Let God Prove You

“And they will call them, “The holy people, the redeemed of the LORD”; and you will be called, “Sought out, a city not forsaken.” Isaiah 62:12, NASB

Years ago, while at a dinner party, a woman was talking much about herself, about her accomplishments, her opinions, and what she was able to do. She seemed to go overboard in trying to prove herself. I became so disgusted by her behavior that I left the table. Standing in the kitchen, God spoke to my heart and said, “How can you help women if you’re easily frustrated with them? Go back in there and listen to her.” So I did, I listened and she shared with me how she had gone through an abusive marriage and as a young girl how she had watched her father kill her mother. As I listened, I understood. And years later, I went through a traumatic experience in my own life and understood even more.

The greatest desire after any kind of failure or painful experience is to try to prove yourself, prove what you can do, prove who you are and prove that you can rise again. There’s nothing wrong with the desire itself. It is a natural human response. But if we aren’t careful, we can be consumed with the desire to prove and enter into pride.

The best way to prove yourself is to let God prove you.

God can make it undeniable that He is with you. He can make it clear that His hand is on your life. When you humble yourself by yielding to Him, He will rise up strong and tall and will silence your accusers. Let God do the proving, not you. Let God show Himself strong in your life.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking directly to my heart. Thank you for bringing me through and for never leaving me. I have a desire to prove myself and show who I am, but I declare I’m not my past. I’m your daughter. Don’t let this desire consume me. I only want to be consumed by you. I yield to you now and I trust you to rise up and show who you are in me. Glory, Hallelujah Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Let God Prove You”

  1. Lord…Man looks on the outward appearance,but you look at our hearts..Please let your heart shine out of me. I want others to see you and not have it be about me. I can’t do any of this without your help..Ty precious Jesus 💜

  2. Love the post today. I had a situation at work where people were saying unkind things about me during the year. I rarely complained at work and God showed himself strong and took care of the situation. Sometimes we want to do things on our own and with our own strength but if we wait for God to take care of it, it is well worth the wait. Thanks for the word today.

    1. Kathy, I truly understand. I am on a very strange work situation. I have lots of experience but I am passed over often when opportunities are available and I generally have to train the person who is given the opportunity. I continue to smile and surely pray. God sees and He knows. I realized that I can’t change the situation , but I will continue to pray until God steps in and He will in due season. He can do it far better than we can. AMEN

    2. Amen my sister. I’m in the middle of a situation just like this. I pray daily that everything I do is pleasing in his eyes and that he will shine through my actions.

    3. Amen my sister. I’m in the middle of a situation just like this. I pray daily that everything I do is pleasing in his eyes and that he will shine through my actions.

  3. Thank you God for this word today, Thank you, you got me through all of what I’ve been through. I’ve told the story but I have always acknowledged you not myself who got me through AMEN!!! Thank you Jesus for Proving me In Jesus Name Amen 🙏👐🙌🙆‍♀️👍❤💜💚💙💗💛💞

  4. Lord that you for waking me and my love ones up this morning. Keep us covered with them blood of Jesus always. I need you in my life forever. Amen

  5. Thank you Lord for waking me and my family up this morning, Lord I pray that everyone has a blessed day today cover everyone who’s out driving on the roads lord, lord I pray over my family that they are healthy, because you said in you word that no weapon formed against us shall prosper so I thank you in Jesus name Amen!!!!!!

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