a way of making it happen. It’s on his timing and his timing only! I never stopped praying, I believed in God that it’ll happen on his timing. He always got a plan for us!!

  87. I have witnessed a healing miracle.

    Aboout 7years ago, my mom was diagnosed with heart failure. Her Ejection fraction (EF) was 7%. They told us my mom needed a heart transplant. Due to a history of alcoholism and smoking – she didnt qualify for a new heart. (See how selective man is?)


    I am so thankful Gods love is UNCONDITIONAL.

  88. My mother coded 3 times! As I watched a young lady sit atop my mother’s bloated body and do CPR furuously with her team, I left to go to the bathroom. I slid down the stall’s outer wall, all prayed out. Mom had just had her knees replaced. A simple surgery. Why was she now dying?!? I called my pastor who prayed with me, for me. God saw fit to send my mother back! She was in ICU for 6 days. My BFF, my dad – mom’s ex husband, and I met in the chapel to kneel and pray. Mom’s organ failures reversed, and she is alive and thriving today in 2023. That happened in 2006. God resurrected my Mom from the dead!

  89. The Lord delivered me from a cocaine addiction, helped me stop smoking cigarettes and blessed me with a beautiful son.

  90. My brother in law just had his 7 year scan, cancer free from neck and throat cancer..Halleleujah, Praise God for this healing, For his healthy body, for his wife, and the for the doctors and nurses with their God given abilities to help heal him. GOD IS AWESOME!

  91. God has been healing my heart and mind. I had ( and am still working on it) twisted view on love and the value I had for myself. Thinking being physical with a man held my value. This was a hard realization for me to acknowledge. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I have never had a good solid relationship with a man. I know the God’s truth, but such a strong hold. I cried out to God, telling Him. Lord I need help, I can’t do this. I need you to come in for that last percent. You what ladies! HE DID!!! He met me and is RESTORING ME! Showing me things and growing in my relationship with the Holy Spirit. WOW THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE MET ME, me..Lil me. Ladies it was amazing, when God shows up..I mean really shows up! I encourage you to seek God, bear your soul. HE WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT!!

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