My most embarrassing moment.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” Proverbs 17:22, NLT.

I’ll never forget when my husband and I attended a music ministry event while we were dating. Different music artists came up to sing, recite poetry, and rap. Towards the end, an altar call was given, and I went up for prayer. I got down on my knees, closed my eyes, and began to worship God. While I was bowed down, I felt a piece of cloth hovering over my head. I thought, “Well, that’s different,” but I didn’t care, I just kept worshiping God. So as I’m bowed down in serious worship mode, the cloth hovering over my head begins to move towards my back. By this time, I’m wondering, what is going on?! So I opened my eyes and looked up. Suddenly, I noticed I was under a woman’s dress!! All I saw was leopard print! OH. MY. GOSH!!! I moved back so fast and sat down on the front row! The woman was totally unaware! While I was bowed down, she must have stepped back, causing her dress to cover my head. Everyone on the front row burst out laughing, and all I could think was, “Lord, you could’ve told me I was under that lady’s dress! I was worshiping you!” I guess that was His way of letting me know He has me covered…literally. 😅

The Lord has an amazing sense of humor. He likes to bring laughter into our lives when we least expect it. I believe it’s because His joy is our strength. Please share your most embarrassing moment. We so want to know!

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the joy and laughter you bring into my life when I need it most. Fill me with your joy and give me a merry heart. Your joy is my strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Nehemiah 8:10)

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  1. My most embarrasing moment is when my daughter, my grandaughter, and I stopped at a rest area on our way from Virginia. We met a young couple with a dog and began talking to them as my grandaughter played with the puppy. All of a sudden the young lady started saying what sounded like “See it, see it!” Immediately, I started looking around saying to myself, “What is she telling us to look at?!” She was actually telling her pup to, “Sit, sit!” But her southern accent was so thick I totally thought she was saying, “See it, see it!!!” When my daughter told me what she was saying I was embarrassed but so tickled. I laughed until tears came to my eyes and stomach tired. I believe I needed to have a good laugh. The Father knows what we have need of. Even now when I think back on that experience the embarrasment is gone but the laughter and joy of that day remains. Doanita

  2. Too funny. This post has me in tears.

    My most embarrassing moments was when I walking in a common park, praying and singing to myself softly to myself and the Lord, trip in crack and fell. I got up very quickly like it never happened. People that was around and saw asked “are you okay.”

    I had to laugh due to it happening so fast and pick up my purse it moving with continuing to pray and singing.

    Well, Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Much needed laugh.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.

  3. My most embarrassing moment was when I was in like 2nd or 3rd grade. I had a jumpsuit on and the straps were bugging me so I would unbuckle them. Well I was called on and stood up and it fell down. Everyone was laughing at me for weeks after.

  4. Lol…that was funny..
    So my most embarrassing moment was a time when my brother in law asked me to open service with prayer…so i face the congregation and im engaging and praying and eyes closed and im talking to the Lord…i open my eyes and i am not facing the congregation anymore, my back is toward them and im facing the wall that was behind me. I was like omg 😲 in my mind! My entire body became flushed and i quickly ended the prayer…i guess i was really into my talk with God…ot was very embarrassing but what i believe is He was showing me the depth of my intimacy with Him!

  5. My most embarrassing moment happened at my niece’s repast. My step- sister asked me if I would go get something from her car. As I was walking towards the door I had to go down three steps. And just as I approached the banister to go down this young boy ran into me and tackled me to the floor. I still to this day don’t know why or who he was running from. But he hit me and I hit the floor. He came out of nowhere so I was totally off guard. I rolled over and jumped up so fast and looked around to see how many people saw me! I’ve never been so quick on my feet I don’t think 😂! I thought to myself, “How did I get tackled to the floor trying to do something nice for someone at a repast”? I felt God could have at least given me a glimpse so I could step back or at least brace myself. I joked about how quick I jumped to me feet at church the next day!

  6. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” hehehe Beautiful I love it 😙⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘❤

  7. My most embarrassing moment was when I was attending Bible Study, I forgot to turn off my phone. At that time, song ringtones were popular. Well, it was a solemn moment, very quiet, just a time of solace, and all of a sudden, all I hear is Amerie belting out, “It’s just one thing that got me trippin’!” OH EM G!!! I was so embarrassed…so loud, and it took me forever to try and turn it off because I was so flustered! Lol!!

  8. There are so many…lol. I think my most embarrassing moment was when I took my twins to their first day of pre-school. I also had my 3 yr old son with us. I was holding my son and as I went to leave my twin girls climbed up my legs and hung on me like little monkeys! That day I chose to wear a sundress! Thankfully, back in the day we wore slips under our dresses so I was covered with the slip and my 3 children hanging on me…haha. The teacher then asked me to please take them home and bring them back the next day cuz they were so upset. In 20 years of teaching, she never sent home a child. Can I tell you how embarrassing that day was…lol. Now we all just laugh! Even when I run into the teacher from 33 years ago…she still has a very wide grin when she sees me!

  9. So, I was visiting a church and walked in with an infant. Followed the usher thinking he was going to find me a seat. We kept walking I was like wow all the way down here? Come to find out they were getting ready to take the offering not taking me to my seat. I just slid on down on the first pew like it was nothing. Glad there was a seat there🤣

  10. Lol! I needed this laugh today! But I’ve had so many! But I remember i was at a water park and had a two piece on, so i went down a tubeless slid & after I swam to stand up I’m clutching my chest to make sure nothing slipped out & there was water still in my eyes so I’m clutching & feeling away & the life guard who was a guy was like ma’am your fine 🤣 I just said okay & walked away !

  11. I remember when I was young Walking up during offering time with a wrap-around skirt off my skirt came and rap did not notice and so I got back to my seat was wondering why some Was laughing Realize that my Skirt was unwrap and laugh myself and said O Lord but I think I had a slip on And that’s what I remember when I was a young teenager It was funny but in barasingh lol

  12. omgosh i literally have sooo many!
    One time i was in a young adult small group and the young adult pastor was going around asking us questions😂😂🤣 im laughing now thinking about it… i cant remember the questionsbut they werelike , “ do you think as a christian its okay to listen to secular music?” actually that might have been the question. So anyways, he finally gets to me to ask me the question and I say, “HELLLLL NO” ( kinda in a funny comedic way too)😳😲😧🤭 i was sooooooo shocked like whattttt did i just sayyyy??? I dont even curse?!? where did that come from? Everyone in the class was laughing but IT WAS SOOO EMBARRASSING!All i could do was literally just say omgosh im so sorry idk where tht came from🤭 Honestly its like i didnt even say it, like i opened my mouth to say no and something else happened…it was sooooooo funny. I even laugh about it till this day when i think about it.

  13. One of my most embarrassing moments was at the age of 13, during a church service where my dad was pastor…my cousin and I were mindlessly whispering during the sermon…my dad stops preaching in the middle of his message and invites my cousin and I to the front of the church to share what was so much more captivating than his message. Needless to say we both stood there looking like dumb and dumber with nothing to say, but totally embarrassed. That was over 40 years ago, but one of those embarassing life lessons you never forget.

    1. That’s funny. As a teacher I learned that trick. I’d stop talking and look directly at the culprit and call out there name so everyone stared at them with laser focus and quietly say ‘I’ll wait’ They’d look all big eyed and shocked and get right REAL quick! 😂

  14. Years ago I flew to a seminar along with two other coworkers. On the way back we were waiting on the second flight. The only place to get a drink was at a bar/restaurant. I am very short (4’10”) and the chair I was sitting in cut the sirculation off the back of my legs. I went to get up and I fell to the floor. Everyone in there thought I was as drunk as a skunk! All I had drank was diet coke. My coworkers had to walk me out of there. SO embarrassing.

  15. LOL 😁
    I guess you thought God said “get undressed” 😂.
    One of my most embarrassing moments came when I was teaching a bunch of rambunctious fifth graders. I had worn a maxi dress that particular day. I was in the back of the class talking to my assistant. I felt something slithering down legs. I looked down and my silk slip had fallen down. The safety pin in the side of the slip had popped open. We both laughed and the students never saw what happened. 😂

  16. My moment was as embarrassing as it was hilarious.
    Years ago our church gave out little token gifts for Fathers Day. In the car, I checked out my husbands. It was a round white plastic container. On the top was our church’s name and address, nothing on the back. Inside the lid there was a sponge thing, in the bottom was a solid oil thing.
    I thought, oh cool, it’s portable anointing oil!
    I carried that in my purse for a couple of years. Used it during numerous prayer meetings. Anointed quite a few people with it.
    One day my son asked if I had oil to anoint his room, I gave him my little white container. Half way walking away, my son turns and asks, why are you giving me shoe polish????
    Here my bottom label must’ve fallen off. It was the directions for polishing shoes….not anointing oil!!
    Just shows that God can use anything He wants!

  17. I have quite a few but, one happened while I was the Early Child Director for our church and there were many moments were I had to console crying kids, or chase a ‘runner’s or deal with tantrums and meltdowns.
    I was the one who would get called when our volunteers just couldn’t handle it and I was the last resort before a parent was paged.

    Well 1 Sun, and for the life of me I will never know why, I chose to wear either a strapless type shirt or dress, with maybe a small bolero type jacket over it (some type of thing that would cover the shoulders but not full enough to be a real jacket. Well I had on that and my hair wasn’t done so I had tied a scarf around it with a front high bun.

    Well this Sun I had a 2 or 3 yr old I was trying to get into class. Their parents had left them (can’t remember if it was a girl nor boy) with me and I had assured them I would work with their child and get them into class so they could go on and not miss worship. Now our church is large and there were always parents walking through the hallways to drop of kids all through service. Well I have this kid in a kind of a bear hold as they are kicking and flailing (I was used to this and then the kid does some ‘1-2 move’ where they have managed to snatch my scarf off and pull that strapless top down… I WAS FLOORED! Forget the kid and even my now exposed itty bitty upper half, I was trying to replace that scarf on my head as fast as I could. (I attend a very racially diverse church and they was about to get a lesson in ‘black hair’ that they had never known before if I didn’t get it together REAL quick! )

    Thankfully, the hall only had a sprinkle of parents who were so busy dropingnoff their kids they didn’t take much notice…and I had another volunteer nearby who grabbed the kid as I kind of turned facefoward to the wall to get my booby show together and rewrap my hair.

    Oh my word! 🤣💙

  18. My most embarrassing moment happened last year when my pastor invited those that wanted prayer to come up and get prayer. As I prayed, I could feel my half slip falling down, I tried to move inconspicuously without rushing GOD’S Holy Spirit. I followed Him in prayer until the end. When the person walked away I walked out of my slip, picked it up as the front row and I laughed..

  19. My most embarrassing moment, well I have many honestly because I am always being laughed at. But my freshman year in highschool, I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom. The way our school was build, the bathroom alternated depending on which floor you were on, well I guess on the floor I had most of my classes the bathroom was on the right. But in the lunch room it was to the left and I needed to go do bad I walked in without thinking. I knew I had messed up bad when I saw the urinals, I also knew that the whole football team table sat right by that door and I could here them already laughing. So I walked out and the whole lunch room was in tears at this point. I can laugh now, but then it was so embarrassing I ate lunch in the bathroom ( girls) for a month. They finally got over it and then I went back few !!

  20. My most embarrassing moment my sister and I were attending a wedding I never drive in heels so I had on my bedroom slippers we arrived a few minutes late so in my haste I rushed to put my shoes on.As I was walking through the graveled parking lot I said to her these shoes have never felt like this of course I thought I was looking cute as we entered the church and made it to our seats I looked down and my shoes were on the wrong feet I laughed so hard I cried everyone around me was asking are you ok 😂😂😂😂

  21. Thank you all for sharing I remember finishing my discipleship class and the church had a ceremony
    When I went on stage to recieve my certificate I fell on my face I wished I could disappear😚

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