Lord, help me communicate my needs.

“You have searched me and known me.” Psalm 139:1

The more I understand myself, where I am and what I need, the more I am seeing that I need more from my friendships than I’ve been willing to admit. I’ve had scoliosis my entire life, and because I sometimes have back pain due to the curve in my spine, I need a pillow to support my back. I find it’s the same in my friendships. I’ve always been self-sufficient and providing emotional, spiritual and physical support to others, but I’ve reached a point where I’m needing more support than I ever needed in my life, and being able to communicate my need has been challenging.

Maybe you’re like me, you’re used to holding others up, and when it’s time for you to be held up you’re finding no one is there or no one knows the depth of your need. How do you handle this feeling? How do you respond? I’m living this reality now and ask that you pray for me as I pray for you. God will minister to our need while He shows us the most effective way to communicate our needs to those we love.

Prayer: Father, I realize I need more from my relationships than I was willing to admit. I don’t like being needy. Lord, help me. Help me to not become resentful when my needs go unmet in my friendships. Help me to communicate and be patient while those I love begin to understand me more, and until my friends get it, Lord, thank you that you will continue to minister to every emotional, spiritual, mental and physical need I have. I trust you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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37 thoughts on “Lord, help me communicate my needs.”

  1. I do understand what you are saying. I’m only 24 and I feel. I do sometimes feel the same way and I’m just recently married and have to communicate my needs and it’s difficult because I’m the one who usually be there for other’s and when I need them I can’t find them. But I do believe God knows best. I do have scoliosis as well which can be difficult at times. But I pray God’s blessings towards you and your family. May God come through for you in such an awesome way as you continue to be a blessing to me and the whole world. Blessings towards You!!

    1. Hey Keisha, I am right there, I cried out to God yesterday at Church as I said You o Lord know exactly how I feel, Lord family try to understand but can’t, scared to tell friends, where do I go I ask myself, sighs. I will definitely pray with you on this my sister, we met in Jamaica, I was the first person at the conference, don’t know if you remember 🙂 zzz MANY ARE THE AFFLICTIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS BUT THE LORD DELIVERS THEM OUT OF THEM ALL, until ” they ‘ get it take comfort In the Word of God. It was very hard for me to release my grip and ask for help , was scared of looking and feeling weak, vulnerable, even with my husband, but I just take baby steps. God bless you and your house my sister. #Praying

      1. Intentional God we serve 😃🙏🏼✝️ Thanks 🙏🏼 for this testimony Island 🌴🇯🇲Sister. Be bless. Be empowered 🙏🏼

  2. I understand this! I realized this morning that because I have been taking care of everyone else, I don’t want people to take care of me! God told me this morning that I don’t want people to love me! So I have to look at that. People want to meet my needs and help me, and I don’t want them to. Which means I’m refusing their love. In refusing their love, I find myself refusing his love! I need to learn how to receive love!

    1. Awesome, now that it has been revealed to you, the “Pieces” of the puzzle in your life , that was holding you up from receiving love, it will lead you to ” Peace ” for love in your life to be loved.
      Keep giving of yourself, so you can receive that awesome feeling of being Loved.
      You deserve some Love back as well.
      Embrace it. Feel it. Receive it.

  3. I am in awe at the Spirit’s work this morning. It was like this devotion was telling my circumstance at this very moment.
    God is truly concerned with every aspect of our lives.

    My thanks and praise to you Lord could never be enough, You are just too awesome!

    Sis Kesha, i pray for your situation, thank you for praying for us!
    God bless ladies!

  4. In those times I reach out and ask God’s comfort me and ministry to my heart and helping me to communicate my needs to those that I love and others my sister you are not alone as I lift you up in prayer and others in the name of Jesus may God continue to guide you reaching those that need a word as we go through this crisis and this nation praying God will protect us all in the name of Jesus to keep our eyes stayed on Jesus continue to walk the faith that we have walked in the name of Jesus Amen again my sister say You are not alone Love you Sis Kesha ❤🙏🏽

    1. God loves you . you are his chosen angel . may the peace of OUR GOD comfort your soul even now! I love you from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  5. Gm to all of my sistas-n-love!! I can truly relate to this devotion today. I almost always feel like I’m the one who is to help ppl who comes my way and when I need some help…encouragement…motivation…etc I call on the Lord to do it all. But when He sends someone my way, my downfall is I become PRIDEFUL and feel embarassed to receive what I asked and prayed to the Lord for. Father God, please forgive me for my “prideful and independent spirit”. May I be open to receive all the HELP You send my way as I have asked…seeked and knocked for. Sis Kesha…I’m always praying and lifting you up before the Lord to continue to be His workmanship and to perform ALL that His will says for you until the day of Jesus Christ’s return. I love you all-2-life so have a great God-bless you Monday!!

  6. will. do feel your frustration.. suffer from anxiety..one day at a time.. you will be comforted.. you are a blessing to many! xoxo

  7. LORD, I always turn to you in times of need. Help me in this area of my life.
    I lift up prayer for Sister Kesha as she continues the wonderful journey and path that you have set before her, may you also help her in this area of her life ❣️

  8. Dear Sister. While reading todays devotional I was hit with 2 things. 1st you can vent anytime to me. Sometimes it’s easier to do that to a stranger. 2nd and most important. You are not being needy. You are allowing someone to be a Blessing to you. Let them.

  9. Father God, please keep Your servant that does such a great job in sending out these beautiful devotions safe and keep her comfortable from her back problem. You are a healer. In Jesus’name, Amen.

  10. In Jesus MIGHTY Name I PRAY for Our Sister, That zYou Will Meet Her Needs AMEN Thank You, I Pray You Will Keep Us All lifted Up in Your Hands Thank You Jesus I Love YOU 🙏🙏🙏

  11. Sister, I want you to know that I lift you and your family up in prayer often. You are so generous with us, using your gifts to encourage and bless us. So please be gracious and allow us to bless and encourage you with God’s lavish love.

  12. My dear sister,
    I truly understand what you’re going through and I’ve been there and I’m reminded also of a bible text that’s found in Galatians 6:2 “Carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ [that is, the law of Christian love] so I would love to be a shoulder for you to cry on and someone that will pray for you daily as we go on this journey with the Lord. Thank you for always blessing me with your devotionals. You’re truly a blessing to many other women all over this world. God bless and take care! You got this!

  13. I read this and felt like you were speaking about me. I have been in a crazy place and completely blocked out my friends because I can’t even explain what is going on inside. Been on my face talking solely to God. As soon as I read the devotion, I began to pray for you, I can relate to where you’re at right now. I pray that God gives you peace that surpasses all understanding. I appreciate you allowing God to work through you to help others even when you need the help yourself. God will renew your strength. Keep pushing my sister. You are in my prayers.

  14. Woman of God, I don’t know if you are going to read this, but you are not alone. You are a giver and a helper and because of that you sometimes won’t others give to you or help you. And that’s not being needy. God has placed some Aarons and Hurs in your life, so let them be there for you, graciously. I am praying for you. Be bless and thank you for all that you do.

  15. Sis Kesha,
    I read DOTK devotional over and over and even go back to previous devotionals, when I need help because it connects me to you who understands me through God and what I’m going through daily. I always say how amazing God is because He supplies all my needs through DOTK and that’s us, connected through devine intervention. WE PRAY FOR YOU, YOU PRAY FOR US AND GOD ANSWERS THROUGH OUR HEARTS. LOVE YOU❤ I know God has given me the ppl I need to go where I’m going and you are one of them!!

  16. Sis Kesha,
    You are a blessing to the world know that your are valuable and appreciate. Where you are know is not going to last, you are going to press your wat through as we all together pray you through. I love you,for you are indeed a blessing to my life. I pray God continue to bless you your husband and your children. As he uses you to be a blessing to us.

  17. Praise God for creating a Wonderful Woman who is willing to serve and be a servant, for the Kingdom. Uplift her Lord. Give her the support that she desires and the rest that she deserves.
    Lord please annoint her head with Your oil. Give her an overflow of Blessings upon Blessings. ✝️
    In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  18. Oh girl, I can honestly say you took the words right out of my mouth. I know how it is to just pray for people and keep myself issues silent. Recently I have started to ask my friends to start praying for me. They have and the Lord has broken a bandage last night.
    I went to an interview today, and got the job. Thanks God for breaking the bondage of unforgiveness to a job that let me go.
    God just restored everything that the enemy stole from me!! Whoot woo!!
    Praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen. To Him be the glory.
    Love your Ministry.

    1. My sister,
      Jesus gave his life so that you
      might have Life more Abundant .
      He is the lifter of your head, the
      Peace that passes all understanding and the lover of
      Your soul .Be encouraged today
      He is Jehovah Jireh. A Servant.

  19. You POUR so much into us your sisters in CHRIST SELFLESSLY DAILY and today you were transparent, organic in saying I need support, encouragement, filling…I can relate! GOD has graced you with an outstanding gift, not placing upon you that which you cannot bear!

    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Christ rests upon you and we your SISTERS are with you!
    Be blessed! 💜💜💜

  20. My exact feeling at thins time but God…I pour sooo much into others but feel as though I have no one to turn to when I am in need . I pray that God will send a new wave of friendships my way so that I can feel comfortable to share and receive good advice ..Feeling alone during this time. 🙏🏾

  21. Good Morning!

    When I was diagnosed with Cancer, the people I thought would be on the journey with me was not there. One friend shared, I am used to you lifting me up, not the other way around. God brought other people into my life in that time and he taught me how to be vulnerable. Because I am seen as a person of strength, I had to help people see pass my appearance and hear my heart. Like an iceberg people only see 10% of our true being, and unfortunately do not think you need help, even when you ask for help.

    In that season, I drew more closer to God than I ever had in my life. Today, I yearn and fight to remain in that place by continuing to be vulnerable-by being a prayer and ear for others that are fighting to overcome an illness.

    I will be mindful to pray for you, because you have a special place in my life. Your devotions nurtures my spirit and in turn I share with my sisters to encourage and keep their spirits lifted up.

    This is my first time posting. After reading your devotional, I was compelled to respond. Thank you!

  22. Sis I pray that may continue to bless you as you have bless others .May he comfort you in his arms as you have been a comfort to others.I speak healing in Jesus name as we go through this season .Bless you my sister as you continue to bless us women in Jesus name.Remember God will never fill your cup he will make it overflow.

  23. Thanks much for this reminder. I identify with this fully. I am there for everyone, and I am blessed with people who I can count on as well. However I hate to “burden” others. The Holy Spirit has pointed out to me that this is a measure of pride. I am also a giver of tangible things, but it is difficult for me to receive without thinking of how I can give back as compensation. I’m working on this with the help of the spirit of God. I also suffer with back and hip pain from scoliosis. Please pray for me as I do for you. God bless you and your ministry. A friend introduced me today.

  24. Lord, I know You will work this out for our sister in Christ. Bless her family and friends and my family. We all need You Lord🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️Amen

  25. I have been like that for many years. What I know is that people fail us but he won’t. I think because of your devotionals he might have you set apart so that you may depend solely on him. I have found in the process he is removing all distractions and so he can work on you and better you. I know it can be overwhelming sometimes. But you will see the great work in you he has done. I appreciate the encouragement from your devotions. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.

  26. My Dear Sister, Best Friend of God,
    You don’t realize the magnitude of love and support you have built from your obedience to God. Your sisters love and Adore you and you need only to say one word. “HELP” and we are here running calling ( for those of us who are able to call) falling on our faces to the Father on behalf of our big little sister Keisha..your obedience to the Lord has produce a ocean of friends, ready to love on you…its too bad that this virus has gripped this world as it has that has prevented us to love on you physically… But pleases know you don’t need to feel as if you can handle it all alone…that’s why the Lord has allowed you to build such an enormous sea of support to love you and pray for you when you need to be lifted up..Your words of encouragement and inspiration lifts me ALL THE TIME. I’m always encouraging ppl to LOVE OUT LOUD. Don’t be afraid to pray when the Lord says pray or pay for that person food or groceries.. Pick up this person whose struggling with their packages( of course at the Holy Spirit nudging) we are responsible to show the LOVE of Christ for the sake of heaven..so I want you to know your daily devotional gives me (us) strength, inspiration, encouragement, …etc DAILY. So its quite natural that you will one day(s) need lifting up for prayer, strength, inspiration, encouragement as you do for so many of us….Be blessed my best little big sister.. And thank you for giving to the Lord.

  27. I was backed up a few days in reading these devotions and wanted to say to Keisha that I will lift this up in prayer and trust together with you that God will see you through this one just as he has with other journeys. It hurts to look around and see no one there, when all along it’s you holding and encouraging those in your life. Everyone has a circle and in that circle we allow who we want in the circle, when it’s your turn to draw strength from that circle you’ll find that the only one left in that circle is JESUS. Everyone else got distracted and wasn’t sensitive to your needs. Does it hurt? yes, but the greatest one “Jesus” stood there for you because you’ve made Him the center of your life. Ppl are distracted by so much right now that the most important ppl in their lives are unseen. Look up, you will be strengthened. His love will fill every need. ❤️🙏

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